General Information - June 2022

UK Humanitarian Protection Has Now Been Downgraded

Briefing: What Rights do Refugees Have Under the Refugee Convention?

Briefing: the Real State of the UK Asylum System

Nine in 10 People Refused Asylum in 2020 Free to Remain in UK

Protests Across Spain After Massacre of Migrants in Melilla

107 Vulnerable Asylum Seekers Have Died In Home Office Housing Since 2020

Home Office Plans to Tackle Backlog of 89,000 Asylum Cases

Whether Income is “Lawfully Derived” to be Assessed Case by Case

Factors to Consider in EU Law Shared Household Cases

Judge Takes “Points Based System” a Bit Too Literally

Can EU Citizens Get Compensation for Comprehensive Sickness Insurance?

Second Legal Challenge to Immigration Exemption in Data Protection Act 2018

Home Office’s NRPF Policy Found Unlawful For The Third Time In as Many Years

What is the Legal Definition of a “Refugee”?

Supreme Court Allows Foreign Criminal Deportation Case

Afghan Resettlement Schemes Belatedly Due to Launch

Foreign Convictions in Deportation Appeals

Despite All Her Efforts Priti Patil Failed to Deport Anyone to Rwanda

Prime Minister’s Attacks on Immigration Lawyers are Misleading and Dangerous

CoA Confirms Zambrano Applications Must be Based on Facts, Not Assumptions

Still No Movement on Unlawful Entry Clearance Fees

Unions Call For Delay to Rwanda Policy Until Legal Position Fully Tested

200 Protesters Block Immigration Officers’ Van

We Are With You’: Dozens Protest Outside IRC Against Rwanda Deportation Plan

How to Respond to Rwanda Removal Notices

10,000 People Have Crossed the Channel in Small Boats So Far This Year

10 Years of a Hostile Environment for Migrants: It’s Time to Change!

Feeling Suicidal in Immigration Detention - Get a Haircut or Play an Instrument
A suicidal detainee in immigration detention has been told by the Detention Centre Management that they are unable to provide counselling and instead given the detainee a trauma handout pack in English (a language he cannot understand). Suggestions include ‘try a new haircut’ and ‘play an instrument.’ 

You Cannot Enter/Remain in the UK - if You Owe Money to the NHS

Hungary: Confinement of Iraqi Family, Including Four Children - Violation of Articles 3/4 and 5

Anger as Protesters Who Blocked UK Immigration Raid Face Day in Court

Online Petition: Drop Charges Against Kenmure Street 3

Home Office Threatens Hunger Strikers With ‘Expedited’ Deportation to Rwanda

Hungary: Use of Handcuffs and Leash on Asylum Seeker - Violation of Articles 3 & 5

World’s Ten Most Neglected Crises Are All In Africa

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - June 2022

Deteriorated Situations -  Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Togo, Tajikistan, Egypt, Libya

Conflict Risk Alerts for June - Korean Peninsula, Ukraine, Colombia, Yemen

Improved Situations: Somalia

Resolution Opportunities: Yemen

Global Overview

As North Korea continued its provocative missile launches, the U.S. and South Korea issued warnings about the possibility of a nuclear test in the coming weeks, which would be the country’s first since 2017 and seventh to date.

Hostilities could further intensify and spread in Ukraine’s east as Russian forces seek to capture more towns and cities, fuelling yet more displacement.

Colombia’s tight presidential run-off pitting leftist candidate Gustavo Petro and conservative Rodolfo Hernández could fuel post-electoral violence following voting day on 19 June.

The April truce agreed between Yemen’s warring parties largely held as Sanaa airport opened for its first commercial flight in six years. Yet, if the UN fails to extend the deal, set to expire on 2 June, hostilities could resume.

Source: International Crisis Group