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Campaigns on this page are stil current and could do with your support

Lydia and Bernard
Asylum for Shrouk El-Attar
Reza Yosefi Belongs to Sheffield   (Removal Stayed)
Mehdi must stay! Stop his deportation!  (Removal Stayed)
Save Maurice Ombaku  (Stilll here, Still fighting, second removal was stayed)

Sanctuary for Friman Saleh, Shrouk, Laialy, and Ibrahim

"We appealed twice and tried to make fresh claims but the decision would not change. Voluntary leave was offered along with £500. Even if they offer a million pounds for voluntary leave, what use would it be if the result is death? Shrouk El-Attar

information on how you can help Friman Saleh and her family go here  . . . . .

Farida & Dipika Must Stay          
Farida Yeasmin and her daughter Dipika came to Britain from Bangladesh in 2006 to claim asylum. She had to flee her home country due to religious persecution and harassment from her husband's family. When she was only 19 years old, she was forced to work like servant for her husband's family, regularly abused her emotionally and physically.

For more information on what you can to to help go here . . . . .

Vahidi family in hiding over deportation fears

An Iranian family living in Manchester, who say their lives will be in danger if they are deported back to Iran, have gone into hiding. The family had disappeared by the time UKBA officials arrived to remove them.
BBC News, 20 August 2010

My family of three is facing enforced removal from UK after four years of living here. We are going to be moved back to one of the most lawless countries in the world, Iran! Would you be willing to let tortures and suffering happen to us?
Farhad Vahidi

Constant Moussavou Alive and Well  -  Refugee feared dead after deportation is alive and safe
This Is Leicestershire, Monday 9th August

Bethlehem Huluka Kebede
More information/model letters etc.

Justice for Zubair Gharghasht (Online petition)
Published by Zubair Gharghasht 04/08/10

Reetha Suppiah & Family:
More information/model letters etc.

Jaafar Mirmar:
More information/model letters etc.

Annie refused to board flight!
Annie Matuli has let us know that on 30 July 2010, she was taken to the airport but refused to board. She was then safely returned to Yarl's Wood. Annie will continue to need your support in her fight to claim asylum. More information will be updated to her campaign page:
Still needs help/ More information/model letters etc.

Charles Atangana Belongs to Glasgow  (Removal Stayed)

Biniam Asmelash belongs to Glasgow - (Deportaion stayed, Biniam back in Glasgow)

Nadia Arzane and Bashir Foris       Released from Yari's Wood (Posted 03/06/10)

Sanctuary for May Makwangwala (Removal stayed, medically unfit to fly, high blood pressure)

Bita Ghaedi facing removal to Iran (Released from detention, read more @ NCADC)

Other campaigns that have bee active, may still need help, go to NCADC 'Active Campaigns'


Last updated 10 November, 2011