General Information March 2023

Victory for Migrants as Judge Rules Immigration Exemption Incompatible With GDPR

Borders Inspector “Frustrated” by Lack of Action From Home Office

Black Children Six Times More Likely to be Strip-Searched Than White Peers

Braverman’s *Refoulment of Asylum Seekers from the UK Will it be a 'Cash Cow' for Rwanda

Child Poverty Rises by 350,000 to 4.2 Million

UN International Day of Remembrance - Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Asylum Seekers Housed In Accommodation Centres and Hotels Face De Facto Immigration Detention

Government Could Spend Over £9bn in Three Years to Tackle Channel Crossings

Draconian’ Migration Bill Could Leave Tens of Thousands Destitute or Locked Up

UK: Record Backlog of Over 160,000 Asylum Seekers Awaiting a Decision

Effects of Framing and Question Wording in Survey Research

Does the UK’s Illegal Migration Bill Breach the Refugee Convention?

No Recourse to Public Funds Policy Found Unlawful (Again)

Afghans in Hiding Can Come to UK – But Only if the Taliban Approves

Asylum Seekers Granted Permission to Appeal Rwanda Deportation

UK Charter Deportations: A Balance Sheet

UNHCR Profoundly Concerned by UK Asylum Bill

All Families Matter: An Inquiry Into Family Migration

High Court Considers How the Loss of Work May Engage Article 8

Legal Challenges Against GPS Tagging for People on Immigration Bail

Support all Asylum Seekers/Migrants: Resist Racism March and Rally London 18th March

‘Disregarding International Law is One Thing Ditching Democratic Rights Quite Another’

Home Office Criticised for not Protecting Victims of Modern Slavery

UK’s Migrant Ban Will Trigger ‘Race to the Bottom’ on Human Rights

Trade Unions Unite in Solidarity With Refugees

Migrants on UK 10-Year Residency Route Struggle to Afford Food

1) Britannia Enchained: Policing Migration & Britishness

2) Britannia Enchained: Policing Racialised Communities

3) Britannia Enchained: Policing Protest, Education and Speech

4) Britannia Enchained: Policing Workers and Human Rights

Home Office’s Ineffective Performance in Family Reunions 

Asylum Seekers Expected to Complete Complex Questionnaire In English In 20 Days

Enough Food Produced: So Why are People Going Hungry?

UK Immigration Rules and Policies do not Respect the Right For Families to be Together

Upper Tribunal’s Refusal to Recognise Applicant’s Claim - Quashed

Mueen-Uddin (Appellant) v Secretary of State for the Home Department

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - March 2023

Improved Situations: None

Deteriorated Situations: Sri Lanka, Democratic Republic of Congo, Moldova, Tunisia, Togo, Somaliland , Burkina Faso, Israel/Palestine

Burkina Faso: Back-to-back jihadist attacks in Burkina Faso left scores of military personnel dead; similar large-scale attacks in the past contributed to the ouster of former Presidents Kaboré and Damiba.

Togo: Al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadists launched their deadliest attack in Togo to date, killing dozens of civilians and indicating that the group has durably implanted itself in the country’s north.

Israel-Palestine: Violence soared in the West Bank as Israeli forces conducted their deadliest raid in years, Israeli settlers rampaged the town of Hawara and Palestinians staged attacks, leaving dozens of Palestinians and seven Israelis dead.

Tunisia: President Saïed’s comments drawing links between migrants and criminality unleashed a wave of violence against sub-Saharan Africans, while authorities carried out the farthest-reaching arrest campaign in decades targeting opposition figures.

Sri Lanka: Tensions spiked after the government claimed a funding shortfall, forcing the election commission to indefinitely postpone local polls scheduled for March. Police cracked down on pro-election protests, killing an opposition politician.

Moldova/Russia: Relations between Moldova and Russia sharply deteriorated amid allegations of Russian plans to topple the pro-European government in Chișinău, Russia’s accusations of provocation in the breakaway region Transnistria and its violation of Moldova’s airspace.

Aside from the conflict situations we usually cover, we tracked notable developments in Benin and Indonesia.

Conflict Risk Alerts for March: Somaliland: Deadly clashes erupted between Somaliland forces and local militias in Las Anod, the administrative capital of the contested Sool region. Violence could escalate further if fighting spreads beyond Las Anod or draws in other actors.

CrisisWatch Global Conflict Tracker, a tool designed to help decision-makers prevent deadly violence by keeping them up-to-date with developments in over 70 conflicts and crises, identifying trends and alerting them to risks of escalation and opportunities to advance peace.

Source: International Crisis Group,