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General information September 2010

Anti-Deportation Campaigns 

3. Wanda Tete  (Removal stayed, no reason given as yet)

1. Papy Munona        2. Ruddy Lelo-Masiala       

Child M and his family (Removal stayed)
Around the Campaigns Friday 10th September 2010
Sanctuary for Friman Saleh, Shrouk, Laialy, and Ibrahim
Farida & Dipika Must Stay       
Keep Patrick Masengo in the UK - Patrick has left the UK
Justice for Rabar Hamad - (Removal has been 'Stayed')

Anti-Deportation News

Zimbabwe: UK fact finding report confirms worst fears    Taffy Nyawanza, September 29, 2010

Millions paid in compensation to migrants locked up in UK, Sunday 26 September 2010
Two-thirds of detainees are never deported      Independent 26/09/10
Child M: Manchester leaders bid to stop Iran family deportation      BBC 25/09/01
UKBA: Report of Fact Finding Mission to Zimbabwe
Protest at judge's decision to deport 'Satanic Verses' family to Iran   Manchester Evening News September 23/09/10
Inquiry into alleged UK involvement in the mistreatment of detainees held abroad
The 'Dublin Regulation' undermines refugee rights
How can the UK be the 'first safe country' in which to claim asylum?, Tuesday 21 September
UNHCR report reveals UK Detained Fast Track may be failing to protect asylum seekers
Rights of migrants in France: Commissioner Hammarberg calls authorities to comply fully with European standards
Gay Nigerian asylum seeker faces deportation       Pink News 17/09/10
Coalition must live up to rhetoric by ending 'deportation with assurances',  Friday 17 September
'This was state-sponsored cruelty last year. It still is'           Melanie McFadyean, Guardian
Home Office to deport Jamaican mother after 10 years in UK, Wednesday 15 September 2010
EU threatens to take Sarkozy to court over Roma crackdown   Indpendent, Wednesday, 15 September 2010
Deportation by Default: Mental Disability, Unfair Hearings, and Indefinite Detention in the US Immigration System
Common Cause UK - Platform of Congolese Women in the UK Invites you to their Annual General Meeting 
UKBA do pay attention to your protests  -  Freedom of information reply to 'Freemovement'
Manchester - A City of Sanctuary?  Public Meeting - Tuesday 5th October @ 7pm
Progress made on child detention review    Home Office Media Centre, Thursday 9th September 2010
Deported Iraqi asylum seekers say they were beaten and forced off plane, 09/0910
Relatives with blood on their hands      Independent, Wednesday, 8 September 2010
Honour killing files: The crimewave that shames the world       Independent, Tuesday, 7 September 2010
Feedback: London Demonstration Against French & European Roma Evictions
Demonstration Against French Government Roma Deportations/Evictions
Mass breakout from Australia immigration centre
     Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 1st September 2010
Kurdish officials (KRG) ban flights returning failed asylum seekers from UK, Tuesday 31 August 2010
Self-Harm in Immigration detention April/May/June 2010
Serco Australia: Riot continues at detention centre
    Sydney Morning Herald: August 30, 2010
Control Of Immigration: Quarterly Statistical Summary, United Kingdom, April/May/June 2010

Continuing Conflicts that create refugees - September 2010 -  

Somalia: "Now there is nothing, no handouts, no work"             (IRIN) 29 September 2010

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina - A Parallel Crisis          International Crisis Group 28/09/10

Not welcome anywhere - Stop the forced Return of Roma to Kosovo  Amnesty International 28/09/10
Zimbabwe: Violence, Intimidation Mar Constitutional Outreach   Human Rights Watch, September 28th 2010
Beyond Lawful Constraints: Sri Lanka's Mass Detention of LTTE Suspects    International Court of Justice
France: Reject Anti-Roma Bill         Human Rights Watch, September 27th 2010
Vietnam: Widespread Police Brutality, Deaths in Custody      Human Rights Watch Wednesday 22/09/10
Eritrea: The Siege State      ICG Africa Report N¡163 21 Sep 2010 
India: Repeal Immunity Law Fueling Kashmir Violence    Human Rights Watch 17/09/10
Without Protection - Lebanese Justice System Fails Migrant Domestic Workers HRW September 16, 2010
Conditions in DR.Congo worsen daily: senate president      (AFP) 15/09/10
Always on the Run - The Vicious Cycle of Displacement in Eastern Congo   HRW 14/09/10
15 killed in disputed Kashmir in deadly protests      AP foreign, Tuesday September 14 2010
New Order, Same Abuses: Unlawful detentions and torture in Iraq     Human Rights Watch 13/09/10
Clashes erupt in Indian Kashmir; hundreds defy curfew    Alert Net 12/09/10
Government Failure to Provide Palliative Care for Children in Kenya
     HRW 09/09/10
Zambia: Police Brutality, Torture Rife      Human Rights Watch 07/09/10
UNHCR alarmed as a fortnight of fighting leaves 230 dead in Mogadishu/Somalia        UNHCR 07/09/10
Iran steps up campaign against activists and lawyers, Monday 6 September 2010
Mozambique's food riots Ð the true face of global warming     Observer Sunday 5 September 2010
Roma backlash continues across Europe    Telegraph 02 Sep 2010
Seven killed as rising food prices spark riots in Mozambique      Independent Thursday, 2 September 2010
Iraq civilian deaths dip as U.S. combat mission ends    Alert Net, Wednesday 1st September 2010
Why Sarkozy went to war on the Roma     The Indpendent, Thursday, 2 September 2010
Forced divorce and sterilisation – a reality for many transgender persons  Human Rights Commissioner, 31/08/10

Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees, August 2010 - Five actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and none improved in August 2010, according to CrisisWatch 85

Legal - UK/European Parliament ~~

Victory ensures end of indefinite detention for Iranian client      Leigh Day & Co, 22 September 2010
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 199
Bousarra v. France (no. 25672/07) - Violation of Article 8   ECtHR 23/09/10
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 198
Ahmadiyya: Discrimination (In the UK)        16 Sep 2010 : Column 1142W
Peace, justice, reconciliation and rights in Sri Lanka - EDM 752
Discrimination against and racial segregation of Romani children in education in Slovakia
Iran: Baha'i Faith / Parliament 13 Sep 2010 : Column 717W
OM (Nigeria) v SSHD  [2010] EWHC 2147 (Admin)  -  Noted that it will be more likely that a person with no sources of income or support will resort to criminal activity to support herself.
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 197
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 196
Swedish court blocks Greek handling of asylum seeker case
Submissions from Amnesty International to UN Working Group of the Human Rights Council
Kaushal and Others v. Bulgaria  [expulsion from Bulgaria on national security grounds and ensuing separation of their family had violated their rights under Article 8 ]
Y.P. and L.P. v. France [Member of political opposition and his family at risk of ill-treatment if removed to Belarus]
ILPA  immigration updates issue 31
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 195
ECtHR: Grand Chamber Hearing M.S.S. V. Belgium And Greece

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