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No-Deportations - Residence Papers for All
Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th June 2024

An unprecedented 108.4 million people around the world have been forced from their homes - every 2 Seconds a Person is Displaced according to UNHCR

Unlawful Treatment of Newly Arrived Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

In a final judgment handed down 5th jJune 2024 the High Court held unlawful the use by Kent County Council of “s. 11 notices” (referring to section 11 of the Children Act 2004), purporting to justify its continued failure to comply with the mandatory duties it owes under the Children Act 1989 to provide accommodation, care and protection to all unaccompanied asylum-seeking children arriving in its area.

Today’s judgment is the fourth substantive judgment in the claim brought by ECPAT UK on behalf of thousands of children affected by unlawful action committed on the part of both Kent County Council and the Home Secretary. Since July 2021, over 5,400 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children had been denied safe accommodation and care under the Children Act 1989 by Kent County Council and were instead accommodated by the Home Office in hotels outside the statutory child protection framework.

Read more: Douaght Street Chambers, https://shorturl.at/irXAS

UN Experts Concerned About Migrant Labour Exploitation in UK

Independent UN human rights experts have expressed concern about the protection risks faced by migrant workers in the United Kingdom (UK), including “deception, exorbitant recruitment fees, debt bondage, undignified living conditions, and potential deportation.”

The experts said they have received allegations that migrants are being deceived about “working and living conditions and the nature of their agreements with employers in the agricultural or care sectors. This is unlawful and highlights the need for urgent reform of the current system governing labour migration, to ensure effective protection of the rights of migrant workers,” they said.

Exploiting migrants - The UN experts are concerned about shortcomings of the Seasonal Worker Scheme – a system implemented in response to labour shortages in the UK. These specialists say some “scheme operators” which are licensed recruitment companies will recruit migrants to work on farms or in poultry production and some will illegally charge them upwards of £3,000 to become employed, leaving the migrants in bondage.

In other cases, migrants are promised work in the agricultural or care sector before arriving in the country, but later learn there is no job for them. The UK Government has revoked the licenses of "non-compliant" employers in the care sector, however, experts say there is no protection for employees who lose their jobs due to these revocations.

Read more: United natins, https://shorturl.at/KtuT2

WFP Increases Food Rations For Rohingya Refugees by 1 Dollar a Month!

The World Food Programme has announced that it’s increasing – for the second time in 2024 – the food allocation for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar camps, but only by $1 a month.

In February 2023, WFP cut back its support in the sprawling complex, one of the largest globally, hosting over 800,000 Rohingya refugees who have escaped ethnic, political, and religious persecution in Myanmar. The ration cuts saw Rohingya refugees receive just $8 per month, down from $12, due to what the WFP described as a £125 million funding shortfall.

In January 2024, WFP increased the amount back up to $10 per month. It has now raised it to $11 and hopes to reach the full ration target of $12.50 per month by August this year.

The cuts have increased hunger and insecurity, driving more Rohingya, who have limited employment opportunities in the camps, to flee again, embarking on risky boat journeys.

But the Rohingya are not the only community affected by WFP aid cuts, which happened all over the globe. In 2023, the UN agency announced a 60% funding shortage, and by the end of December it had implemented significant reductions in its food and cash assistance in almost all the 86 countries it operates in.

Read more: New Humanitarian, https://shorturl.at/1XXX6

United States: With irregular migration a top concern among voters heading into elections this fall, President Joe Biden is preparing to issue an executive order that would deny asylum seekers and migrants entry to the United States and suspend the processing of asylum requests when daily border crossings exceed a certain threshold. The number of people irregularly crossing the US-Mexico border has been declining for months, largely due to increased policing efforts in Mexico.

Asylum Seekers Unlawfully Detained by British Indian Ocean Territory Authorities

Diego Garcia: A UK judge will travel to the remote island of Diego Garcia in July to hold a trial for asylum seekers claiming to be unlawfully detained by British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) authorities. Almost 60 Sri Lankan asylum seekers live in tents in a fenced compound on the island – many have been for more than two years. The judge will visit the compound before holding a two-day hearing. An attempt by BIOT authorities to block the judge’s visit was overruled this month in the BIOT Court of Appeal.




Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - June 2024

(You may all be painfully aware that war is on the rise. The use of force is increasingly unchecked as more World leaders pursue their ends militarily and diplomats struggle to make gains. New crises keep emerging to dominate the conversation, diverting attention from the conflicts already underway. Recent wars have killed hundreds of thousands, displaced millions and left more people in need of life-saving aid than in previous decades.)

Deteriorated Situations: Georgia, Israel/Palestine, Colombia, Venezuela, Cameroon, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Taiwan Strait, Bangladesh, Myanmar, New Caledonia (France), Egypt, Tunisia Sudan, Burkina Faso, Mozambique,

Conflict Risk Alerts: Haiti, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Mexico, Myanmar, Sudan,

In Myanmar’s Rakhine State, fighting between the regime and the Arakan Army has taken a dangerous communal turn. Escalating Rakhine-Rohingya violence could fuel further abuses against civilians and trigger refugee flows into Bangladesh, where camps hosting one million Rohingya have already been destabilised by violence and forced recruitment (see this month’s Conflict in Focus).

In Sudan, full-scale conflict pitting the army and allied Darfuri armed groups against the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces erupted in North Darfur’s capital El-Fasher, threatening to further inflame intercommunal conflict.

Israel’s war in Gaza entered a new phase with the long-feared Rafah offensive, displacing around one million people. Amid the bombing, ground incursions and restrictions on humanitarian aid, more civilians could die, including from starvation, dehydration or disease.

The risk of expanded conflict into Lebanon, including through inadvertent escalation, grew more acute as Hizbollah and Israel continued to trade heavy cross-border blows.

The ruling MORENA party’s presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum looks poised to win the 2 June poll in Mexico, where the risk of post-election violence remains high.

In Haiti, the Kenya-led multinational security mission could be met with fierce gang attacks upon arrival in June.

Resolution Opportunities - None

International Crisis Group, https://shorturl.at/1Kodk

Harmful Impact of Age Assessment Process on Child Asylum Seekers

Helen Bamber Foundation and Young Roots highlight intimidating, hostile and threatening environment of age disputes

In order to better understand the impact of the process on young asylum seekers, HBF and Young Roots conducted a focus group with seven young people who had been age disputed, including those who were and were not ultimately found to be adults.

As the report details: "The young people explained that the long, drawn-out process of the age dispute had a significant mental health impact as they felt stuck in limbo, unsure of what their future would hold. This prolonged uncertainty generated feelings of despondency and detachment from others, compounded by frustration with inconsistent information and delays in resolution. Further, the agonising wait for an outcome seemed to reinforce a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness, magnified by a perceived lack of support and isolation. These experiences were further intensified by a sense that peers struggled to understand their experiences and by shifts in their relationship with social care."

Read more: EIN, https://shorturl.at/3bWsl

One More Body in the Septic Tank That is British Colonial History

The killing of Agnes Wanjiru – and the Kenyan state’s inability bring her killer to justice – is not an anomaly.

The killing of Agnes Wanjiru, allegedly by a British soldier, in 2012 is once again back in the news. The body of the 21-year-old sex worker and mother of one was found dumped in a septic tank two months after she disappeared following a night out with a group of soldiers in the central Kenyan town of Nanyuki, where the British army has a permanent garrison. By then, the soldiers had already left the country and her family’s attempts to secure justice had been frustrated by both the Kenyan and British authorities.

However, reports in the British press indicating that a British soldier had confessed to killing Wanjiru and showed comrades where he dumped her body, as well as exposing social media posts where the soldiers were laughing at the murder, have galvanised a renewed investigation from the Kenyan police with promises of cooperation from the British.

Read more: Patrick Gathara, Aljazeera, https://shorturl.at/HEiyZ







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