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No-Deportations - Residence Papers for All
Monday 17th June to Sunday 23rd June 2024

An unprecedented 108.4 million people around the world have been forced from their homes - every 2 Seconds a Person is Displaced according to UNHCR

‘Squalor’ of Cramped Rat-Infested Home Office Asylum Seeker Hotels Revealed

Asylum seekers suffering from malnutrition from microwave meals in Home Office hotels

A refugee undergoing cancer treatment who was diagnosed with malnutrition is one of a number of people living in shocking cases of “squalor” in Home Office hotels.

Families are forced to live in tiny hotel rooms, which are in some cases infested with rodents, and vulnerable single asylum seekers are forced to share bedrooms leading to them sleeping in the corridor, research by the charity The Helen Bamber Foundation has found.

The Home Office spent £3.1bn on hotels in 2023-24, and at the end of December 2023 there were nearly 46,000 people in this accommodation. A new study from The Helen Bamber Foundation documented the experiences of 58 people living in London hotels and their 23 family members, as well as analysing clinical data from 110 asylum seekers.

They found that asylum seekers living in hotels had higher levels of depression compared to those living in alternative housing, such as temporary flats. Asylum seekers live in Home office-funded hotels for an average of six months, and are given less than £9 per week to survive on. This leaves them dependent on hotel food, which is often lacking in nutrition.

Read more: Holly Bancroft, Independent, https://shorturl.at/1oN3u

Legal Challenge Launched Against Increases To UK’s Minimum Income Requirement For Family Visas

Reunite Families UK (RFUK) has issued a judicial review challenge to the Secretary of State for the Home Department’s decision to increase the minimum income requirement (MIR) for family visas, and to do so on a tight staged timetable. In December 2023, the Secretary of State announced a decision to increase the MIR from £18,600 to £38,700, in line with the raised salary threshold for a Skilled Worker visa. An initial increase of £29,000 has now been implemented, with two further increases scheduled for the first half of 2025.

RFUK’s case is that the decisions were made in breach of the Secretary of State’s duty of inquiry, Public Sector Equality Duty, and duty to treat the best interests of children as a primary consideration.

Sarah Dobbie is instructed by Leigh Day on behalf of RFUK, with Raza Husain KC and Eleanor Mitchell. See Leigh Day’s press release here.

Doughty Street Chambers, https://shorturl.at/Qn91Y

Next Government Must Dismantle Our Racist Asylum System

Over the past 500 years, Western migration, colonisation, enslavement, imperialism, violence and wealth extraction have shaped the world we live in. They have created massive inequalities of wealth between countries and left people in many regions exposed to more violence, more poverty and at greater risk from climate change. This is as much a problem of the present as it is a matter of history. Western governments continue to extract wealth from – and exert violence on – many countries around the world. Their actions are driving increased displacement and refugee migration.

But when the people displaced by current policies or the legacies of old ones try to reach the UK to ask for safety, far too often they are pushed back, detained, deported, and killed. And they are overwhelmingly people of colour. In fact, many are the direct descendants of people who faced the violence of the British Empire in the past.

Our new briefing ‘Asylum in the UK: a front line for racial justice’ reveals that since 2001, seven in 10 people who sought asylum in the UK were from countries that experienced British colonial rule or high levels of British violence and resource extraction.

Racism is a defining feature of British colonial history. This new work argues that it’s also a defining feature of the UK’s refugee protection system. They are two sides of the same coin.

The UK asylum system is racial injustice in action

Read more: Open Demmmocracy, https://shorturl.at/jK6fw

Israel Joins UN ‘List of Shame’ for Abuses Against Children in War

For the first time, the United Nations secretary-general added the Israeli armed forces to the “list of shame” of warring parties committing grave violations against children in armed conflict. Although long overdue, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ action was fully justified.

The UN had already attributed more than 8,700 child casualties to Israeli forces between 2015 and 2022. But in 2023, the scale of violations was apparently too large for the secretary-general to ignore. His new report found Israeli forces responsible for 5,698 violations, including the killing and maiming of children and attacks on schools and hospitals. He also noted over 23,000 reported but unverified grave violations by all sides against 3,900 Israeli children and 19,887 Palestinian children.

Guterres also added Palestinian armed groups to his list for the first time, including Hamas’ Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades (116 violations) and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s Al-Quds Brigades (21 violations) for killing and maiming children and abductions.

This year’s report is grim reading. The UN verified 30,705 grave violations globally in 2023, an increase of 21 percent from the year before.

Read more: Jo Becker, Human Rights Watch, https://rb.gy/dyss3c






UK’s ‘Broken’ Family Reunion System Failing Refugees

A new report released this week by the Refugee and Migrant Forum of Essex and London (RAMFEL) explains how the UK's 'broken' refugee family reunion rules are not working effectively or fairly.

