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                                                    News & Views - Monday 16th July to Sunday 22nd July 2012

Supreme Court Strikes Down Changes to Immigration Rules
Just over a week since far-reaching new immigration rules took effect - which will permanently separate many British citizens or settled residents from their non-European spouses, children and ageing relatives - the home secretary has suffered a severe defeat in the supreme court. In the case of Alvi [2012] UKSC 33, handed down today, the court struck down a previous attempt by the Home Office to introduce substantive immigration requirements through the back door of policy, guidance or instructions, rather than in the body of the immigration rules themselves. As a result, legal commentators anticipate an onslaught of legal challenges to the new rules, which rely extensively on accompanying guidance.
Read more: Lucy Mair,, Wednesday 18 July 2012

Jamaica: Combat Homophobia
Homophobia is so bad that human rights defenders advocating the rights of LGBT people are not safe in Jamaica. The Jamaican government should repeal the anti-buggery law and protect people from discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller of Jamaica. Jamaica needs to act now on its international obligations to prevent discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Jamaican nongovernmental organizations have pressed the Jamaican government for years to repeal the anti-buggery law and to pass anti-discrimination legislation to protect LGBT people. According to Section 76 of the Jamaican Offences Against the Person Act of 1864, a maximum sentence of 10 years can be issued for the committing the crime of buggery.
Human Rights Watch, 18 July 2012

Jimmy Mubenga's Death: No Prosecution of G4S - No Surprise
Yesterday, the Crown Prosecution Service announced that three private security guards employed by G4S would not be prosecuted over the death of Jimmy Mubenga. The 46-year-old Angolan asylum seeker died in October 2010 after being restrained during a deportation attempt. According to eyewitnesses, Mubenga was screaming that he could not breathe as the guards held him down. After a 17-month investigation, the CPS said there was "insufficient evidence" to prove that the guards' actions were the primary cause of his death.

This is despite the fact that a "breach of duty" was evident, and that four whistleblowers from G4S told MPs that the company – which handled deportations from the UK until earlier this year – had been warned repeatedly by its own staff that potentially lethal force was being used.
Read more: Samira Shackle,, Tuesday 17 July 2012

G4S Under investigation over Prisoner's Collapse in Police Suite
The private security firm G4S [They manage Brook House & Tinsley House IRCs] is facing a new investigation after a prisoner was found collapsed in a police custody suite it was managing. A crucial record had been falsified, claiming the vulnerable prisoner had been visited every 30 minutes, as ordered by a doctor who was concerned about his medical condition. But a CCTV recording, checked by a police sergeant, showed no evidence of one such visit. A civilian worker employed by G4S has now resigned.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is to investigate the incident amid concerns about the alleged falsification of the custody record. The IPCC said the investigation would examine whether the incident was a one-off or revealed wider issues. The inquiry will look at the training and supervision given to G4S employees.
Read more: Vikram Dodd,, Tuesday 17 July 2012

Sofia Kalu - I am a Fighter Not a Quiter
Hi every one I am back on my feet and in good shape and try to see what I can do to help women here but at the moment I am stronger. Emma Molotswa from Medical Justice visit me yesterday and after a good sleep I am feeling wonderful.

This morning I told myself Welcome back Sofia you are a Fighter and not a Quiter I  will not Retreat I will Defeat this Immigration Injustices towards myself and so many others. Cheers I will keep you all updated my solicitor will file for bail today so hopefully I will be out of this place by the end of this week.

Sofia Kalu <>

Early Day Motion 412: Communal Violence in Burma
That this House sends condolences to the families and friends of all those killed and affected by recent communal violence in Arakan (Rakhine) State in Burma; expresses concern that the government of Burma and local community leaders have not taken sufficient action to stop continuing sporadic violence; is deeply concerned by reports of widespread rape and of mass arrests, predominantly against the ethnic Rohingya minority; calls on the government of Burma to stop obstructing international agencies from delivering desperately needed humanitarian assistance to around 90,000 displaced people; further calls on the the government of Burma to stop obstructing ethnic Rohingya from returning to their homes and villages; further calls on all parties in Burma to reform the 1982 citizenship law, which discriminates against ethnic minorities in Burma; and requests that the Government ensures the swift delivery of aid to the region.

