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                                                     News & Views - Monday 24th June to Sunday 30th June 2013

500,000 Children into Poverty as Queen gets 1.79 Million Pay Rise
Over half a million more children will be forced into poverty by the time of the next election because of the Government's tax, benefit and spending changes, the Children's Commissioner for England warns today. New research for the Commissioner, analysing the effects of Coalition's policies on young people, found that while families with children make up 32 per cent of working population they will bare over half the costs of the Government's austerity drive. As a result around three million children will be living in poverty by 2015 - 600,000 more than in 2010.

As the Chancellor was announcing his destitution programme it was also announced that the Queens pocket money will be increased by 1.79 million from £36.1m to £37.89m, a nice rise if you can get it.

No Forced Returns to DR Congo Before February 2014???
[Treat this message with care and if you think it affects you, consult a good immigration advisor] It is being suggested by the Home Office representatives appearing before Tribunals in bail applications that there will be no forced returns to Democratic Republic of Congo before February 2014. A Judicial review will be heard on 19 February 2014 in the High Court looking at the issue of safety of returns to DRC for failed asylum seekers on the basis of comments made by the DRC ambassador to the UK government. [Case references Rugombagabo (CO/7194/2012) and D(DRC)(CO/5969/2012)]. There is nothing in writing from the Home Office to confirm their current policy on removals of failed asylum seekers to DRC but may be worth raising the issue of pending litigation on safety of removal to DRC if clients are in detention or at risk of removal.

Deportation on Suspicion  - Operation Nexus
The Met has announced that it plans to use Operation Nexus, its joint operation with the Home Office which has led to immigration officials being embedded in seventy-two police custody suites across the capital, to deport an extra 2,400 'foreign criminals' each year. But the Home Office will not apparently await the outcome of criminal trials, but will initiate deportation proceedings straight away, and Met police intelligence files will be used to persuade the immigration tribunal that deportation is justified.
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£3,000 Bond For Visitors From "High-Risk" Countries
Theresa May is pressing ahead with a controversial scheme to force visitors from "high-risk" countries in Asia and Africa to pay a "security bond" of £3,000 before they are allowed into Britain. Immigration groups have threatened legal action over a scheme they have condemned as discriminatory because it omits applicants from "white Commonwealth" countries. But the Home Secretary, who has overseen a fall of one-third in net migration levels, believes the moves are an essential step to deter people from overstaying their visitor visas.
Read more: Nigel Morris,<> Indpendent, 23/06/13

Early Day Motion 287: Women's Rights In Saudi Arabia
That this House expresses concern at the continuing guardianship policy in Saudi Arabia which prohibits women from travelling, participating in higher education, marrying, conducting official business or undergoing certain medical procedures without permission of a male guardian; believes such a policy fundamental