General Information - September 2022

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New Home Secretary to Ban all Small Boats Crossing the Channel

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Immigration Detainees in Prisons for Immigration Reasons Unable to Obtain Legal Advice and Representation

British Muslims’ Citizenship Reduced to ‘Second-Class’ Status

Yarl’s Wood IRC: Protest This Saturday 10th September - End the Rwanda Plan

Briefing: Inadmissibility in Asylum Claims After the Nationality and Borders Act 2022

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Creeping Authoritarianism – The Next Threat To Our Civil Liberties

Anti-Racists Rally Against Rwanda Deportations Plan

Experts Condemn UK’s ‘Degrading’ and ‘Discriminatory’ Rwanda Migrant Scheme

UK Rwanda Policy Profound Impact on Health And Wellbeing of Asylum Seekers

Rwanda Deportation Flight Migrants Include Torture Victims

Protests Sunday 4th SeptemberAgainst Deportations to Rwanda

Immigrants/Asylum Seekers Locked In Cells Without Legal Representation

UK Asylum Statistics Year Ending June 2022

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - September 2022

Deteriorated Situations: Ethiopia, Somalia, Somaliland, Sierra Leone, Taiwan Strait, Nagorno-Karabakh, Ecuador, Israel/ Palestine, Syria, Libya.

Tensions soared in the Taiwan Strait as China conducted large-scale live-fire exercises around Taiwan as part of its response to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island.

In Sierra Leone, President Bio accused the political opposition of an insurrection, as deadly protests over the rising cost of living erupted across the country.

Al-Shabaab conducted its first major assault in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu since President Mohamud returned to power, killing over twenty people.

In Israel-Palestine, Israeli forces launched an offensive against the Islamic Jihad faction in Gaza that killed dozens of Palestinians in the worst fighting since May 2021.

In northern Syria, Turkish drone strikes and cross-border attacks on Turkish army sites by Kurdish-led forces fueled a deadly escalation that claimed lives on both sides.

Ecuador’s President Lasso imposed a state of emergency in Guayaquil city after a bombing killed five people. The attack marked a dramatic escalation of violence in a country plagued by rising gang-related crime.

Aside from the scores of conflict situations we usually assess, we tracked notable developments in August in Brazil, Nile Waters, Rwanda and Togo.

Improved Situations: None

Conflict Risk Alerts for September: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya
Ethiopia’s federal and Tigray forces returned to frontline fighting, shattering the March ceasefire. Hostilities could further escalate along multiple fronts, threatening prospects for long-awaited peace talks.

The renewed Tigray conflict risks upending the volatile calm along Eritrea’s border with Ethiopia, where Asmara's troops could engage in fighting with Tigray forces.

In Libya, the worst fighting in years erupted in the capital Tripoli between forces loyal to the two rival governments, raising the prospect of a return to full-blown war.