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Solicitors, Not answering your calls, bad representation!!

NCADC receive calls everyday from detainees/refused asylum seekers complaining that their solicitors will not return calls or have not lodged legal papers with the courts or have abandoned them, demanding more money or too much money, etc., etc.

The Law Society has a legal complaints service, to which you can make a complaint about bad service. There is a formal procedure listed below.

However, if you are in detention/facing imminent removal and your solicitor is not returning your calls, and you do not have the time to write; you can ring the Legal Complaints Service helpline 0845 608 6565.

Legal Complaints Service
The Legal Complaints Service (LCS) investigates complaints about solicitors. We handle over 300 calls a day on a range of legal complaints. We have a dedicated staff of 390 helping you to resolve your complaint.

Complain about your solicitor - first steps

You should complain to your solicitor about poor service or their bill before you contact us.

It is likely that you've received poor service from your solicitor if they've

* not done what you instructed them to do

* involved you in unreasonable delays

* given you inaccurate or incomplete information

* failed to reply to your phone calls and letters or keep you informed about what is going on

* failed to give you enough information about what they'll charge you before they begin your case or give you the final bill

All firms of solicitors have a procedure for handling complaints.

If you need help to complain to your solicitor, call our helpline- 0845 608 6565 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Calls are charged at local rates.

If you've complained to your solicitor about poor service or about their bill, and you aren't satisfied with your solicitor's response, the Law Society can help to resolve your complaint for you.

See also: Can I get legal aid?:

Asylum applicants whose solicitors are funded by Legal Aid can be left without legal representation after a refusal or a failed appeal

Last updated 8 November, 2011