RAMFEL's key message in the report is that the family reunion system does not provide an effective safe route to the UK, which leads peoples to seek alternative irregular and dangerous routes to safety and their families. The process of applying under the family reunion routes is too complicated and expensive, with stringent bureaucratic and evidentiary requirements that many refugees cannot meet despite satisfying the defined family reunion rules.

"Even making applications is impossible for many, with the UK government requiring people to attend Visa Application Centres (VAC) to enrol their biometrics. Many countries, especially conflict zones, do not though have a functional VAC. If people cannot attend a VAC, they cannot apply for family reunion," the report explains.

Read more: EIN, https://shorturl.at/X1RTg

Home Secretary Required to Accommodate Street Homeless Victim of Trafficking In London

Agata Patyna represents AB, a destitute Romanian national, in her challenge to the failure of the Secretary of State for the Home Department (‘SSHD’) to provide her with suitable accommodation to protect and assist her as a victim of trafficking. Last week, the Administrative Court made an interim relief order mandating the SSHD to accommodate AB in London and she was provided with accommodation on Friday.

AB was trafficked to the UK for sexual exploitation. After her escape she was subjected to domestic servitude by an ex-partner. She is highly vulnerable. She has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression and anxiety. She has a history of criminal offending which professionals have linked to her vulnerability. AB became street homeless in February 2024 and slept in a tent, despite professional concerns that it exposed her to a very high risk of exploitation.

Professionals supporting AB asked for her to be accommodated in London where she could remain close to her support network. The SSHD resisted this, relying largely on assessments by its contractor, the Salvation Army, undertaken in circumstances where AB was unable (because of her vulnerability) to specify the location where she had been exploited. By the time of the interim relief hearing, this was clarified and the Salvation Army no longer maintained that AB was at risk of harm in all of London.

The Court agreed that in failing to consider for himself the professional evidence of AB’s needs and risk of harm to her if relocated outside London, SSHD arguably acted in breach of AB’s fundamental rights and his duties towards victims of trafficking, and exposed her to destitution and a risk of re-trafficking. The Court also found arguable AB’s claim that even if suitable accommodation could not be found under the SSHD’s Modern Slavery Victim Care Contract, the SSHD had a separate duty to provide accommodation to AB under schedule 10 Immigration Act 2016.

Read more: Doughty Street Chambers, https://shorturl.at/3ETtv

Home Office Ordered to Release Non-Binary Palestinian Asylum Seeker

Last week, Mrs Justice Ellenbogen made an urgent order for interim relief mandating the Secretary of State for the Home Department (‘SSHD’) to release from immigration detention and accommodate a vulnerable Palestinian asylum seeker, YA. Yesterday, YA was finally provided with accommodation after five months in immigration detention.

YA is an HIV positive transgender/non-binary person from Palestine. They have a diagnosis of paranoid disorder, drug-induced psychosis, gender dysmorphia, a prolonged history of street homelessness, drug abuse, non-compliance with medication and struggling to come to terms with their gender identity and HIV diagnosis. In January 2024, SSHD detained them under immigration powers despite accepting that they could not be removed to Palestine as removals there are currently on hold. In February 2024, the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) granted YA bail subject to provision of accommodation by the SSHD. YA remained in detention for a further four months, suffering deterioration in their mental health and abuse by fellow detainees and staff in the detention centre.

Mrs Justice Ellenbogen accepted YA’s submissions that they had to be released from detention urgently, and rejected the SSHD’s request for more time to source accommodation for them. Mrs Justice Ellenbogen also accepted that the SSHD’s conduct in the case (including failing to provide any evidence of the steps taken to source accommodation for YA) merited an award of costs on an indemnity basis.

Source: Doughty Street Chambers, https://shorturl.at/Cp5cL

UK Court Grants HRW, AI Permission to Intervene in Israel Arms Case

Responding to the decision of the High Court granting permission for Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to intervene in an ongoing legal challenge by Al-Haq and the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) to the UK’s transfer of arms to Israel, Yasmine Ahmed, UK Director of Human Rights Watch, said:

We welcome the Court’s decision to allow Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to intervene in this critical case. In the face of Israel’s ongoing crimes in Gaza, the UK Government presents the farcical argument that it is lawful to continue sending arms to Israel on that basis that Israel is committed to complying with international law. Our evidence shows the exact opposite.

Time and again, Israel’s official statements, policies and practice are in direct contradiction with international law and the results are clear to see: children in Gaza are dying of starvation and starvation-related illnesses. It is critical that the Government’s justification for arming Israel is properly scrutinized by the UK Courts.

The law is very clear, arms should be suspended when there is a clear risk that arms and military equipment might be used to facilitate or commit serious violations of international law. As Israel continues to carry out widespread serious violations, including war crimes, the UK should immediately suspend arms licenses to avoid breaching its own laws and being complicit in these grave abuses.”

Read more: Human Rights watch, https://shorturl.at/3VEht








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