General information - April 2021

Stripping Someone of Refugee Status Doesn’t Mean They Can be Deported

Home Office Can’t Just Ignore Human Rights Issues Even If There Is No Asylum Claim

Exceptions to Rules Stopping Asylum Seekers Working

Yet Again - Rounding-up Rough Sleeping Migrants

EU Countries Rule Out Bilateral Asylum Deals In Blow To Priti Patel’s Immigration Plans

Grant an Urgent Amnesty to Undocumented Migrants Living in the UK

Prosecuting Individual Police Officers Won’t Deliver Racial Justice

Home Office Breaches Own Rules Deporting Vietnamese Migrants

Asylum Seekers Treated ‘In Dehumanising Way’ by UK Host Hotels

MPs and Peers Call on Home Office to Close Down Napier Barracks With ‘Immediate Effect’

Are Immigrants and Asylum Seekers Getting Their Day in Court?

Witnesses to Deaths in Detention ‘Deliberately’ Deported From the UK

Black Deportation Staff Called ‘Cotton Pickers’ by Colleagues

Priti Patel’s Detention Policies Found to Breach Human Rights Rules

Justice For Osime Brown - Protest to Stop His Deportation

UK Asylum System and Asylum Seekers’ Mental Health

Rough Sleeping Deportation Immigration Rule Must Be Repealed

Asylum Seekers 'Removed From Britain Without Having Cases Properly Heard'

Confirmed: No Right of Appeal Where Limited Instead of indefinite Leave is Granted

Amnesty International Unimpressed and Government Care Home Guidance “Grossly Discriminatory”

UK Needs to Build a Memorial for the People we Enslaved

CoA Criticises Ambiguous Language in Immigration Tribunal Judgments

Locating Fresh Starting Points in the Immigration Debate

Why Sticking to the Refugee Convention Still Matters

New Deportation Law May Discriminate Against Ethnic Minorities

No Role for Parliamentary Reports in Immigration Appeals

Doreen Lawrence Says No 10 Report Gives 'Racists the Green Light'

Sewell Report Seeks to Sideline Structural Factors Attached to Racism

Home Office ‘Presenting Opinion as Fact’ on Immigration Issues

Priti Patels’ Immigration Reforms Mere Banal Rhetoric

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - April 2021

Deteriorated Situations: Niger, Mozambique, Senegal, Taiwan Strait, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Ukraine, Brazil, Paraguay

Outlook for April 2021: Conflict Risk Alerts none, Resolution Opportunities none

CrisisWatch highlights deteriorations in nine countries and conflict areas in March.

In Mozambique, Islamist insurgents launched a major attack on the strategic port town of Palma in the far north, leaving scores dead and triggering a mass exodus. A spate of jihadist attacks in Niger killed over 200 civilians, while authorities foiled a coup attempt ahead of President-elect Mohamed Bazoum’s inauguration on 2 April. Mass protests continued against the military coup in Myanmar as security forces ramped up their deadly crackdown on demonstrators. More than 500 civilians have been killed since 1 February. In Brazil, political tensions peaked as the rift deepened between President Jair Bolsonaro and the military, while the COVID-19 pandemic spiralled out of control. The conflict escalated in Ukraine’s east as the Donbas ceasefire faced growing strains with over twenty killed. The ceasefire along the Line of Control which divides Pakistan and Indian-administered Kashmir held as rhetoric cooled between the sides.

In this month’s CrisisWatch, aside from the 70+ conflict situations we regularly follow, we have tracked notable developments in: Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia, Jordan, Nile Waters, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, Senegal and U.S.-Russia.

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