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General information November 2010

Anti-Deportation Campaigns 

Asylum for Shrouk El-Attar

Lydia and Bernard

Reza Yosefi Belongs to Sheffield   (Removal Stayed)
Mehdi must stay! Stop his deportation!  (Removal Stayed)
Save Maurice Ombaku  (Stilll here, Still fighting, second removal was stayed)
Self-Harm in Immigration detention Quarter 3 - July/August/September 2010
Protest against Removal of 600 refugee families from Glasgow City Council Accommodation
Release Mohammed El-Hassan Diyab from Detention
International Migrants Day - Saturday 18th December 2010
David Burgess - an appreciation              By Frances Webber 4 November 2010
Demonstration in memory of Jimmy Mubenga RIP

Anti-Deportation News

Failure to deport Philip Lawrence killer was not about human rights   Adam Wagner, UK Human Rights Blog, 29/11/10

Detained asylum-seeker freed after South Africa intervenes   Independent Monday, 29 November 2010

Croydon asylum centre will be as bad as Yarl's Wood, says charity  The Observer, Sunday 28 November 2010

Leaving Care Judgments - ILPA info sheet November 2010
Early Legal Advice Project (ELAP) - ILPA info sheet November 2010
UKBA Family Returns Pilots - ILPA information sheet 19th November 2010
UKBA Control Of Immigration: Quarterly Statistical Summary, United Kingdom, July/August/September 2010
Joint Return Flights coordinated by Frontex January to September 2010
Individuals leaving the immigration detention estate between 1 January 2010 and 30 June 2010
Europe should accept more refugees in need of safe resettlement       Thomas Hammarberg , Strasbourg, 23/11/10
Call for justice for Jimmy Mubenga     Institute of Race Relations 19 November 2010
Guantanamo Civil Litigation Settlement       House of Commons / 16 Nov 2010 : Column 752
The intelligence services have grown too powerful  Leader: Independent Wednesday, 17 November 2010
Immigration: France sees tensions rise five years on from Paris riots, Tuesday 16 November 2010
Police Custody: Illegal Immigrants       House of Common / 16 Nov 2010 : Column 724W
Open Secret - Mounting evidence of Europe's complicity in rendition and secret detention
Australia: Second suicide at Serco managed IRC
Announced inspection of Dungavel House IRC     Unannounced short follow up inspection of Oakington IRC
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
Refused asylum in the UK - other routes to safety - Canada
Travails of migration: the Gulf story    Hussain Ahmad,, Sunday 14 November 2010
Migrants send home three times more money than countries receive in development aid, says World Bank
Ending children's detention: hope deferred   Frances Webber, IRR, 11 November 2010
The politics of voluntary returns    Frances Webber, IRR, 11 November 2010
The end of settlement rights for workers?    Frances Webber, IRR, 11 November 2010
Two asylum seekers deported to Baghdad and allegedly tortured were not Iraqi, 10/11/10
More asylum seekers allowed to remain UK      BBC News, 9 November 2010
Proposed ECtHR fees: A Barrier To Justice    Published on Refworld: Monday 8th November 2010
European court demands halt to forcible return of Iraqi asylum seekers     Owen Bowcott,  05/11/10
Phil Woolas former immigration minister ejected from parliament over election slurs
UKBA Agency may be discriminating against Pakistanis, says inspector, Thursday 4 November 2010
Asylum pilot scheme removes one family    BBC News 02/11/10

Continuing Conflicts that create refugees - November 2010 -

Closing Doors? - The Narrowing of Democratic Space in Burundi        Human Rights Watch, November 23rd 2010
Reforming Afghanistan's Broken Judiciary    International Crisis Group (ICG) 17 November 2010
Afghan police corruption 'hits Nato pullout'     Observer Sunday, 21 November 2010
Guinea authorities must stop arbitrary arrests and killings   Amnesty International 18/11/10
State-Backed Militias, and Killings in the Southern Philippines  Human Rights Watch 16/11/10
South Africa - Zimbabwe: Tussle over planned resumption of deportations 
Foreign Office concerned by violence in Western Sahara    11/11/2010
Thousands flee Burma as army launches attack on ethnic rebels         Independent, Tuesday, 9 November 2010
Yemen: Revenge killings keep children out of school     IRIN, Monday 8th November 2010
Deadly clashes as Morocco storms Western Sahara camp      Alert Net, Monday 8th November 2010
Pakistan: 67 killed in bomb attack on mosque       Guardian Saturday, 6 November 2010 
Cameroon: Same-Sex Relations Bring Attacks, Arrests   Human Rights Watch, November 4, 2010
Killing of civilian hostages in Iraq church 'a war crime'           Amnesty International 02/11/01
Series of Baghdad bombs kill at least 76           Telegraph 2nd November 2010
Turkey: Protesting as a Terrorist Offense
Iran: Human Rights Crisis Requires International Scrutiny       HRW 28/10/10

Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees, October 2010. Three actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and none improved in October 2010, according to the latest issue of CrisisWatch - Deteriorated Situations:  Guinea, Nigeria, Zimbabwe

Legal - UK - Commons/Lords  - ETcHR/European Parliament - November

Yarl's Wood Detention Centre: Children [No end in sight]     House of Commons / 29 Nov 2010 : Column 511W

Immigration: Detainees [£15 million in damages paid for unlawful detention]    Lords / 29 Nov 2010 : Column WA410

Deportation: Iran [Child M]        House of Commons / 29 Nov 2010 : Column 504W

Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Bulletin - Issue 208    Published Monday 29 November 2010
MA (Somalia) (Respondent) v SSHD (Appellant) [2010] UKSC 49        Handed down 24/11/10
Afghanistan CG [2010] UKUT 378 (IAC) - HK and others (minors – indiscriminate violence
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Bulletin - Issue 207    Published Monday 22 November 2010
Western Sahara: Violence      House of Commns / 19 Nov 2010 : Column 1014W
New English language requirement for partners        UKBA press release, 17 November 2010
EDM 1053: Bah‡'’ Faith In Iran
EDM 1037: Children in Immigration Detention
EDM 1017: Work Experience Positions at the Home Office
Asylum: Finance [4,137 Section 4 Azure payment cards in use]     House of Commons / 16 Nov 2010 : Column 716W
Democratic Republic of Congo       House of Lords / 16 Nov 2010 : Column WA182
Immigration: Yarl's Wood                    House of Lords / 16 Nov 2010 : Column WA192
Garden Court Chambers: Immigration Bulletin - Issue 206
Judgment of the Court of Justice in Case C-261/09 Mantello
Zimbabwe: Politics and Government         House of Commons / 15 Nov 2010 : Column 634W
Asylum   [Asylum Improvement Project]         House of Commons / 15 Nov 2010 : Column 546W
Legal Aid and Civil Cost Reform      House of Commons / 15 Nov 2010 : Column 659
Asylum: Deportation       House of Commons / 15 Nov 2010 : Column 546W
Asylum: Finance      House of Commons / 15 Nov 2010 : Column 547W
Asylum: Glasgow [ 600 family's face dispersal ]   House of Commons / 15 Nov 2010 : Column 529W
Iran: Prisoners         House of Commons / 15 Nov 2010 : Column 631W
Iraq: Christianity      House of Commons / 15 Nov 2010 : Column 631W
Deportation: Private Sector [ restraint in forced deportations ]   House of Commons / 11 Nov 2010 : Column 455W
Nigeria: Christianity          House of Commons / 11 Nov 2010 : Column 435W
UNHCR response to ECtHR - forced returns to Iraq
UK Border Agency: Airlines           House of Commons / 9 Nov 2010 : Column 200W
Foreign Nationals: Bereavement         House of Commons / 9 Nov 2010 : Column 212W
Yemen (faces a combination of instability; poverty and rapid economic decline) Commons / 09/111 :Column 227W
Prevent Review/New Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation      House of Lords 09/11/10
UKBA: Country of Origin Information Report - Afghanistan    Published on Refworld, 9 November 2010
Judgment in Joined Cases C-57/09 and C-101/09 Germany v B and Germany v D
A person can be excluded from refugee status if he is individually responsible for acts committed by an organisation using terrorist methods   -    The sole fact that a person has been a member of such an organisation cannot mean that he is automatically excluded from refugee status
EDM 968: Human Rights Situation of Iraqi Turkmen      Tabled by Mike Hancock, 08/11/10
EDM 963: Prosecution of Kurdish Politicians In Turkey        Tabled by Jeremy Corbyn 04/11/10
Iraq: Religious Minorities [ deaths of Christians ]            House of Lords / 4 Nov 2010 : Column 1737
Zimbabwe                                             House of Lords / 2 Nov 2010 : Column WA404
Immigration: Deportation                      House of Lords / 2 Nov 2010 : Column 1560
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 204
Immigration System -                            House of Commons / 1 Nov 2010 : Column 593
Immigration Rules (UK Science Base) - House of Commons /1 Nov 2010 : Column 602

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