General Information - November 2022

Just four Afghan Refugees Resettled in UK Since Fall of Kabul

Home Office Ignored Warnings on Diphtheria Weeks Before Manston Outbreak

‘Fundamentally Flawed’ Proposal to Discriminate Against Albanian Migrants

Should the Home Office be Abolished?

Appeal From the Special Immigration Appeals Commission Must be Heard in England

Procedural Errors Should be Remitted Back to the Same Court!

Home Office Research Report on Why Asylum Seekers Come to the UK

Strategic Litigation: More Harm Than Good?

Calendar of Racism and Resistance Monday 22nd November to Sunday 27th November

Government Responds to Joint Letter on the Rights of Modern Slavery Victims

More Than 50,000 Migrants 'Die In Search of a Better Life'

Manston Detention Facility Emptied After Legal Action Against Home Secretary

Racist Home Office Contractor Mitie Banks Millions in Profits

Only 8% Of Deportation Appeals Allowed on Human Rights Ground Only

Petition - Protect our NHS. Tell Rishi Sunak No More Cuts

Home Office “Failure of Governance” In Migrant Phone Seizure Litigation

Reducing Distress When Working With Children in the Asylum Process

ECHR Orders Belgium to House Homeless Asylum Seekers

Asylum Seekers Backlog Reaches 122,206 - Hundreds Waiting Over 5 Years

Asylum Seeker In SERCO Run Hotel On 12th Day Of Hunger Strike - (14th November)

Asylum Briefing: Representing Palestinian Refugees

(There is no independent state of Palestine and therefore no such thing, in legal terms, as Palestinian nationality.)

Home Office Guidance on Refugee Family Reunion Applications Unlawful

Failed Asylum Seeker’s False Identity Conviction Quashed

Asylum Seekers Surviving on ‘One Meal a Day’ as Cost of Living Spirals

A Year On: Only 4% of People Seeking Asylum Have Received a Decision

UK Pinching 1 in 4 of its Nurses From Countries With Desperate Shortages

UK People Seeking Asylum Forced to Live on £8.24 a Week

Abdul Mateen Omar Ali - Immigration Detention Was Unlawful

Crisis In Legal Aid Provision Leaving Asylum Seekers in LImbo

Understanding the Home Office’s Problem With Asylum Decisions

Record High Referrals for Potential Victims of Modern Slavery

Abdul Mateen Omar Ali - Immigration Detention Was Unlawful

Stronger Action Needed to End ‘Legal Limbo’ of Statelessness

Priti Patel Warned of Security Risks Before Attack on Asylum Centre

Unnoticed Expansion of Electronic Surveillance in UK Immigration Control

Deadly Border Policies - 5,684 Deaths - January 2021 to September 2022

EDM 512: Proposed Re-Opening of Haslar and Campsfield IRC’s

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - November 2022

Deteriorated Situations: Syria, Djibouti, Myanma,r Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Chad, Ukraine.

Conflict Risk Alerts November: Pakistan, Yemen, Somaliland Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s federal and Tigray leaders met in South Africa for urgent peace talks. Absent an immediate cessation of hostilities; military offensives could result in mass atrocities against Tigray’s civilians in the coming weeks.

The postponement of Somaliland’s presidential election risks turning a months-long dispute over the electoral calendar into a broader crisis as the opposition has vowed it will not recognise incumbent President Bihi after 13 November.

Political tensions escalated in Pakistan as former Prime Minister Imran Khan began a protest march set to reach the capital Islamabad in early November, which could lead to further violent unrest.

In Yemen, the UN-mediated truce remained stuck in limbo after warring parties failed to agree to an extension, raising the risk of Huthi regional attacks and a return to front-line fighting.

Serious Conflicts throughout October

Intercommunal clashes erupted in Sudan’s Blue Nile state, killing hundreds and forcing thousands more to flee.

In Chad, authorities violently repressed countrywide protests against the extension of the transition period to civilian rule, leaving at least 60 dead and hundreds more injured.

Resistance forces in Myanmar staged deadly attacks on the regime, which clashed heavily with the Arakan Army in Rakhine State and Karen armed groups in the country’s southeast.

Russia stepped up its offensive in Ukraine by launching a series of strikes on cities and civilian infrastructure, which appear aimed at worsening living conditions as winter approaches.

In Syria’s northwest, Hei’at Tahrir al-Sham’s (HTS) advance into areas under the control of Türkiye-backed groups led to deadly clashes, upsetting the fragile status quo and risking a broader escalatory cycle of violence.

 Resolution Opportunities for November: None 

Source: International Crisis Group: