General information - August 2021

Deportation and Voluntary Departure From the UK

Asylum Backlog Passes 70,000

Shortage Occupation List Review in 2022 is too late

Immigration Statistics - Year Ending June 2021

Home Office Urged to Concede Afghan Tribunal Appeals

Extensive Update: Criminal Convictions and Immigration Applications

Confirmed: Dependency for Extended Family Members Must be Unbroken

New Home Office Policy: Medical Evidence in Asylum Claims

Offshore Processing Doesn’t Stop the Boats, Australian Experts Warn

Switching Immigration Category While Present in the UK

Home Office Did Not Carry Out Safety Checks on Hotel Where Afghan Boy Died

Afghan Asylum Seekers Who Enter UK Without Permission Would be Criminalised Under Nationality and Borders Bill

Afghan Resettlement Scheme - Immediate Status Now for Those Afghans Already Here

UK Proposal for Offshore Processing of Asylum Seekers, Ineffective, Costly and Cruel

Court of Appeal Lays Down Hyper-Strict Approach to EU Asylum Claims

AM (Zimbabwe) Test Now Applies to Destitution Too

Criminal Convictions and Immigration Applications

Cost Per Deportee Surges 200% Under Home Office’s ‘Incompetent’ Flight Removal Policy

UK Deportation Flight to Jamaica Leaves With Just Seven People on Board

Passports Can be Issued to British Children Abroad Without Abusive Father’s Consent

Dependent Children to be Treated as Having Made Their Own Asylum Claim

Upper Tribunal Forced to U-Turn on “New Matters” Appeal Loophole

Support Don’t Deport - Foreign Nationl Rough Sleepers

Home Office Records 70 Racist Incidents by Far Right at Asylum Accommodation

Home Secretary Priti Patel Coughs up £35,000 Damages

Home Office Failed To Put in Place System to Protect Detainees With HIV

No-Notice Citizenship Deprivation Ruled Unlawful

Supreme Court Upholds Home Office Age Assessment Policy

Home Office set Up Fake Website to Deter Asylum Seekers

Home Office Failed to Put in Place System to Protect Detainees With HIV

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - August 2021

Deteriorated Situations: Ethiopia, South Africa, Zambia, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Cuba, Haiti, Syria, Tunisia

Conflict Risk Alerts: Ethiopia, Zambia, Armenia, Azerbaijan
Ethiopia’s spreading Tigray war is spiraling into a dangerous new phase, which will likely lead to more deadly violence and far greater instability countrywide. Fighting along the state border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the deadliest since the Autumn 2020 war, could escalate further. More violence could surge in Zambia as tensions between ruling party and opposition supporters are running high ahead of the August general elections.

Resolution Opportunities: None

Source: International Crisis Group