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Refugee & Migrant Justice/update from Legal Services Commission

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Guidance on RMJ cases has appeared here . . . .

Download: Guidance on Transfer of RMJ cases

Download: Legal Aid Firms who provide Immigration and Asylum advice

Following the announcement by RMJ that they were closing their offices, we have produced a list containing details of firms who provide immigration and asylum advice under a legal aid contract. Please see documents section on the right hand side.

A full list of advice providing organisations can also be found at alternatively clients can telephone 0845 345 4 345 to find their nearest adviser.

Note to providers who are approached by RMJ clients

In addition to the list of providers we have now also published guidance for those providers who receive a transfer request from an RMJ client - we would suggest that you refer to this document in the first instance should you have any questions as to what work you may undertake or how those cases may be funded. Please see the documents section on the right hand side of this page.

If you are a legal aid provider and received a transfer request from an RMJ client we would ask that you only take on urgent cases for example cases where an appeal deadline is approaching or a hearing has been listed.  You should not take on clients where the matter is pending a decision. This will ensure that clients who have genuinely urgent matters will be able to access advisers as quickly as possible.

Page Doesn't say, what you tell the clients 'you should not take on'!

What happens if you do!

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Source for this message:

Legal Services Commission

Last updated 8 November, 2011