General Information - March 2022

Two Thirds of British People Oppose Government’s Borders Bill

Challenges of Being a foreign National Woman Start In Unwarranted Police Custody

No “Historical Injustice” in Harsh but Correct Refusal of Immigration Application

UK to Criminalise Illicit Refugee Crossings After Commons Rebellion Averted

Blanket Seizures of Migrants’ Mobile Phones Unlawful

Home Office Not Required to Help Work Out Whether a Child is British

Early Day Motion (EDM) 1088: Status Now Campaign

CoA Dismisses Priti Patel’s Appeal In Test Case Brought by a Victim of Modern Slavery

Home Office Refuses to Reveal Results of Consultation on Nationality and Borders Bill

If an Asylum Applicant is Murdered their Appeal is Also Murdered

Refugee Convention was Designed for a Crisis Like the Invasion of Ukraine

Victim of Brutal Domestic Abuse Loses Appeal Against Deprivation of British citizenship

Brook House IRC  Inquiry: Senior Staff Knew Custody Officers Were Smuggling

International Agreement Route for Temporary Workers Coming to the UK

Briefing: the (Sorry) State of the UK Asylum System

The Reality of Priti Patel’s “Bespoke” Humanitarian Routes

Ukraine War As of Monday 7th March - UK has Only Granted 50 Ukrainian Refugee Visas

‘Home Office Policy Discriminates Against Women Refugees’

Can Ukrainians Take Refuge in the UK? Immigration Concessions

Home Office Challenge To Sri Lanka Country Guidance Fails

Logistics of Survival: Updated Somalia Country Guidance

High Court Quashes “Clearly Unfair” Local Authority Age Assessment

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - March 2022

Deteriorated Situations: Chad, Zimbabwe, Guinea-Bissau, Libya

Serious Deterioration: Ukraine, Belarus

Improved Situations: none - Resolution Opportunities: None

Conflict Risk Alerts for March: Zimbabwe, Ukraine, Iran, Libya

Moscow launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee. As Russian forces continue their assault in the face of resistance, the conflict could further intensify, with major repercussions beyond Ukraine’s borders.

Marathon negotiations involving Iran, the U.S. and other world powers reached an inflection point that will determine whether the 2015 nuclear deal is revived or collapses.

After Libya’s eastern-based parliament announced it had appointed a new prime minister and approved his cabinet, the country faces a high risk of institutional division with two rival governments vying for power.

Deadly political violence in Zimbabwe, which erupted in February, could escalate around by-elections scheduled for 26 March.

A controversial phone call discussing plans to destabilise Chad surfaced on social media, fuelling tensions between N’djamena and Bangui, and straining progress to hold a pre-dialogue initiative between Chadian authorities and armed groups.

Gunfire near the government palace in Guinea-Bissau gave rise to competing narratives and exposed the fragility of President Sissoco Embaló’s seat.

Aside from the conflict situations we regularly assess, we tracked notable developments in Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Nile Waters.

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