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                                                    News & Views - Monday 26th November to Sunday 2nd December 2012

UKBA Immigration Statistics Quarter 3 July/August/September 2012

[All data verbatim from UKBA statistical release Q3]

At 30th Sept there were 3,091 persons in Immigration Detention

This is the highest number of detentions since records began and at that date, occupancy of the detention estate was 93.6% of capacity

A total of 47 children were detained in Q3 (disputed age minors, not included)

20 children entered Cedars Pre-Departure Accommodation in Q3 - (leaving the UK)

27 children entered Tinsley House IRC in Q3 - (entering the UK)

7,186 persons left detention in Q3 of these 4,277 were removed from the UK and 2,909 (40.4%) were released into the community.

Top ten nationalities detained in Q3
Pakistan 1,192     India 975     Bangladesh 499     Nigeria 493
Afghanistan 364     China 257     Vietnam 225     Iran 222
Albania 204     Ghana 183     Jamaica 157

Top ten nationalities detained in Q3
Pakistan 1,192
India 975
Bangladesh 499
Nigeria 493
Afghanistan 364
China 257
Vietnam 225
Iran 222
Albania 204
Ghana 183
Jamaica 157

Top ten nationalities deported in Q3
Pakistan 492
India 553
China 163
Bangladesh 251
Nigeria 180
Albania 141
Afghanistan 137
Vietnam 137
Romania 121
Poland 97

There were 7,267 applications for asylum in Q3

Top ten nationalities claiming asylum in Q3
Pakistan 1,233
Iran 785
Sri Lanka 560
Syria 451
Nigeria 401
Afghanistan 388
India 338
Bangladesh 277
Albania 260
China 217

EDM 786: Rights of the Child [Palestinian children]
That this House notes that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child applies to all children whatever their race or religion and that children have a right to a life that is free from violence, abuse and neglect; acknowledges that settler violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, military incursions, checkpoints, demolitions, forced displacements, deepening poverty and the routine arrest and detention of minors or their family members are making Palestinian children increasingly vulnerable; further notes that they are denied their rights to freedom of movement and an adequate standard of living and health, their horizons are extremely limited especially in Gaza where a new generation is growing up without ever having been beyond the borders of the blockade; calls on the Government to insist that the Israeli government prioritise the well-being of Gaza's children by lifting the blockade to enable free movement in and out of Gaza, including to the West Bank and East Jerusalem; and further notes Israel's obligation under international law as the occupying power that it must ensure the rights of Palestinian children are upheld since urgent action is required to safeguard their health and well-being, now and for future generations.

Sponsors: Corbyn, Jeremy / Bottomley, Peter / Burden, Richard / Kaufman, Gerald / Llwyd, Elfyn / Lucas, Caroline + 11 other MPs
House of Commons: 28/11/2012

Dismantling Racial Justice
The coalition's proposals to restrict judicial review and to abolish measures which safeguard race equality amount to a further assault on migrants, asylum seekers and BME communities, in the guise of promoting economic growth.

Prime minister David Cameron used the unlikely setting of a speech to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) conference on 19 November to outline his government's plans to curtail judicial review. Describing the current economic situation as akin to war, he claimed that judicial reviews clog up the courts and hold up major infrastructure projects. He also promised to sweep away equality impact assessments, and curb consultations and other restrictions on government's ability to act quickly to 'get Britain ahead in the global race'.
Read more: by Frances Webber, IRR, 22nd November 2012
Canada: Private Prison Firms Cash In On Asylum Crackdown
Immigration detention is a growth industry around the world, and some of the biggest private security and prison firms are the beneficiaries. In Canada, increased government use of by immigration detention has refugee lawyers and advocates worried, particularly after the passage of the tough new immigration laws in June.

Serco is one of the biggest players in the immigration detention business worldwide. The company, which provides public services to governments around the world, including Canada – where it runs everything from the Ontario driver's education and licencing program to military bases in Newfoundland and Labrador – has been lobbying Ottawa on the subject of immigration service delivery.
Read more:, Thursday 29 November 2012
EDM 788: UK-Israel Military Relations [UK supplying components]
That this House is dismayed at the recent hostilities in Palestine and Israel; notes that the then Foreign Secretary confirmed that Israeli equipment used in the 2008-09 conflict in Gaza almost certainly contained UK-supplied components (21 April 2009, Official Report, column 8WS); is concerned that this is likely to be the case with Israeli equipment used in November 2012; believes the Government should conduct a thorough assessment of the possible use of UK-supplied equipment by the Israeli Defence Force during the recent conflict in Gaza; and calls on the Government to fundamentally re-examine all military relations between the UK and Israel, including imports from Israeli defence contractors and co-operation through the EU Security Research Programme, until such time that the long-term safety of Palestinian civilians is secured.

Sponsors: / Corbyn, Jeremy / George, Andrew / Godsiff, Roger / Mudie, George/ Williams, Hywel   House of Commons: 28/11/012

G4S 'Corners Market On Detention'
More than half of the Government's contract spending on detention services went to just two firms, G4S and Serco, a report reveals today.

G4S was this month stripped of a key prison contract in the wake of its shambolic handling of Olympic security but the report reveals it won contracts for a third of spending on detention, surveillance, prisoner escort and deportation.

The report, by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, shows that out of £745m spent on contractors by the UK Border Agency and the National Offender Management Service between May 2010 and April 2011, G4S received £229m while £154m – one fifth – went to Serco.
Read more: Terri Judd, Indpendent, 26/11/12

EDM 763: Human Rights Violations In Kachin State, Burma
That this House is alarmed that whilst the world is celebrating the political reforms made in Burma, ethnic violence and persecution carried out by the Burmese military persists, largely unacknowledged, in Kachin State; notes that this includes the targeted killings of civilians, torture and the burning of 1,000 villages, illustrating the severe human rights violations the Kachin people are being subjected to by the Burmese Army; and urges hon. Members to ask the Government to put pressure on the international community to provide much needed humanitarian aid for the Kachin people, to put pressure on the Burmese government to stop attacking Kachin civilians and to allow international humanitarian organisations access in Burma to provide aid and to urge the United Nations to instate a UN envoy in Kachin to monitor and improve this worsening situation.
Sponsors: Sharma, Virendra   House of Commons, 22/11/2012

Sarah Najjuma New Removal Directions This Time by Boat
Sarah is very fearful of being removed to Ireland, because in her own words, 'they want to deport me back to a country which is totally dangerous for me as a lesbian woman and the whole communities and the government are all against and aggressive towards LGBT people. I don't feel safe going back to Ireland or Uganda so now its like I am alone again". As well as her involvement with LGBT groups, Sarah has the support of many friends here whose support is invaluable as she works to overcome her difficult past experiences.
For details of action required go to Sarah's campaign page here . . . .

Demonstrate Against Qatar Air - Stop Them Deporting Christine N
Christine N, (whose resistance to a brutal attempt at deportation sparked the recent protests in Yarls Wood Detention Centre) was taken from the centre at 6am on the 22nd November on the pretext of an interview. She was removed to Colnbrook detention centre and given a deportation order for a flight to Uganda this Tuesday.

It was the actions of the women inside Yarls Wood, the many phone calls, emails and tweets from people outside to the airlines and the home office alongside the actions of Christine herself (determined not to be deported) that stopped her deportation on that occasion.

We now need to act to stop Christine's deportation tomorrow.

At 2:00pm today Monday 26th November there will be a picket outside the London offices of Qatar Air to demand they refuse to fly Christine to a life of abuse.  The picket will be at 1 Cluny Mews, West Kensington, SW5 9EG - get there if you can and tell anyone you know in the area.