Villainous John O

In 2002 the then Home Secretary David Blunkett asked for a £340,000 grant to the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC) to be reviewed. This was after he and the then editor of the daily mail, Paul Dacre had met for breakfast at one of their weekly meetings. Mr Dacre described the grant to NCADC as the ‘Barmiest Grant the National Lottery had ever made.

Mr Blunkett tried to stop the grant himself but found he had no legal power to do so. So he leant on the National Lottery, who suspended the grant, subject to an in-depth review as to how the grant was made. The review, which lasted months, came to nothing as NCADC had done nothing illegal or unconscionable, they released the grant to NCADC.

I was then the Co-Ordinator and ran NCADC; I was subject to personal attacks in the media by the Daily Mail and other media.

At the time NCADC and myself had to keep out heads down. NCADC never distributed the two worst media stories at the time, hoping the storm would blow over which it did.

So am now posting both articles. Though both were trying to do damage, I am pretty well proud of the content, as everything they said was right.

In Solidarity,

John O



John O Circa 2002

John O, the Ex-Trucker Who Stands up For Terrorists

Neil Sears, Daily Mail

With his pony tall and grey beard, John O'Reilly appears to be nothing more than an easy .golng eccentric.

But the 59-year-old former lorry driver with no academic qualifications has been agitating for the past quarter of a century for the abolition of immigration laws.

Far from being laidback, the self-styled 'Mr O' believes the Government is 'Colluding with fascism by limiting asylum.

He finds himself under the spotlight thanks to his leadership - on an annual wage of £30,000 - of the National Coalition of Anti-Deportations Campaigns.

His dream of flinging the nation's doors open to all-comers is yet to be realised, but he has had his triumphs.

An early success, the Daily Mail can reveal, involved the revocation order on Jamaican armed robber Metso Moncrieffe.

Moncrieffe arrived in Britain in 1979 but by 1981 had been jailed for three years for robbing a man while wielding an imitation pistol. Home Office officials ordered him to be deported on upon release - but the ex-con went into hiding while Mr O and fellow radicals launched a drive for him to be allowed to stay.

The campaign climaxed in the storming of the England-India cricket test at Edgbaston in 1986, when protestor Joanna Duchesne stopped play by hiding the bails down her trousers. The following year Moncrieffe was allowed to stay.

Mr o was not much in evidence this week at the Asian community centre he uses as his campaign headquarters, spending more time in hi council maisonette nearby in the ethnically mixed Lozells district of Birmingham.

Behind a steel security gate with a massive padlock, his home is well kept. Many other houses on the street are boarded-up.

Mr O, who describes himself as 'Scottish-Irish', briefly emerged to outline his belief that all immigration laws are racist.

I don't think there should be any immigration laws, because they 'discriminate against people who aren't British nationals, 'Mr O said.

'I've been involved in campaigning against deportation orders since 1979.

'At first, I was just giving leaflets out, but I was a dedicated volunteer from 1985, and have been the national coordinator of the organisation since 1995.

'We've had 100 successful campaigns against deportation orders. We are very proud of the work we do in helping people to avail themselves of their rights.

About his qualifications for his publicity-funded role, Mr O said: 'it all comes from years of experience opposing deportations.

'I was expelled from one school and literally thrown out of the other; I didn't even get a school leaving certificate.


Asylum Campaigner Backs Murders Too

The leader of the controversial asylum seekers’ charity being investigated by the Home Office is also an active supporter of freedom for notorious killers.

John O backs Winston Silcott, Michael Stone and Barry George.

Mr O’Reilly- who calls himself ‘John O’ - is the leader of the National Coalition of Anti-Deportations Campaigns (NCADC), which has used grants from the National Lottery to seek residency rights in Britain for convicted terrorists.

He believes all immigration laws are racist and that even terrorists should be entitled to enter the country and live here.

Fresh evidence of his extreme beliefs emerged last night when the Daily Mail discovered that as well as running the NCADC on lottery-funded pay of £30,000 a year, the 59-year-old former lorry driver also runs Miscarriages of Justice UK.

Working from his home in the Lozells district of Birmingham, Mr O’Reilly edits MOJUK’s extensive website which campaigns for a host of infamous prisoners to be set free.

 MOJUK openly admits that it is unconcerned whether the prisoners it champions actually committed the offences concerned, only that they had a fair trial.

Amongst the most prominent cases is that of Winston Silcott, who had his conviction for murdering PC Keith Blakelock in the Broadwater Farm riot in 1985 overturned after a long campaign, but remains in jail for life for stabbing a man to death.

MOJUK has also taken up the cause of Bary George, whose appeal against his conviction for the murder of television presenter Jill Dando was recently rejected, and Michael Stone, serving life for Killing Lin and Megan Russell in 1996.

Mr O’Reilly describes the prisoners as ‘hostages of the state’.


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