General Information July 2023

NUJ Expresses Grave Concern Over AI Generated Story On Refugees

Home Office Broke Law by Withholding Payments From Pregnant Women and Young Children

Home Office System for Supporting Asylum Seekers Ruled Unlawful

Should Family Migration be Limited? & What Family Relationships Should be Recognised?

Ten Reasons to Bin the ‘Illegal Migration Bill’

“Historical Injustice” - Bad Immigration Decisions

Calendar of Racism and Resistance (4th – 18 July 2023)

Rome’s Anti-Migration Summit Exposes Europe’s Growing Disregard for Rights

What Safe and Legal Routes are Available for Refugees to Come to the UK?

Scandal of Refugee Families Separated by UK Red Tape

Watching Asylum Seekers Being Jailed. Here’s What I Learnt

Ten Reasons to Bin the ‘Illegal Migration Bill’

Theresa May: Government Migration Laws Will ‘Consign More People to Slavery’

Massive New Immigration Fee Increases - Very Bad Social Policy

Shay Family Campaign - Seeking Safety, Looking for Justice

HO to Reintroduce Use of Reasonable Force To Remove Families With Children

British Citizenship for Children of EU Citizens Born in UK Before 2 October 2000

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - July 2023

We Need More EU workers, Admits Leading Tory Brexiter

2022 UK Charter Deportations: A Balance Sheet

UK’s Convenient Silence on Rwanda

Tribunal Must Consider Home Office Decisions in Full

2023 World Peacefulness Declines - Conflict Deaths at Highest Level This Century

Trafficking Victims Wrongly Denied Financial Support in Lockdown

Chief Inspector Highly Critical of Foreign National Offender Removal Operations

Conflict Deaths at Highest Level This Century - World Peacefulness Declines

Trafficking Victims Wrongly Denied Financial Support in Lockdown

Asylum Seekers at Manston ‘Holding Facility’ May Have Been Treated Inhumanely

Lords Inflict Multiple Defeats on Illegal Migration Bill

California’s First-In-Nation Reparations Taskforce Releases Final Report

Chief Inspector Highly Critical of Foreign National Offender Removal Operations

What is a Judicial Review? What Powers Does it Have?

An appeal to the Court of Appeal can never be a full rehearing: it is a review of the findings made by the judge below.

1. Regardless of the appropriateness of judicial interventions, overbearing and intimidatory conduct, directed at a representative, could result in an unfair hearing as well as give the impression of bias to a fair-minded and informed observer, applying Porter v Magill [2001] UKHL 67.

2. Whilst it is, of course, always necessary for the judge to retain control of proceedings, so as to ensure that they remain focussed, effective, and efficient, it is also a key part of the judge’s role to conduct the hearing to ensure that they get the best out of all the participants appearing before them. This approach should enable the judge to do justice to the case and help to reach a high-quality decision for the parties. The task involves listening as well as guiding, and patience tempered by the need to steer the parties in the direction of the issues that the tribunal needs to decide. However carefully constructed or well-reasoned, a decision which is founded on an unfair hearing cannot stand.

3. In the event a representative raises a concern as to personal safety, this must be explored promptly, in sufficient detail and with sensitivity.

4. The inclusion of a copy of a formal complaint made about a judge with the notice of appeal is a practice which is to be deprecated. The two processes should operate separately from one another. No recourse is to be had to either the existence of or the content of a complaint against the judge in reaching a decision as to the presence of an error of law in the decision and reasons of the First-tier Tribunal.

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - July 2023

Deteriorated Situations: Syria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Russia (Internal), Ukraine, Venezuela, Honduras, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Sudan, Senegal,

CrisisWatch Identified Twelve Deteriorations in June.

In the most serious challenge ever to President Putin’s grip on power, Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin spearheaded an insurrection in Russia, advancing within 200km of Moscow before abruptly aborting the mission and seemingly leaving the Kremlin reeling.

Lawmakers in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s self-governing entity, Republika Srpska, voted to suspend rulings by the country’s constitutional court, fuelling fears the entity is moving toward secession.

Uganda suffered its deadliest attack in years as suspected members of the Allied Democratic Forces Islamist militia raided a school near the Congolese border, brutally murdering at least 44 people, most of them children.

As political tensions surged in DR Congo ahead of December general elections, clashes between the M23 rebellion and army-backed local armed groups resumed, jeopardising a fragile ceasefire observed on the ground since April.

Amid a string of failed ceasefires, the conflict in Sudan between the army and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces drew in other armed groups, while fighting in Darfur exploded along ethnic lines.

In Syria, deadly hostilities between Türkiye and Kurdish militants escalated in the north, while Russia and regime forces stepped up attacks in the north west to levels not witnessed since late 2021.

In a major blow to prospects for a competitive 2024 presidential poll in Venezuela, the Maduro government announced that opposition frontrunner María Corina Machado is barred from holding public office for 15 years, meaning she will be unable to participate in the election.

In Honduras, clashes between rival gangs at a women’s prison left at least 46 people dead, prompting President Castro to restore military control of prisons in a step back from promises to put civilian police in charge of the penal system.

Aside from the scores of conflict situations we usually cover, we tracked significant developments in Angola, Guatemala, Moldova, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

Resolution Opportunities - None
Source: Crisis Group,