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HIV/AIDS - Possible arguments to remain in the UK on Health grounds

List of questions a Solicitor should check for his client who needs to remain in the UK for HIV (Health) grounds.


1. Which combination anti-retroviral drugs are available in destination country?

2. Is there equal access to these drugs? (Men and women, old and young etc)

3. Are there dedicated health centres for HIV/AIDS sufferers in destination country?

4. How accessible are these centres, considering distance from residing area, transport availability, costs,

and ease of travel?

5. Are there disruptions in supply for medicines?

Will the brand of drug your client is taking be available?

6. Are viral and CD4 count tests available?

7 Are resistance tests available?

8. Are these tests free of charge? If no, what is the cost for each test?

9. How much does treatment cost per patient per month/year?

10. How much would the average person expect to earn each month/year?

11. How much could someone of your client’s skill level expect to earn?

12. Does a patient have to pay for these treatments?

13. Are specialist paediatric treatments available for children who are HIV positive?

14. How are HIV positive women treated by society? Are women with HIV/AIDS subject to discrimination,

stigma, isolation or persecution?

15. Does having HIV affect a person’s ability to find work? Are women with HIV/AIDS discriminated against

by employers?

16. How might an unmarried woman with HIV support herself in destination country – what options does she have in terms of getting a job and accommodation?

17. Are there women’s shelters in destination country that will house HIV sufferers? If yes, for how long are they allowed

to stay at the shelter?

18. What kind of diet might a woman returning to destination country expect to be able to maintain? (Some medication

can only be taken with a healthy diet)

19. Is there a consistent electricity supply in destination country? (Medication may be required to be kept in a fridge)

Last updated 8 November, 2011