General Information - July 2022

Child Refugees 'Disappear' Under Home Office Watch

Supreme Court Pronounces on “Unduly Harsh” Deportation Test, Again

Human Trafficking Case Correctly Handled With “Anxious Scrutiny”

How Accurate are EU Settlement Scheme Decisions?

Ministers Knew About UK Passport Helpline Firm’s Poor Performance a Year Ago

Home Office Pressured Inspector to Soften Damning Report on Channel Crossings

Home Office Operated 63 Deportation Charter Flights in Last Calender Year

Migrant Crisis: Border Force Actions Made it Worse - Report

£17,500 Awarded for 40 Days of Unlawful Immigration Detention During the Pandemic

GPS Tagging of Foreign Offenders “Not Yet Achieving Its Aims”

UK’s ‘Quick-Fix’ Asylum Policies Criticised in Damning MPs’ Report

Guidance to Identify Support Victims/Potential Victims of Trafficking In Prison

Stop the Rwanda Deportation Flights – Weekend of Action, 16-17 July

Priti Patel’s Plan to End Channel Crossings in Disarray

ECtHR: Investigation into Sinking of a Migrant Boat With 11 Deaths - Greece Violated Articles 2 & 3

Home Office to Offer Extensions to People Denied Settlement

Low-Paid Minority Ethnic Workers In Health And Social Care Report Unfair Treatment

Detained Migrants Are Workers. They Belong in the Trade Union Movement

Victory For Domestic Workers in UK Supreme Court

What is the Difference Between Refugee Status and Humanitarian Protection?

Do Political Beliefs Need to be Genuinely Held to get Asylum?

Report Condemns Life in the UK Test as a “Random Selection of Obscure Facts”

Detailed Policy on Differential Treatment of Refugees Announced

Nationality and Borders Act 2022: Implementation

UK Humanitarian Protection Has Now Been Downgraded

Briefing: What Rights do Refugees Have Under the Refugee Convention?

Briefing: the Real State of the UK Asylum System

Nine in 10 People Refused Asylum in 2020 Free to Remain in UK

Conditions at Napier Barracks Improve But Bedrooms Still Grim

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - July 2022

Deteriorated Situations: Mali, Ethiopia, Somalila, Mozambique, India, Ecuador

Violence skyrocketed in Mali, leaving hundreds killed as jihadist groups launched multiple attacks and engaged in intense fighting with security forces, notably in central regions.

In Mozambique, Islamist insurgents advanced into the southern districts of Cabo Delgado province, launching attacks in areas previously unaffected by the nearly five-year old insurgency.

After leaders from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party made derogatory comments about Prophet Muhammad, tensions rose as thousands took to the streets across India.

Anti-government protests demanding lower fuel prices and limits to the expansion of extractive industries turned violent in Ecuador as demonstrators clashed with security forces.

Source: International Crisis Group