General information - June 2021

High Court Strikes Down Pandemic Protections for Refused Asylum Seekers

Upper Tribunal Rebuked for Failing to Understand Its Job (Again)

Belgium’s Climate Failures Violate Human Rights

Malawian Child Farmer Claims Against British American Tobacco and Imperial to Proceed

‘Gulf’ Between Demand for Immigration Advice and the Ability to Meet It

Should People Displaced by Climate Change be Considered Refugees?

Sri Lanka Country Guidance Restated

UNHCR: World Leaders Must Act to Reverse Trend of Soaring Displacement

Challenging Reporting Conditions

UNHCR: World Leaders Must Act to Reverse Trend of Soaring Displacement

Home Office Abandons Plans to Deport Osime Brown to Jamaica

Asylum Seekers Entitled to Backdated Child Tax Credits

EU Settlement Scheme Rules for Zambrano Carers Unlawful

Will Grandma be Allowed to Stay? Retained Rights of Residence for In-Laws

What is the Difference Between Refugee Status and Humanitarian Protection?

13-Year-Old Afghan Orphan Gets to Stay in khe UK

Fifty Charities Urge Home Office to Act on ‘Crisis’ in Asylum Support Payments

Home Office Accidentally Discriminates Against Trafficking Victims With Kids

Game-Changer for Sri Lankan Tamil Activists Seeking Asylum in the UK

New Data Matching Powers a Threat to Migrant Communities

Baby and Mother Win Right to Access Healthy Start Food Scheme

Government Plans to Restrict Judicial Review Will Weaken Rule of Law

Home Office Ordered To Move Torture Victim Out Of ‘Prison-Like’ Hotel

Bureaucratic Slow Violence Against Refugees - Aspen Card Scandal

Migrants Win Improved Access to Personal Data Held by the Home Office

 Illegal Working Checks Must Adapt to the Work-From-Home Age

Podcast: How Not to Support Victims of Human Trafficking

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - June 2021

Deteriorated Situations: Mali, Burundi, South Sudan, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Armenia,Azerbaijan, Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru, Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Algeria

In Israel-Palestine, an eleven-day war between Israel and Gaza’s armed factions killed hundreds and sparked an unprecedented wave of unrest across Israel’s mixed cities. - Amid rising social discontent, Mali’s military junta staged another coup, which Bamako’s main international partners immediately condemned. - In the most significant conflict escalation between Armenia and Azerbaijan since the Autumn 2020 war, deadly border clashes broke out. - Ahead of the 12 June legislative elections, Algeria’s authorities stepped up repression against the Hirak protest movement, quashing demonstrations and arresting scores. - Jakarta signalled a major crackdown on Papuan separatists by sending more military troops to Indonesia’s easternmost region following a series of armed attacks.

Conflict Risk Alerts for June: Colombia: Cali city is at a high risk of spiralling violence in coming weeks as anti-government protesters face an increasingly heavy security build-up and armed civilians. Haiti : A controversial constitutional referendum in Haiti on 27 June could worsen the political crisis and fuel violent unrest.

Source: Crisis Wach,

Corporate Watch - Know Your Enemy

Do you have a problem with a company or industry and want to know more about it? Do you feel frustrated not knowing how to find the info you need? Do you want to fight back more effectively but get overwhelmed trying to find things online? Do you wish you could get a step ahead and finally find contracts and government plans before they hit the headlines?

The Know Your Enemy online course is designed for you. Whether you are a single mum fighting a landlord, a worker challenging your boss, part of a grassroots movement or campaign, a student campaigner or a freelance writer – this course is designed to give you the practical skills you need to ‘Know Your Enemy’.

What will you learn?

This self-paced, online training, through a series of video tutorials, gives you practical skills to be able to:

Get clear and organised – know what you need to research and how
Research securely – learn simple tactics for online security
Use search engines effectively – prevent overwhelm and find the info you need faster
Build a company profile – mapping its ownership to the highest level
Find directors, board members and other key players – find out who pulls the strings
Find shareholders
Read company accounts – learn simple strategies for cutting through the jargon and finding the information you need quickly
Find government contracts
Connect the dots between lobbyists, companies and politicians – know how to find donations to political parties and more
Write and submit a Freedom of Information request
Map out company supply chains and get industry insight about risks and vulnerabilities
Undertake offline research – from speaking to workers to physical surveillance of factories
Write up and share your research with the world

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