General Information - November 2021

Nationality and Borders Bill Disproportionately Disadvantages Women Seeking Asylum

Highest Number of Asylum Applications Since 2003

EU Law Still Applies In legacy Appeals Under the EEA Regulations

Meaning of “Admissible” in Statelessness Cases

Freedom From Violence Against Women

Net Migration Falls 88% - Asylum Claims Increase 18%

Pursuit of Racial Justice and the Limits of the Law

Net Migration Falls 88% - Asylum Claims Increase 18%

Nine Problems With the Asylum System that Priti Patel Can’t Blame on Anyone Else

Home Office ‘Covering Up’ its Own Study of Why Refugees Come to the UK

One Month a Reasonable Time to Source Bail Accommodation During Pandemic

Home Office Only Able to Remove Just Five Channel Boat People Since Brexit

Home Office: Ethical Decision-Making

Upper Tribunal Reminds Everyone: UT is Not the Place for New Evidence

Informing the Struggle for Immigration Justice

US Woman Who Has Lived in UK for 53 Years Wins Deportation Appeal

Liars Can Still be Genuine Trafficking Victims

Stuck in Limbo Between Poland and Belarus

Conflict, Violence, Climate Change Drove Displacement of More Than 84 Million in First Half of 2021

UK Home Office - “Early Settlement Concession” for 18 to 24 year-olds

Most Detainees Taken Off Deportation Flight List to Jamaica After Activists Block Road

Stop the Mass Deportation to Jamaica – Wednesday 10th November

Immigration Officers Contributed to Asylum Seekers Death

Government no Longer Keeping Proper Track Of 70,000 Immigration Offenders

Unanimous Acquittal Of Vulnerable asylum seeker on Class A drug trafficking charges

Extradition To Russia Discharged as an Abuse of the Process of Tthe Court

Extradition to Moldova Halted: Appalling Prison Conditions Result In Blanket Discharge

Indian Extradition Request For Murder Refused

Suicide Risk Bars Extradition to Romania

Early Settlement Concession For Young People Living Half Their Lives in the UK

Litigating to End Statelessness

Claiming Humanitarian Protection in Medical Treatment Cases

Challenge to Automatic British Citizenship for Northern Irish People Thrown Out

Restricted Leave and Russian Justice: When is Refusing ILR Irrational?

Progress stalls on vulnerable immigration detainees 

Immigration Act at 50: is it still up to the job? 

 Briefing: what is section 3C leave?

 Restricted leave and Russian justice: when is refusing ILR irrational?

 Early settlement concession for young people living half their lives in the UK

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - November 2021

Situations Deteriorated in: Mali, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haiti, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen

Resolution Opportunities - None

Conflict Risk Alerts for November - Ethiopia, Sudan, Nicaragua, Yemen

Ethiopia: Tigray forces could advance on the Djibouti corridor or launch an assault on Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, with further devastating consequences for the country's stability and communal relations.

Sudan: Deadly crackdowns on tens of thousands of protesters opposing the military coup could foment splits in the military and lead to a violent escalation.

Yemen: A battle for Yemen’s Marib city looms after the Huthis made breakthroughs in the last contiguous bloc of territory held by government-aligned forces.

Nicaragua: Amid stifling of dissent, President Ortega’s controversial bid for a fourth term in Nicaragua’s general election on 7 November could fuel further political instability and isolation.

Source: International Crisis Group,