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News & Views Monday 22nd April to Sunday 28th April 2019


Fresh Asylum Claims Plunge After Home Office Insists Claimant’s Travel Hundreds of Miles

The number of people fleeing death and persecution who have made fresh claims for asylum in the UK has plunged after the Home Office insisted they travel hundreds of miles to do so. Destitute asylum seekers have been forced to make journeys of up to 500 miles each way – sometimes costing more than £100 – n order to submit further evidence to their claims after a policy change in 2015 meant the process could only be carried out in Liverpool.

A new analysis of government figures shows that since the policy was changed, the number of people making fresh claims has more than halved, plummeting from 162 in 2014 to just 70 in 2017. The overall number of people applying for asylum has risen by 6 per cent in the same period. Asylum seekers can submit new evidence if their application is refused and their appeal rights have been exhausted, at which point the Home Office decides whether it will be considered as a fresh claim. During this process they are not eligible for government support and are not allowed to work, meaning many become destitute.

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Adult Dependent Relatives: 5 Common Questions

If you are British or settled in the UK, and have a member of your family abroad who is in serious need of long-term personal care, you may wish to apply for them to join you under the adult dependent relative category of the Immigration Rules. In this blog we will briefly answer the most common questions on the subject of adult dependent relatives.

1 - Which degree of family member can apply?

The relative is eligible if they are a non-European Economic Area national and either the:

Parent aged over 18 years; Grandparent; Sibling aged over 18 years; or

Son or daughter aged over 18 years of a person in the UK who is British or settled.

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