General Information - September 2021

Priti Patel Resisting Calls to Let Asylum Seekers Work

Prohibition on Making Asylum Claims in UK Territorial Waters

Rough Sleeping Support Service - Aiding Deportation

Young Asylum Seeker Must be Reunited With Brothers in the UK

Tories House Hundreds of Asylum Seekers in ‘Unsafe’ South London Building

Prohibition on Making Asylum Claims in UK Territorial Waters

Home Office Admits That Their Immigration Plan Might Not Work

Rough Sleeping Support Service - Aiding Deportation

Some Afghan Refugees to be Housed in UK Hotels for Months

UNHCR Priti Patel’s Asylum Plan Will Break International Law

Court Rules: Young Traumatised Asylum Seeker Must be Reunited With Brothers in the UK

UK: Biometric 'Permission to Travel' Scheme - A Danger to ‘Freemovement’

In the Footsteps of Sir Francis Drake - Home Office Plans to Rule the Waves

NHS Trusts Wrongly Billing Vulnerable Migrants for Maternity Care

SIAC Quashes Decision to Refuse British Citizenship Based on Secret Evidence

Return of Ouster Clause in Nationality and Borders Bill

Councils Launch Legal Action Against Home Office Over ‘Unfair’ Asylum Dispersal System

New Statement Of Changes to the Immigration Rules: HC 617

Can Children be Deported from the UK?

After Deprivation of Citizenship Comes Months or Years in Limbo

Asylum Backlog Reaches Over 70,000 Despite a Decline In Claims

More Concerns Over Use of Former Barracks as Asylum Accommodation

Priti Patel to Send Boats Carrying Migrants to UK Back Across Channel

No Recourse to Public Funds ’System for ‘Immigrants’ No Longer Fit For Purpose

How Do Criminal Convictions Affect Applications Under the EU Settlement Scheme?

Labour Councils House Eight Times as Many Asylum Seekers as Tory Areas

Evidence of Physical and/or Mental Health Issues in Asylum Claims

New Home Office Procedure for Family Asylum Claims

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - September 2021

Deteriorated Situations: Burkina Faso, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Tunisia.

The Taliban retook control of Afghanistan, ending the two-decade-long U.S. occupation. The Islamic State’s Afghan affiliate claimed a devastating attack that killed 13 U.S. soldiers and as many as 200 Afghans seeking to flee the country. In Lebanon, the Central Bank’s decision to cut subsidies exacerbated the economic crisis, increasing hardship and shortages that led to pockets of violent unrest. Tunisia’s political crisis deepened further as President Saïed consolidated his power grab by indefinitely extending the suspension of parliament. Jihadists in Burkina Faso stepped up attacks, inflicting the heaviest monthly death toll on the military since 2019 and killing scores of civilians. In South Sudan, a split within Vice President Riek Machar’s movement sparked deadly clashes between rival factions, which could further weaken the fragile peace process.

Conflict Risk Alerts: None

Resolution Opportunities: None

Improved Situations: Mozambique, Zambia, Venezuela
Venezuela’s government and opposition held talks for the first time since 2019, and in a major strategic shift, the opposition announced their participation in the November elections, ending the three-year boycott. Islamist militants suffered a major setback after Mozambican and Rwandan forces regained strategic locations in Mozambique’s far north. Despite heightened political tensions in the lead-up to the 12 August presidential election, Zambia witnessed a peaceful transfer of power.

Aside from the 70+ conflict situations we regularly assess, we tracked notable developments in: Brazil, Djibouti, Guatemala and the United Arab Emirates.

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