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No-Deportations - Residence Papers for All
Monday 10th June to Sunday 16th June 2024

An unprecedented 108.4 million people around the world have been forced from their homes - every 2 Seconds a Person is Displaced according to UNHCR

UK Court Grants HRW, AI Permission to Intervene in Israel Arms Case

Responding to the decision of the High Court granting permission for Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to intervene in an ongoing legal challenge by Al-Haq and the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) to the UK’s transfer of arms to Israel, Yasmine Ahmed, UK Director of Human Rights Watch, said:

We welcome the Court’s decision to allow Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to intervene in this critical case. In the face of Israel’s ongoing crimes in Gaza, the UK Government presents the farcical argument that it is lawful to continue sending arms to Israel on that basis that Israel is committed to complying with international law. Our evidence shows the exact opposite.

Time and again, Israel’s official statements, policies and practice are in direct contradiction with international law and the results are clear to see: children in Gaza are dying of starvation and starvation-related illnesses. It is critical that the Government’s justification for arming Israel is properly scrutinized by the UK Courts.

The law is very clear, arms should be suspended when there is a clear risk that arms and military equipment might be used to facilitate or commit serious violations of international law. As Israel continues to carry out widespread serious violations, including war crimes, the UK should immediately suspend arms licenses to avoid breaching its own laws and being complicit in these grave abuses.”

Read more: Human Rights watch, https://shorturl.at/3VEht

EU Court Fines Hungary €200m Over its Asylum Policy

The European Union's top court has fined Hungary €200m (£169m) for failing to follow the union's asylum policies. The court will also issue a penalty of €1m a day until it changes its policy. The European Court of Justice said Budapest was in breach of a 2020 judgement that it had violated EU laws by forcing asylum seekers to travel to Belgrade or Kyiv to apply for a travel permit to enter Hungary.

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, in a post on X, said the fine for "defending the borders of the European Union" was "outrageous and unacceptable" and said "it seems that illegal migrants are more important to the Brussels bureaucrats than their own European citizens". Hungary has taken a hard line on migrants from outside the EU since more than one million people entered the country in 2015, most fleeing war in Syria. The Hungarian government erected border fences and tried to stop many from crossing.

EU law states , externalthat everyone fleeing persecution in their home country has the right to ask for international protection, and cannot be removed to their home if there is a serious risk of death or torture.

Read more: Mallory Moench, BBC News, https://shorturl.at/IaR4V

Being Tough on Migrants Actually Undermines Effective Immigration Control

There are three basic functions for a government immigration department:

Controlling entry; Integrating those who are admitted; and Ensuring the departure of others.

Those are not simple things to do in practice. Two of them, aren’t, at any rate. I will say nothing here about what the criteria should be for controlling entry. Integration isn’t actually that hard: the first thing to do is stop actively obstructing it. Ensuring departure is extremely difficult and a topic for another day.

The point I want to make here is these are the three core objectives that an immigration department should be focussed on achieving. Activities that do not contribute to these objectives should be deprioritised. Activities that actively obstruct these objectives should be stopped. Yet over and over again we see the Home Office taking action and pursuing policies that are actually counter productive.

Read More: We Wanted Workers, https://shorturl.at/4KuZn

Terrorism, Humanitarian Crises Threaten Stability of West Africa

Rapidly evolving global political, social, environmental and security challenges risk undermining peace and economic development across West Africa, the UN deputy chief said on Friday, reiterating the importance of a multilateral and inclusive response.

At an event commemorating the 49th anniversary of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed noted progress made, alongside immediate challenges.

“Over the last decade, the region has seen an exponential rise in terrorism that has reversed its development gains. This has been further exacerbated by the resurgence of unconstitutional changes of government posing a significant threat to regional stability,” she said.

Humanitarian needs are rising amid the web of crises, “creating new dynamics, bringing new risks of conflicts, beyond the region”.

Read more: UN News, https://shorturl.at/6FXkd




UN Reports ‘Shocking’ Rise In Violations Against Children In Conflict In 2023

Violence against children caught in armed conflict reached “extreme levels” last year, with a “shocking” 21 per cent increase in extreme violations, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said in a report published on Thursday.

Children were killed and maimed in unprecedented numbers in places such as Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, notably Gaza; Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Ukraine, his annual report on Children and Armed Conflict revealed.

The alarming increase was due to the evolving nature, complexity, and intensification of armed conflict, as well as the use of explosive weapons in populated areas, the report said.

Read more: UN News, https://shorturl.at/A3Hwr

Forcibly Displaced Population Doubles to 120 Million

One in 69 people worldwide remains forcibly displaced as a result of conflict, violence, persecution and human rights violations.

Forced displacement as a result of conflict and violence, persecution and human rights violations, has continued to rise in the first four months of 2024 and is likely to have surpassed 120 million by the end of April 2024.

Filippo Grandi, the UN high commissioner for refugees said, “Behind these stark and rising numbers lie countless human tragedies. That suffering must galvanise the international community to act urgently to tackle the root causes of forced displacement.”

Of the 117.3 million forcibly displaced, 68.3 million are internally displaced within their own countries due to conflict or other crises, such as Gaza where the UN estimates about 75 percent of the population, or more than 1.7 million people have been displaced by Israel’s continuing assault.

The number of refugees who crossed international borders, in 2023 rose by seven percent to 43.4 million. The increase is driven by displacement in Sudan and ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and other regions.

The number of asylum seekers – people seeking protection in another country due to persecution or fear of harm in their home country – waiting for a decision stood at 6.9 million, an increase of 26 percent from the previous year.

Read more: Aljazeera, https://shorturl.at/2Kzxt

Threefold Increase in Lone Child Asylum Seekers in UK

Number of unaccompanied children crossing Channel rises from 242 in 2021 to 772 this year. Kent county council (KCC) data shared with the Guardian has revealed that in the first five months of this year, 772 children crossed the Channel alone, compared with 242 children in the first five months of 2021.

These highly vulnerable children, who are likely to have fled war zones, have become separated from their parents and other family members. Those from countries such as Sudan, South Sudan and Eritrea are likely to have crossed deserts to reach Libya, where there is a high risk of being trafficked and imprisoned.

The true number of children crossing so far this year is likely to be higher than is reflected in the official data as some children are wrongly classified as adults by Home Office officials on arrival in the UK. The number of Channel crossings is at record levels compared with similar periods in previous years, with 11,095 people – adults and children – crossing so far this year including 316 in five boats on Thursday 6th June

Read more: Diane Taylor, Guardian, https://shorturl.at/4tu9p

Denaturalization: Bad Cases Make Bad Law

Stripping a British citizen of their status had become virtually unknown until the turn of the millennium. Since then, following a handful of actual or attempted denaturalisations in the 2000s, the practice has become commonplace.

Since 2010 there have been over two hundred cases. The evolution over the last twenty years of British law on denaturalisation — or citizenship stripping — is a case study in bad cases making bad law. The law was changed repeatedly between 2002 and 2006 specifically to enable the government to strip the citizenship of particular high profile individuals. Relatively restrained use was initially made of these new powers, with only those high profile individuals targeted for denaturalisation.

A change in government in 2010 introduced changed attitudes to the value and meaning of citizenship. The new government found itself in possession of very considerable discretionary powers and set about making extensive use of them. It is time for a reset. A new British Citizenship Act would offer an opportunity to reconsider the current approach.

Read More: We Wanted Workers, https://shorturl.at/Yrlho







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