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Innocent Empi 1971 - Tuesday 30th August 2011

"Freemovement' announce with deepest sorrow, the passing of Innocent Empi in London, on Tuesday 30th August 20011, it is understood he died from a heart attack.

Innocent was an inspiration to the Anti-Deportation movement from the moment he arrived in the UK in 2005. Constantly organizing against UKBA for others and himself, day in day out, he was always available on the phone for advice and help 7/24/365.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been made, when they have 'Freemovement', will announce the details with a full obituary, which is being put together by those who knew him best.

John O for 'Freemovement'

Statement from Innocent Empi on gaining refugee status
I have been given full refugee status. Thanks, from the depths of my heart, for everybody who has supported my campaign to stay in Britain and who have brought their skills and knowledge to help and succeed. I am happy that I have safety now, but my thoughts are with so many good people who deserve safety as much as I do, who are still being criminalised and scapegoated in this country.

I am also thinking of people I left behind in the Congo, who I love, who I have lost, who's safety I fear for, and who only ask for the right to live in peace, free from fear with their loved ones. I can never be at ease while they are in danger.

I do not want to sound ungrateful, but the same government who has given me asylum, significantly contributes to maintaining the horrors from which I and my fellow Congolese fled. So I have mixed feelings right now. I am happy, and heartbroken at the same time. I want to thank you for your support over these years. I could not have survived without the support of so many of you. You know I will continue the struggle. I know you will remain with me in the struggle. And of course, the struggle continues.

Innocent Empi - Tuesday 25th September 2007

How the Home Office is misusing law in gay Ugandan asylum seeker case
The British Home Office in judging the claim of gay Ugandan asylum seeker Robert Segwanyi is misapplying the law, according to its latest refusal of his case.

Segwanyi was jailed for homosexuality and tortured but escaped and fled to the UK and claimed asylum. His case was rejected by an immigration judge last November and, on the basis of the judge's decision, by the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

A campaign for Segwanyi which has included a 3000 strong petition has prevented several attempts to remove him. Evidence that Segwanyi is "obviously gay" as well as a statement by Ugandan Anglican Archbishop <>Christopher Senyonjo on the risk of removal is amongst the new evidence submitted to support Robert's case, however this new evidence does not appear to have been considered by the agency as it is not referred to in his last rejection letter dated 25 August.
By Paul Canning, Thursday, 1 September 2011

Self-Harm in Immigration detention April/May/June 2011

Self-harm and those on risk of self-harm were down in Q2 compared to Q1

Self-Harm down 18% - risk of self-harm down 7.7%

Reduction is more than welcome, though alarming that one person self-harmed 5 times in one month in Dover IRC.

Data for Q1/Q2 can be viewed here . . . .

G4S - Dumb and unbelievably dumber
Private security firm G4S are responsible to the Ministry of Justice for Electronic tagging of criminal offenders/immigration detainees. Mangers at G4S became suspicious that the tag on a Mr. L was not as it should be and went to Mr. L's home to check.

They entered the premises and found the tag underneath a bed attached to a wooden leg. Asking the occupants did they know the whereabouts of Mr. L, they were told he was back in prison.

G4S have sacked the two employees who were responsible for originally attaching the Electronic tag for not realizing Mr. L was disabled and had only one real leg the other a prosthetic, to which they had attached the tag!
Don't believe this go here . . . .

Longest lengths of Detention

1 detainee has spent nearly 5 and a half years
3 detainees have been detained over 4 years
16 detainees more than 3 years

Quarter 2: As at 30 June 2011, management information shows that of the 2,685 people detained solely under Immigration Act powers, the 20 longest recorded lengths of detention are:

Length of detention (in days)

5.6 years (2,066 days) 1 person male
4.5 years (1,668 days) 1 person male
4.1 years (1,511 days) 1 person male
4 years (1,487 days) 1 person male
3.9 years (1,448 days) 1 person male
3.8 years (1,388 days) 1 person male
3.7 years (1,382 days) 1 person male
3.6 years (1,322 days) 1 person male
3.5 years (1,296 days) 2 persons male
3.5 years (1,284 days) 1 person male
3.4 years (1,254 days) 1 person male
3.3 years (1,232 days) 1 person male
3.3 years (1,216 days) 1 person male
3.3 years (1,214 days) 1 person male
3.3 years (1,206 days) 1 person male
3.3 years (1,205 days) 1 person male
3.2 years (1,198 days) 1 person male
3.2 years (1,189 days) 1 person male
3.2 years (1,174 days) 1 person male

Source Freedom of Information request

Laura Asong - Seeking Sanctuary
My name is Laura Asong a national of Cameroon, I am currently detained in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre and have been so for one year and 11 days. I am an asylum seeker and my asylum has been refused a few times and UKBA is attempting to deport me. But I am now in possession of some new evidence which has not been considered by any of the authorities whilst making any of these decisions.

Below is an article published on the Internet last Thursday. After the introduction there are details of myself and my daughter Athena, (Athena at this time, is in hiding in Cameroon). It will give everyone an idea of what's happening in Cameroon and the dangers I face if returned there.