Sponsors: Vaz, Valerie / Bottomley, Peter / Durkan, Mark / George, Andrew / Ritchie, Margaret           Date tabled: 16/07/2012

Sofia Kalu - Back Behind the Wire @ Yarl's Wood
Hi everyone I am back in Yarl's Wood IRC. UKBA served me with RDs for Wednesday 18th July but my solicitor has managed to stay my flight. I am having severe pains in my head. I arrived on Friday at Yarl's Wood IRC and due to my blood pressure the nurse at Penine House refer me to health Care and when I arrive here the nurse who sees me tell the officers to take me to hospital when I arrive at Bedford hospital my blood pressure was 231/118 (this is about as severe as it can get) and I was admitted in hospital until Saturday afternoon.

Yesterday(Sunday) I see the doctor at Yarl's Wood and my BP was 150/109 so the doctor told me that they will monitor my blood pressure everyday.

Nothing has changed here, custody officers still very aggressive, detainees afraid to talk. I was so upset Sunday morning 7-8 escorts come to my room to collect a pregnant women. She was removed to Jamaica in the afternoon, not able to do anything for her. Will sign off to much pain in my head.

Sofia Kalu <>

UKBA Persecuting Sofia and Johnson Kalu Again
On June 22nd Sofia reported that Johnson Kalu her partner had been detained and had gone on hunger strike, he was released from detention on Wednesday 27 th June.

This morning it was Sofia's turn to suffer more UKBA injustice, she was captured when reporting @ Dallas Court and is now in Pennine House Manchester STHF. No doubt just a short stop before being taken to Yarl's Wood IRC of which she has horrific memories, having previously been detained there in 2011.

Sofia a leading activist with WASP, when at liberty worked tirelessly to help others with asylum/immigration problems. At the moment no idea what UKBA have planned for her, will update y'all as soon as we have hard data.

In the meantime, please send Emails of Solidarity/Support to:

Sofia Kalu <>


UKBA: Operational Guidance Note: Syria
This document provides UK Border Agency case owners with guidance on the nature and handling of the most common types of claims received from nationals/residents of Syria including whether claims are or are not likely to justify the granting of asylum, Humanitarian Protection or Discretionary Leave. Caseowners must refer to the relevant Asylum Instructions for further details of the policy on these areas.
Download the OGN - Refworld, 20/07/12

DR Congo: Heavy fighting Forces MSF to Suspend Medical Work
Heavy fighting over the last few days in Walikale, a town in the troubled North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has forced MSF to suspend its medical activities despite the area being in the midst of a malaria outbreak. "The recent fighting and insecurity in Walikale make it impossible for our team to carry out their medical work," said Andrew Mews, MSF's Head of Mission in Goma. "We're very concerned about civilians living in the area who are exposed to this violence and also denied healthcare as a result," he added.

MSF started an emergency malaria intervention in Walikale in June 2012. Many of the people affected by the deadly disease had already been displaced by earlier fighting and were living in the dense rainforest that surrounds the town. In the last month, MSF was treating more than a thousand patients a week for malaria. Now, people in the area can no longer receive free lifesaving treatment.
Reliefweb, 18/07/12

US Food Aid Programme - 'Corporate Welfare' for Grain Giants
Three huge agribusinesses dominate $1bn US food aid policy, Guardian study reveals, with lobby groups ensuring agricultural surpluses are exported despite cost to developing countries. Two-thirds of food for the billion-dollar US food aid programme last year was bought from just three US-based multinationals. Only 40 cents of every taxpayer dollar goes on food itself, the rest goes into the pockets of agribusiness.

