General information - March 2021

Doreen Lawrence Says No 10 Report Gives 'Racists the Green Light'

Sewell Report Seeks to Sideline Structural Factors Attached to Racism

Home Office ‘Presenting Opinion as Fact’ on Immigration Issues

Priti Patels’ Immigration Reforms Mere Banal Rhetoric

Latest Asylum Plan Won’t Have the Impact its Supporters or Opponents Think!

Let More Refugees in if They’re Good for the Economy

When is a Month Not a Month?

No Role for Parliamentary Reports in Immigration Appeals

Deportation Terror Unleashed Against Tamil Community in Germany

Priti Patel’s ‘Cruel’ Asylum Overhaul

Migrants Entering UK Illegally to be Liable for Removal at any Time

Home Office Spends £13,354 per Person on Deportation Flights

A Child Cannot be Deported Before Final Determination of Their Asylum Claim

Migrant NHS Workers Should be Granted Indefinite Leave to Remain

Three British-Bangladeshis Win Appeal Against Removal of UK Citizenship

Black British Five-Year-Old Takes Home Office to High Court Over Benefits Ban

Outcry as Uk Asylum-Seekers Camp Remains Open As Sister Site Shuts

Inspection Finds - Home Office Can’t Catch Human Traffickers

The Problem With “Credibility” as a Concept in Asylum Cases

Does the UK/European Union Owe Asylum Seekers/Migrants a Living?

Inspection Finds - Home Office Can’t Catch Human Traffickers

The Problem With “Credibility” as a Concept in Asylum Cases

Fee waiver Policy: Who Qualifies and What Does the Home Office Guidance Say?

Witness to State Murder Gets Second Chance To Argue For Asylum

UK Government to Attempt to Limit Judicial Review For ‘Hopeless’ Asylum Cases

Government Plans to Abolish Cart Judicial Review

High Court Rejects Bid to Extend UK's EU Settlement Scheme

Asylum Seekers Threatened With Homelessness For Not Complying With ‘Unlawful’ 23-Hour Curfew

Multiple Violations of Deportation Detainee's Rights - Breach of Articles 3-5 and 34

Refugees in Napier and Penally Camps Feel Vindicated After Damning Report

Fee Waivers: Home Office Defeated Again

Barracks for UK Asylum Seekers Slammed as ‘Filthy and Unfit for Habitation’

Immigration Measures in the 2021 Budget

Lengthy Absences From the UK Can Put EU Settled Status at Risk

What is like to be a Lawyer Working For Stateless People in the UK

Home Office Inspection Report - Remains Siloed/Disjointed/Clueless!

Number of People Granted Asylum or Protection in UK Halved in 2020

Failure to Enact Public Duty Law 'Has Worsened England Inequality in Pandemic'

Stop the Deportaion of Birmingham Gay Activist Espoir Njei

Stop the Deportation of Osime Brown

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - March 2021

Deteriorated Situations: Niger, Chad, Somalia, Nigeria, Myanmar, Ukraine, Haiti, Yemen

Resolution Opportunities: None

Conflict Risk Alerts for March: Central African Republic, Somalia, Yemen

A deadlocked electoral process in Somalia could fuel more violence after deadly clashes erupted between security forces and opposition supporters in February.

Following heavy fighting in the Central African Republic between the army and a rebel coalition, runoff and re-run elections on 14 March could prove to be a dramatic flashpoint.

The Huthis’ intensified offensive in Yemen’s Marib governorate could trigger further mass displacement, aggravating the humanitarian crisis, and spark renewed armed conflict in the south and along the Red Sea coast.

Looking back to February, our monthly conflict tracker highlights deteriorations in eight countries and conflict areas. In Myanmar, following the 1 February military coup which set off the biggest political crisis in a generation, police crackdowns on pro-democracy mass protests killed dozens. Haiti’s constitutional crisis took a deadly turn after security forces violently suppressed opposition protests calling on President Moïse to step down. In Nigeria, armed groups abducted hundreds in the north west, while intercommunal tensions ran high in the south as the farmer-herder conflict continued to rage.

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