I am hoping this message will reach people who will help me campaign against the UKBA's intention to remove me from the UK.

I can be contacted by Email at Yarl's Wood,

Laura Asong <>

PS: I would like that this information be made known to others as well.

Perpetrators of Female genital Mutilation Intensify Search for 'Victims'
Martin-Luther Fon Yembe, The Frontier Telegraph, 25/08/11

Extra support entitlements for women and children S95/Section 4 support

Asylum Support Appeals Project (ASAP)
ASAP have compiled a factsheet on the extra support entitlements  available to women and children in receipt of both S95 and Section 4 support

ASAP will  shortly be releasing a briefing on the barriers women face when appealing against a decision, at the Asylum Support Tribunal ( AST),      to either refuse or discontinue their asylum support.  We have been concerned for some time now about the very low numbers of women attending the Tribunal.   We carried out a snap shot survey of the tribunal listings over a three month period in 2010 and this showed that only 13% of those scheduled to attend during this period were women. The briefing, which is based on interviews with 22 women who attended the tribunal, highlights the various difficulties they encountered during the process of appealing.   A copy of the briefing will be forwarded to you in the next couple of weeks.

Asylum Support Appeals Project (ASAP)
Oxford House
Derbyshire Street
E2 6HG

Published on Refworld today Thursday 25th August

UKBA Operational Guidance Note: Sudan

UKBA Country of Origin Information Report - Zimbabwe

UKBA Country of Origin Information Report - China

Sofia Kalu - Captured, Removal Direction Set
Sofia was captured by UKBA, yesterday morning when she went to sign at Dallas Court. She has been served with removal directions for Friday 9th September 2011, on Virgin Atlantic flight VS601 from London Heathrow @ 20:30 hrs to Johannesburg. Her partner Johson Kalu has not been arrested or detained and is still in Manchester; where both have been very active amongst the Manchester immigration community. Sofia is currently in Yarl's Wood IRC

If you are willing to help, please contact:
WAST Manchester <>
Background - Johnson and Sofia must stay

Final Stage of Coalitions Big Lie to end child detention
The final stage in the Coalitions Big Lie to end child detention took place yesterday, with the opening of the 'Cedars in Pease Pottage. Familys with children will now spend their last day in the UK in this so called 'Child friendly deportation centre' Barnardo's will manage the deportation of children on behalf of UKBA.

How sick can you get - taking game shows to the extreme
A Dutch gameshow is giving failed asylum seekers, who are due to be deported the chance to win 4,000 euros (£3,525) to help them start a new life back in their country of origin. The winner is the one who can best demonstrate just how well they know their adopted country.

Police officer jailed for 18 months for assaulting migrant
A police officer who kicked an illegal immigrant in the head as though he was "kicking a football" has been jailed for 18 months. PC Edward Prince, 31, booted Trinidadian victim Nyrone Games, 27, in an act of "thoughtless naked aggression" as colleagues pinned him face down on the pavement in Brighton Road, South Croydon. Full story here . . .

Deportations/removals - Quarter 2 April/May/June 2011

by country of nationality and destination

In Quarter 2 - 11,388 persons were removed/deported - down 20% on Q1

of which 1,828 were asylum cases - Down 33% on Q1

And 9,560 were non asylum cases

Of which 936 were foreign national prisoners - down 31% on Q1

Assisted voluntary Returns and other voluntary returns were well down in Q2 compared to Q1

Top destination countries Q2 -2011

India 1,460                        Pakistan 855
Brazil 728                         Nigeria 656
China 462                          Afghanistan 416
Bangladesh 402                 Vietnam 268
Philippines 213                   Malaysia 197

People leaving detention by reason, sex, place of last detention and length of detention, Q2 April/May/June 2011

Of the 6,337 persons (5,334 males, 1,003 females) leaving detention in Q2 Aprl/May/June 2011

- 3,850 were removed from the UK

and 2,487 returned to the community 39.2%

Of the total leaving detention in Q2 - 2,938 were asylum detainees

Of which 1,416 were removed from the UK

and 1,522 returned to the community 51.8%

UK Asylum Statistics: 2nd Quarter April/May/June 2011

Please note UKBA have changed the way they present Asylum /Immigration statistics, the usual quarterly format has gone, to be replaced by more detailed tables for all countries. It will no longer be practicable for 'Freemovement' to extract and present data as it has done in the past.

However the new system, will allow you to access data country by country, which is a more than welcome improvement.

The main web page 'Immigration Statistics April-June 2011' carries 12 categories, in each there is a downloadable 'briefing' and an 'excel table'.

Excel tables will give you access to all nationalities, whether detained/deported.

In any of the excel sheets, which is giving country information, it will not be clear at first glance, that there are any individual countries. At the top of each excel table, usually in Column 2, there is a pull down menu, which will take you to the country you require data on.

UKBA Immigration Statistics April-June 2011


Last updated 10 September, 2011