General Information Janaury 2023

IRR Calendar of Racism and Resistance (17 – 31 January 2022)

Reform The Immigration System: Shorten Key Immigration Routes

Maternity Care for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Undocumented Migrants

Ethiopia’s Forgotten War Deadliest of the 21st Century 600,000 Civilian Deaths

Windrush Report: Suella Braverman Scraps Three Recommendations

Identifying Litigation Friends for Vulnerable Migrants

Safe and Legal’ Routes to the UK For Asylum Seekers, Refugees Seeking Protection

Asylum-Seeking Children Kidnapped and Trafficked From Home Office Hotels

Israel Deepens Palestinians’ Isolation

Time for the UK to Change its Stance on Asylum Seekers Working?

Permission Needs to be Properly Sought For Video Link Evidence From Abroad

Common Cross-Cultural Pitfalls With Young Clients Seeking Asylum

Major Victory for Immigrant Workers in the US

Asylum in the European Courts: a Case Round-Up

Deaths of Migrants in IIlegal Detention Centre in Croatia - Violation of Article 2

Lawfulness of Rwanda Policy Goes to Court Of Appeal

Breaking the Silence: 10 Most Under-Reported Humanitarian Crises of 2022

Process For Identifying Vulnerable Adults at Risk In Immigration Detention Ineffective

Human Rights Watch Issues Damning Verdict for UK

Campaign for Human Rights Defender Family Seeking Asylum

Unreliable Age Tests on Asylum Seekers May Leave Children ‘Frightened and Unsafe’

Trade Union Congress (TUC) Launch Anti Racist Network

A Practical Guide to Hope in 2023

Operation Warm Welcome Cools: 9,000 Afghans Still Not Settled

Home Secretary Ordered to Increase Asylum Support Rates Immediately

US Asylum Absurdity

The Misguided Allure of Deterrence Policy

Migrants With No Recourse to Public Funds Unable to Afford A Healthy Diet

Number of People Facing Extreme Hunger Up More Than 50% in 3 Years

Social Media and the Duty of Candour in Age Assessment Proceedings

High Court Finds EU Settlement Scheme Breaches the Withdrawal Agreement

UK Agricultural Sector Would "Collapse" Without Migrant Workers

Celebrating Women Fighting For Their Rights - 2022 Year In Review

Mining Democratic Republic of Congo: Illicit Use of Child Labour

Number of People Facing Extreme Hunger Up More Than 50% In 3 Years

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - January 2023

Deteriorated Situations: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Somaliland, South Sudan, Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict, Bolivia, Peru

Improved Situations: Eritrea, Sudan, Niger,

Outlook for This Month January 2023 - Conflict Risk Alerts None - Resolution Opportunities None

Deteriorations in December.

Taliban authorities in Afghanistan banned women from attending university and working in NGOs, disrupting one of the world’s largest humanitarian responses as tens of millions struggle to survive amid economic hardship and a severe winter.

Fears of a looming humanitarian crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh grew after Azerbaijan-backed protesters began blocking the Lachin corridor, a vital transport link connecting Armenia with the enclave.

In the first clash in two-and-a-half years, Indian and Chinese soldiers fought hand-to-hand along the disputed Line of Actual Control, injuring dozens.

In Peru, a failed attempt to dissolve Congress ended the brief presidency of Pedro Castillo, prompting widespread protests that turned deadly amid a fierce security crackdown.

Fighting wreaked havoc in South Sudan’s Upper Nile state while violence perpetrated by armed youth killed dozens and displaced thousands in Jonglei state.

In Somaliland, clashes between security forces and protesters left at least 20 people dead in a contested area near Somalia’s Puntland region.