General Information - December 2022

Rishi Sunak Announces New New Plan For Asylum

Home Office Bank Account Closure Plan Causing Havoc

Immigration Home Office Discrimination Against Palestinian Refugees

Home Secretary Required To Immediately Increase Rate Of Support For Asylum Seekers

High Court Rules Rwanda Plan Is Lawful

Win for Pre-Settled Status Holders Accessing Benefits

UN Experts Condemn Record Year of Israeli Violence in the Occupied West Bank

Ministers Accused of Unlawfully Denying Afghan Journalists UK Visas

Only 0.3% Of Channel Migrants ‘Arrive Illegally’

Significant Regression in UK’s Protection of Rights of Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Trafficking Victim Wins Landmark Victory In Salvation Army Data Case

A Guide to Making Fresh Claims

54 Week Waiting Time For Asylum Appeals And 26,000 Cases Outstanding

Country Policy and Information Note on blood feuds in Albania

Human Rights Damages Can be Awarded For Judicial Findings

Female genital mutilation (FGM): Bad-Faith Actors and Unintended Consequences

UNHCR Expresses Concern Over Home Secretary-Backed Asylum Report

What is the Duty of Candour? and to Whom Does it Apply?

Persons With Disabilities Risk Dying 20 Years Earlier Than Those With Out

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - December 2022

New EU Migration Plan, Human Rights Violations Will Remain the Same!

Evacuated Afghan Families Win Permission to Challenge Home Office

Special Advocates Acting in Closed Hearings Require More Support

Home Office Ignored Warnings on Diphtheria Weeks Before Manston Outbreak

Just four Afghan Refugees Resettled in UK Since Fall of Kabul

Frontex, Pushbacks and the Failure to Protect the Right to Claim Asylum in Greece

Persons With Disabilities Risk Dying 20 Years Earlier Than Those With Out

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - December 2022

Deteriorated Situations: Eswatini, Türkiye, Pakistan Ecuador, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon

Conflict Risk Alerts Yemen, Syria
In Yemen, back-channel talks between the Huthis and Saudi Arabia could lead to a deal, albeit one that excludes the government and UN special envoy. Front-line skirmishes and Huthi threats against energy facilities could portend further escalation, including a high-profile regional attack.

Türkiye intensified strikes against Kurdish-led forces in Syria after the deadly Istanbul bombing, threatening a ground offensive in the north that would risk large-scale displacement, civilian casualties and an escalatory cycle of violence.

Serious Conflicts throughout November

Pakistan: Political instability intensified as former Prime Minister Imran Khan blamed the government and intelligence officials for a botched assassination attempt and announced his party’s resignation from provincial legislatures.

Israel-Palestine, dual bus stop bombings rocked Jerusalem as Israel conducted scores of raids in the West Bank, killing at least eighteen Palestinians. Israel’s incoming far-right government could adopt even more destabilising policies.

Ecuador: Violence surged in coastal cities as criminal gangs attacked security forces in response to mass prisoner transfers, prompting a state of emergency in three provinces.

Eswatini: Suspected members of a pro-democracy militant group in launched attacks on officials and public buildings across the country, leaving several dead.

Resolution Opportunities for December: None

Source: International Crisis Group: