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Does the UK/Europe Owe Asylum Seekers/Migrants a Living?

France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom. Ruthlessly, economically raped Africa, Asia, South America, etc., throughout the 16th to 20th centuries. Moreover, though they have long since given up physical control of these territories, the banks, big business of Europe still have massive financial interference in their former colonies.

Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Dr Congo, Central African Republic, Chad, Sudan, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Haiti, Iraq, Nigeria, Burundi are the worlds top 15 'Failed States' in 2021. Unable/unwilling to protect their citizens from themselves or others, unable/unwilling to provide them with a duty of care, massive internal conflict, forced internal/external displacement. All of these countries were at one time or the other colonies of countries of Europe.

What moves the world to move, whether internally or to other lands, is not the central political oppression and ethnic/religious violence, though there is plenty of that. However, economic need and, therefore, those seeking Economic Asylum should not be treated as undesirables to be repelled from every border in the affluent West, mainly Europe, and if managing to cross those borders, hunted down and expelled.

The vast majority of people who make it to the UK seeking Economic asylum come from former British Colonies. Countries that the UK plundered of natural resources and, when forced to depart, left most of the countries in political/economic turmoil, the ramifications of which still bedevil these countries today. The legacy of European colonialism MUST be front and centre when we make arguments about the right to seek Economic Asylum in the UK or anywhere else in Europe.

In the UK, our tables are always full, and we have clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads. There are tens of thousands in the UK who suffer deprivation (destitute refused asylum seekers and migrants without papers are even worse off), but that is in main caused by the political-economic decisions of the government, that is only concerned with keeping the pockets of capitalism full, especially the bankers.

Migrant workers rebuilt the European Union after World War 11
At the end of the war in 1945, much of Europe's infrastructure (roads/railways/factories/housing), especially Germany, had been destroyed by the hostilities of World War 11. Moreover, to rebuild the roads/railways/factories/ and build new houses, hundreds of thousands of migrants were invited by the EU countries to come to Europe to work and in particular to work on building and then working in the car factories, which were to be the mainstay of economic expansion.

The United Kingdom, after World War 11, had to completely re-tool its industrial sector, much if not all of the heavy plant in factories, dated back to World War 1. To do this, they had to bring in tens upon tens of thousands of migrant workers.

No words can describe the debt Europe owes to migrants; they have been the workhorses of not just the period after World War 11 but an essential part of the 'Industrial Revolution' of all European countries, which would never have happened if migrants had been shut out. If Europe were to immediately kick out all the migrants with papers, their economies would come to a standstill within months. Time to recognise its' 'Migrants That Make the World go Round'.

conomic migrants greatest source of Quality Economic aid
Economic migrants (with or without papers) are the greatest source of direct quality Economic aid to their home countries, far out passing foreign aid sent by different governments. Much of the foreign aid sent by governments to other countries, seldom if ever, get into the hands of those that need it most, and substantial sums of this aid end up in the pockets of corrupt officials, but migrant economic aid always gets to the people directly and does the most good.

Everyone should eat from the same table
If you live in the third world or anywhere else for that matter and there is no food on your table, and you hear/see that the tables of the EU countries are laden with food, so much food that it can not all be consumed by those sitting at the table. It is pretty clear that there is room at the table for you, so it is perfectly logical to make your way to that table.

Economic rape of the inhabitants of poorer world countries that are poorer in comparison to countries in Europe continues unabated, forcing its inhabitants to move. Seeking Economic Asylum is not a crime and should not be seen as such; the world has more than enough resources to feed/house everyone.

John O for 'No-Deportations'

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Last updated 29 March, 2021