No-Deportations - Residence Papers for All

General information August 2013

Anti-Deportation Campaigns  -  August 2013

Urgent Action for Houcine Senoussaoui on Hunger Strike

Justice for Houcine and Alma

Anti-Deportation News  - August 2013

Project for the Registration of Children as British Citizens

G4S Condemned for Allowing Prisoner to Die in Agony

Court Rules Sudanese Family Can't be Removed To Irish Republic

Jimmy Mubenga Coroner Issues Damning Report On Deportations

Swiss Introduce Apartheid-for Refugees Seeking Asylum

Judge Orders Release Of Hunger-Strike Asylum Seeker

"Racist and Intimidatory" Spot Checks

Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees - August 2013

Militants Kill 44 Worshippers at Nigeria Mosque

Kashmir: Violence Escalates Between Hindus And Muslims

Iraq: July Deadliest for Five Years - Violence Kills Over 1,000 People

Bangladesh: Security Forces Kill 150 Protesters, Injure Thousands

Afghan Civilian Deaths Increase - More Women, Child Victims

6 actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and none improved in July 2013.

Deteriorated Situations: Bangladesh, DR Congo, Egypt, Iraq, South Sudan, Tunisia / Download the full report: <> CR120.pdf

Legal - UK - Commons/Lords  - ECtHR/European Union - August 2013

Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 338

Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 337

AH (Article 1F(b) – 'Serious') Algeria v. SSHD

Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 336

UKBA: Country of Origin Information Report - Somalia

Useful reports/current statistics

Early Day Motions Another Tool Against Deportations

Granted Asylum: Benefits Continue Until Status documents Received

Immigration Statistics Quarter 1 - January/February/March 2013

Essential Tools for Anti-Deportation Campaigners - Freedom House

Failed States Index 2012   and  Worst of the Worst 2012

State of the World's Mothers 2012

UKBA: Notifying Change of Address, go here . . . .   -  Change of Legal Representative go here . . . .

Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) reports for 2011, published March 2012

Human Rights of Migrants in Irregular Situation

Seeking Economic Asylum is what Moves the World to Move

663 Years of Immigration Controls

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