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                                                     News & Views - Monday 22 nd July to Sunday 28 th July 2013

Anger At 'Go Home' Message to Illegal Migrants

A coalition row has erupted over an advertising campaign that targets racially mixed areas with billboards that warn illegal immigrants: "Go home or face arrest."

Liberal Democrat ministers yesterday pressed the government to abandon the campaign, as the UK Independence party leader, Nigel Farage, surprised many by condemning the signs as "nasty". The split emerged after senior Lib Dem figures complained about the failure of their cabinet members to stop Tory ministers from launching the pilot scheme. Vans carrying the government's abrupt message have been driven around areas of high immigration since Monday. The campaign has been widely seen as a way for Conservative ministers to appear tough on immigration in the face of rising support for Ukip.

But after three days of disquiet among party activists and MPs, a senior Lib Dem source said the party's ministers would call for the posters to be withdrawn: "Ministers will be pushing for this to be stopped – it is not Lib Dem or coalition policy."

Read more: Rajeev Syal, <>  Guardian, 25/07/13

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