General Information - December 2021

Immigration Rules Change for Migrants with Skills the UK Needs

Asylum Seekers Subjected to ‘Dangerous’ Use Of Force by Guards at Brook House IRC

Court of Appeal Overturns Asylum Seeker Convictions

Government Told to Let Asylum Seekers Work in the UK

Court of Appeal Overturns Asylum Seeker Convictions

Refugee Convention is Dead: Let’s Bury it and Start Again

Windrush: High Court Rules Claimants’ Human Rights Breached by Home Office

New Guidance on Obstructing an Immigration Officer

Trafficking Victims Entitled to Back Payments After Court Ruling

People With Disabilities Invisible in Asylum Information

Experts Tell Home Office: Put up or Shut up About “Pull Factors”

New Guidance on Obstructing an Immigration Officer

Institute of Race Relaions - Calender of Racism & Resistance

Home Office Facing Legal Action Over Rights of 2.5 Million EU Nationals

Napier Barracks and Penally Camp Unfit for Asylum Accommodation

UK Policies on Granting Refugee Status Rely Too Much On Statistics

Man Who Never Left UK Avoids Deportation After Seven-Year Legal Battle

NHS Charging: Basing Treatment Decisions on Immigration Status lawful

Government Refuses to Relax Asylum Seeker Right To Work Rules

Four-Year Maximum Sentences For Visa Overstayers

Law Reform Body Rejects Calls to Make ‘Misogyny’ a Hate Crime

Reality of Theresa May’s Hostile Environment is the Horror of Brook House’

Ban That Prevents Asylum Seekers From Working to Remain

Harm Caused by the ‘No Recourse’ to Public Funds Policy (NRPF)

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, And Santa Was Filling in UK Border Forms

Effect of Deportation on Children: Imran Case Reversed

Inspector Reveals Broken Promises on Free Visa Appointments

Inflexible Biometrics Policy for Refugee Family Reunion Declared Unlawful

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - December 2021

Deteriorated Situations - Burkina, Faso - Democratic, Republic of Congo - Uganda - Somalia - Bangladesh - Solomon Islands - Armenia - Azerbaijan - Belarus - El Salvador - Nicaragua - Western Sahara

Conflict Risk Alerts for December 2021 - Ukraine, Yemen, Libya

Improved Situations - none / Resolution Opportunities - none

Russia’s military build-up along Ukraine’s border increased domestic and international concerns about a potential invasion and renewed armed conflict in the east. - Fighting erupted between Armenia and Azerbaijan along their international border, killing at least a dozen soldiers on both sides. - In El Salvador, President Bukele deployed the military in response to a surge in gang-related violence, while relations with the U.S. deteriorated further. - Tensions escalated in Western Sahara after Algeria and the Polisario Front independence movement accused Morocco of killing civilians in possible drone attacks. - Jihadists in Burkina Faso launched the deadliest attack on security forces since 2015. - Tensions between Belarus and Western governments intensified as Minsk fomented a migration crisis with thousands seeking entry into the EU stranded at the Polish border amid dire humanitarian conditions. - In the Solomon Islands, an anti-government protest in the capital Honiara degenerated into days of unrest that killed at least three people. - Rival forces in Libya could mobilise around the 24 December polls amid a lack of consensus on the electoral framework and disputes over some presidential candidates’ eligibility. - Huthis could attack or lay siege to Yemen’s Marib city after the group tightened its grip in surrounding areas and Saudi-led coalition-aligned troops withdrew from the Red Sea coast.

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