General information - February 2020

Anti-Deportation News  - February 2020

World Failing to Provide Children With a Healthy Life and A Climate Fit For Their Future

Impact of Family Separation on Child Refugees In the UK

What is “Persecution” Under the Refugee Convention?

Urgent Need to Rekindle Hope For Millions Of Afghan Refugees

Alarm About Worsening Conditions For Newly Displaced In Eastern DRC

The ‘Crisis’ of Legal Advice in Immigration Detention

Darkest Decade For Indian Democracy

Over 55,000 Grave Crimes Committed Against Children in African Conflict Zones in Five Years

Violence, Drought, Flooding, Locust Invasion Devastates Horn Of Africa 

Hundreds of Salvadorans Deported by USA Killed Or Abused

Unlawful Detention Deemed Even Less Graceful

Death of Immigration Detainee Prince Kwabena

Combating Human Trafficking and Disappearances of Refugee Children

Home Office Seeks Man’s Deportation to Country he Never Visited

Legal Articles - UK - Commons/Lords  - ECtHR/European Union - February 2020

Residence Requirements for Partners

Second Appeals Test in Immigration Law

Surinder Singh Route Still Requires Genuine Residence

Can Spouses of British Citizens Naturalise After Just Three Years’ Residence in the UK?

Terrorism Suspects Are Still Entitled to Immigration Bail