Campsfield IRC Anniversary demonstration - 12:00 noon Saturday 24 November 2007

Campsfield IRC Anniversary demonstration

12:00 noon, Saturday 24 November 2007
Campsfield IRC
Langford Lane

Fourteen years too long!
Close Campsfield!
Close all detention centres!
Stop all detentions and deportations!
For freedom of movement and the right to stay!

In November 1993 Campsfield opened with the bussing-in of detainees from the detention huts at Harmondsworth. Today, 14 years later, thousands of innocent people have been detained in Campsfield without charge or conviction, without time limit and without judicial oversight. And since then the huts of Harmondsworth detention centre have been replaced by the huge new detention centres, Colnbrook and Kalyx‚ and eight others have opened, among them Yarl's Wood, Europe's largest.

Speakers include: Mafungesi Maikokera and Philip Shamamba, former detainees and hunger strikers.

Also: Meeting after the demo to discuss the part played by UK and other private companies in the wars in DR Congo

Inquiries/further information:
Campaign to Close Campsfield <>
01865 558145 / 72680

Transport from Oxford: 2c, 2d, 69 bus from Magdalen St West, Oxford,
or phone 01865 558145 / 726804 in advance

Transport from Birmingham:
Email in advance:

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