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Updated 11 July, 2016


'Freedom of movement is everybody's right!'
We are here      
  Because your were there   
    And you are still there

European Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine

By Nellie de jongh - Britain's Foreign Bastard Child

In support for the Call for a European Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine 1st - 6th June 2010 I would recommend that as migrants facing deportation we read 'Freedom of movement is everybody's right!' this brilliant well written material, can be accessed @

We need a deeper understanding of why we suffer all forms of abuse at the hands of those who call themselves the champions of our human rights. When in reality they mentally and physically torture us and our children, them and their private multi-national contractors.

The vast majority of people who make it to the Europe, seeking asylum come from former European Colonies. Countries that the Europe plundered of natural resources and when forced to depart, left most of the countries in political turmoil the ramifications of which still bedevil these countries today.
(Further reading: The 'Butchers Apron' ~ aka the 'Union Jack')

Migration appears to be an exclusive right for the Europeans and those from first world countries, there are no borders in place when it comes to our resources that they rape and plunder everyday, the borders are there for you and me (the darker races) In the Autobiography Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama (President) whilst traveling through Europe on his way to Kenya he met a fellow traveller from Senegal who he described as crisscrossing Spain for seasonal work. He went on to say he couldn't remember his name, just another hungry man far away from home, one of the many children of the of the former colonies-Algerians, West Indians and Pakistanis-now breaching the barricades of their former masters, mounting their own ragged, haphazard invasion.

The borrower becomes slave to the lender

I say, 'we are here--- because your were there - and you are still there'. Why shouldn't we be breaching these barricades of our former masters and mounting our own ragged haphazard invasions, they continually keep us in servitude with crippling debt, the borrower becomes the slave to the lender that is how they have designed their systems so that we can forever be in bondage, what about some of the crippling dead aid that keeps the poor on their knees begging for crumbs from the master's table, there is no dignity in begging, I want to sit at the table with the others as an equal, don't give me aid (a plate of food or a fish) I need a fishing rod, I need my basic human right to migrate like you in search of a better life and to flee your many wars for resources, I am sick to death of being portrayed as a victim and the victimizers getting away with it and laying the blame on me. I am perfectly capable of providing for family and myself. I can remember a few years ago when it was said that the remittances sent by migrants to their families were more effective than aid, I think it was described as direct aid.

This is proof enough that we are more than capable even in the harshest of environments ducking an diving from the might of the UKBA, after keeping Government offices such as the Home Office clean and emptying their over flowing bins the thank you migrant workers get is to get locked up indefinitely and then deported, providing services such as caring for their elderly and disabled which most native British people will not do is a punishable crime for those of us deemed to be illegal immigrants, we are criminalized serving sentences of six maybe twelve months and then a further indefinite sentence in immigration detention centres until they can deport you.

What happened when slavery was abolished, the used and abused slaves were dumped left to fend for themselves and the slave masters were compensated for the loss of their slaves, slaves were regarded as live stock or personal property of the master, listed together probably with the furniture etc maybe in today's terms his insurance claim would have fallen under live stock or contents insurance. During the slave trade it made more economic sense to throw sick slaves overboard for insurance purposes too, have things gotten better for us in the 21st century, I will let you the reader be the judge, as for me I believe that the only justice I will ever get is what my former masters say is a more fairer and just immigration system, the one they will never ever experience, of course its not racist to talk about immigration!

It is most sad when some of on our own side are singing from the same hymnbook as the masters, it is sad to hear some of our settled brothers and sisters saying who should and who should not be allowed in, the Americans call this the house slave mentality where the house slave looked down on the slave in the field, to the master we are all just slaves, commit a crime and you are sure to get deported no matter how settled you might think you are, justice for the darker races will be a bloody good idea, borrowing a quote from John Pilger, they are people and the rest of us are un-people.

The three paragraphs below by; inspired me to use the above heading We are here… which I have borrowed from many who have used it before me.

The right of everyone to travel and live where they want is denied for those with the 'wrong' skin colour, passport or bank account. They are treated like 'criminals' and incarcerated in special prisons disguised under various euphemisms (removal centres, guest houses and so on). Racist and sexual abuse and physical violence at the hands of immigration officers and private security guards are institutionalized by legitimizing the use of force in deportation operations. Even the more vulnerable among migrants facing detention and deportation, such as children and torture survivors, are treated with humiliation instead of being offered help and support.

Behind deportations lies a mixture of racism, nationalism and imperialism in a global capitalist context: whilst capital and the nationals of the EU and other 'first world' countries are free to travel wherever they want, those on the wrong side of artificially erected borders, whose countries are often torn apart by these very privileged Europeans and their capitalist and imperial conquests, are illegalized/criminalized and prevented from exercising their fundamental rights. They simply cease to be people; they become 'illegal immigrants', 'over-stayers' and 'failed asylum seekers' who can be dispensed with when their exploited labour is no longer needed or when they stand up for their rights. As a consequence, common struggles and communities are divided and a culture of suspicion and surveillance prevails.

When it comes to deportation orders, the causes of migration are also conveniently forgotten about. Western-manufactured weapons and armed conflicts, wars of aggression in pursuit of oil and other natural resources, repressive regimes backed by our democracy-loving governments, climate change and land grabs... they can all be traced back here, to our capitalist economies, consumerist lifestyles and imperial interests. Anti-deportation is not a 'single issue campaign' and people choose or are forced to migrate for a variety or reasons.

Of cause nothing, has really changed since the Trans Atlantic Slave trade, Colonization and current day exploitation of migrant workers? We are still regarded as lesser beings, commodities that can be bought or sold to the highest bidder. We are a multi-billion dollar industry and everyone is falling over themselves trying to secure a contract, from the reception centres, NASS Accommodation, NASS Benefits, ID Cards, Security Companies, Transport, Airlines, Detention Centres and others that I have not mentioned, in one way or another they are riding on our backs and laughing all the way to the bank. Its nothing new it was the same during slavery and Colonization, contracts were being dished out left right and centre, this system has been in place a long, long time, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Just being the same old bastard as usual

Nellie de jongh
Monday 12th April 2010
Britain's Foreign Bastard Child

Ps. Just to remind you all about elections, of course immigration is the political football that will be scoring all the goals during the election, it will make the World Cup in South Africa seem dull, the lines men, referees will all be turning a blind eye, of course all the yellow and red cards will be pulled out and if that is not enough after the game, our heads are going to be kicked like a football into the gutter by the unhappy fans.

Last updated 11 July, 2016