General Information - October 2021

Confirmed: Home Office Can Ignore Human Rights Claims

Can an Immigration Decision be Put on Ice During a Criminal Investigation?

Supreme Court Rules - Government Must Obey Court Orders Even if Invalid

How Does the Home Office Assess Sexual Identity in Asylum Claims?

Trafficked Asylum Seekers Must be Given Permission to Stay

What are Children’s Rights to Apply to Remain After Seven Years’ Residence?

National Security Court Backs Refugee in Secret Ruling

EU Law Precludes a Member State From Declaring an Application for Protection Inadmissible

When the Applicant Already Has Refugee Status Granted In Another Member State

UK Threatens to Suspend Visas For Countries ‘Not Cooperating’ With Deportation

Priti Patel to Give Immunity to Border Force Officials Turning Back Migrant Boats

Nationality and Borders Bill Biggest Ever Legal Assault On Refugee Law

Plans to Hand Over NHS Data to Police Sparks Warning From Government Adviser

High Court Rules Trafficking Victims Can Stay in UK

Who Can be Sent Back to Afghanistan?

Yet Again - Asylum Seeker Right to Work Policy Declared Unlawful

Home Office Admits Their Latest Immigration Plan Might Not Work

UK Home Office Work Policy For Asylum Seekers Unlawful

France: Degrading Treatment of Migrants Around Calais

If My Child Is British, Can I Stay in the UK?

UK: Migrants Reaching Dover Spend First Night in Unsafe Conditions

Home Office Decision Not to Fund Asylum Seekers Phone Calls Ruled Unlawful

180-Day Absence Rule Doesn’t Apply to People With a Spouse or Partner Visa

Immigration Checks Within the Common Travel Area

Crimes of Arrival in the Nationality and Borders Bill

EU Law Precludes a Member State From Declaring an Application for Protection Inadmissible When the Applicant Already Has Refugee Status Granted In Another Member State

Crisis Watch Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - October 2021

September 2021 Situations Deteriorated in:
Burundi, Somalia, Sudan, Guinea, Yemen, Libya

Conflict Risk Alerts for October - Cameroon, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen
A tense power struggle between Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi “Farmajo” and Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble could further strain the fragile electoral progress, and trigger violence in the capital Mogadishu. The war in Yemen could again take a turn for the worse as the Huthis will likely intensify their offensive in the country’s north, and especially in the governorates of Marib, Shabwa and Abyan. Tensions will run high in Cameroon as Anglophone separatists and government forces could clash violently around Ambazonia Independence Day on 1 October. In Sudan, an attempted coup heightened tensions between the civilian and military components of the transitional authorities, putting at stake the government’s unity.

Crisis Watch monthly conflict tracker highlights deteriorations in six countries in September.

Political tensions rose in Libya after the parliament unilaterally issued a presidential election law and withdrew confidence from the government, dimming prospects of elections later this year. In Guinea, a military coup ousted President Alpha Condé, who had been in power for over a decade, ushering in a period of great uncertainty. A series of grenade attacks in Burundi, notably in the capital Gitega and in Bujumbura city, killed several people and injured over a hundred. We also noted an improvement in Lebanon, where the formation of a new government ended a thirteen-month period with caretaker authorities. Aside from the 70+ conflict situations we regularly assess, we tracked notable developments in: Brazil, Eswatini, Indonesia and Montenegro.

Resolution Opportunities for October - None

Source: Crisis Watch September 2021,