The main beneficiaries of the programme, billed as aid to the world's poorest countries, were the highly profitable and politically powerful companies that dominate the global grain trade: ADM, Cargill and Bunge.
Read more:, Wednesday 18 July 2012

Serco Ordered to Improve Failing GP Service
Serco, a leading private contractor of public services, [they manage Yarl's Wood and Colnbrook IRCs] is failing to meet legal requirements to provide enough staff, train them properly or monitor their performance in the out-of-hours GP service it runs for the NHS in Cornwall.

The company has been given 14 days by the health regulator, the Care Quality Commission, to come up with a plan to right the failures, which are highlighted in a damning report on Serco's operation in the south-west.
Read more: Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian, 18/07/12

Bernard Mboueyeu - Update from Campsfield IRC
When it was discovered what he had done, Bernard was taken to hospital, but returned to Campsfield under constant monitoring. He has been very ill, with diarrhoea and vomiting. He feels slightly better today, and is considered out of danger - at least physically. He is now on hourly watch only. The Red Cross is visiting him today.

He has been through hell, and so has Sharon. When will the Home Office recognise that if people are willing to choose death or at the very least severe injury, they must have grave and genuine fears?

"Carole Angier" <>

Immigration Advisory Service [Files to be securely destroyed]
Dr Huppert: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice what steps he plans to take to ensure that files formerly held by the Immigration Advisory Service are retained for use by their clients.

Mr Djanogly: The Immigration Advisory Service was placed into administration on 8 July 2011. Following the orderly transfer of legal aid clients to new providers by the Legal Services Commission, the court ordered that the administrators allow three months for former clients of IAS to make requests for their archived files. This opportunity closed on 28 May 2012 and any remaining files are expected to be securely destroyed.
House of Commons / 7 July 2012 : Column 641W

Early Day Motion 420: Plastic Bullets
That this House expresses its concern that since the August 2011 riots the Metropolitan Police's stockpile of plastic bullets, also known as baton rounds, has increased to over 10,000 and that plastic bullets are also being stockpiled by other police forces in the UK; notes the lethal consequences of the issuing of plastic bullets in Northern Ireland where the use of plastic bullets in riot and non-riot situations has led to the deaths of 17 people, nine of them children, and serious injuries, including blindness and brain damage, to hundreds more; further notes that Sir Hugh Orde, a former Chief Constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, has voiced opposition to the use of plastic bullets as a form of crowd control in riot situations; and calls on the Government to reconsider its policy of authorising the use of a lethal and excessively dangerous weapon, which undermines the tradition of policing by consent in this country.

Sponsors: Corbyn, Jeremy / Durkan, Mark / Llwyd, Elfyn / McDonnell, John         Date tabled: 16/07/2012

Bernard Mboueyeu - Didn't fafy Due to Serious Self-Harm
Bernard remains in the health care centre @ Campsfield IRC this morning, Monday 16th July 2012, terrified of removal, he drank an amount of 'cleaning fluid' Sunday night, this is the second time that Bernard has done so.

One has to ask UKBA why Bernard was able to access cleaning fluid, when UKBA know full well that numerous detainees have since 1993 the year the UK Immigration Estate was established with the opening of Campsfield IRC, have chose this method to self-harm.

[Family have requested that above information should be put in the public domain]

Background: Second Attempt to Separate Bernard and Sharon

Solidarity With Migrants Checked on the Street/Workplaces
Migrants and Stop And Search: Know Your Rights:A campaign has been launched to provide people with vital information if they are subject to or witness a raid by the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

Lots of people have seen raids happening in different parts of London/UK and have been shocked by racist immigration policies, and wanted to know what the law said about immigration checks and how to prevent them.

The Latin American community suffered a big raid in February at a music event in South London, when twenty-three people were arrested. This was the trigger for a campaign to inform undocumented migrants on their rights and immigration officers' duties, bringing together quite a few groups - including the Precarious Workers' Brigade, Prisma, Stop Deportations, Southwark Action and the South London Solidarity Federation.

The campaign launched the bust cards in June.

English bust card here . . .    Spanish/Portuguese versions here . . . .

Read more here . . . .



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