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General information October 2010

Anti-Deportation Campaigns 

Don't let G4S Kill Again - Urgent action alert: removal set for today Sunday 31 October 2010

Mirielle Mbimbo back in detention!
Emmanuel Mensah
Speak Up for "Saif"!
Asylum blow for Precious Mhango and her mother Florence

Anti-Deportation News

New stringent English language requirements      IRR 28/10/10

Demonstration in memory of Jimmy Mubenga RIP

Asylum seekers wrongly imprisoned

Chaos over restraint rules for deportees, 27 /10/10
Child detention in immigration centres faces legal challenge, Tuesday 26 October 2010
Croydon Council ordered to educate asylum-seeking teenagers, 24/10/10

Full list of 14 deaths during deportations from Europe

77 asylum seekers and migrants have died either in the UK or attempting to reach the UK in the past five years

G4S security guards accused over restraint of Colombian deportee, Thursday 21 October 2010
Asylum seekers win schools battle         (UKPA) 20/10/10
Lack of childcare could harm asylum applications  Children & Young People Nowember 19 October 2010
Angola's oil-fuelled tragedy , Monday 18 October 2010
Wales: Councils put 276 child asylum seekers into care     WalesOnline 17/10/10
Private security firms should face investigation, says former prisons chief   Indpendent 16/10/2010
MPs demand inquiry over flight death, Friday 15 October 2010
Deportations Up 70% Since Obama Took Office Catherine A. Traywick15/10/10
Jimmy Mubenga death: restraint methods spawned past protests, Friday 15 October 2010
Deportation death raises questions over 'proportionate force'
Deportation death: 'Jimmy Mubenga was a good man'   
Deportation escorting turns into big business for private firms      
Inquest into death of asylum seeker Sarh Namala in Prison
Enforced returns of failed asylum seekers to Zimbabwe to resume  Home Office Press Release 14/10/10
Police investigate as man dies while being deported from UK, Wednesday 13 October 2010
Airlines are not immigration authorities      Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights
Tragedy of toddler's death and his family's quest for answers
Pregnant woman at Yarl's Wood denied hospital scan despite baby scare, Friday 8 October 2010Birmingham City Council to stop housing people seeking asylum
Report on a full announced inspection of Dover IRC
Statement of the Global Migration Group on the Human Rights of Migrants in Irregular Situation
Zimbabwe: UK fact finding report confirms worst fears    Taffy Nyawanza, September 29, 2010

Continuing Conflicts that create refugees - October 2010 -  

Iran: Human Rights Crisis Requires International Scrutiny       HRW 28/10/10

Western Europe Should Halt Deportations and Assist Roma Forced Back to Kosovo
Tens of thousands displaced by clashes in Somalia UNHCR 26/10/10
Cote d'Ivoire: Rampant Criminality, Sexual Violence in West   Human Rights Watch  2/10/10
Sexual violence used to "break the will" of civilians      IRIN 22.10/10
Tunisia: Union Voices Silenced         Human Rights Watch 21/10/10
Outcry as Ugandan paper names 'top homosexuals'      Independent 22/10/10
Afraid and Forgotten - Lawlessness, Rape, and Impunity in Western C™te dÕIvoire  HRW 22/10/10
Karachi hit by wave of political and ethnic violence     Telegraph 21/10/10
Human Rights Violations Against Sex Workers in 11 Countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia
UNHCR poll indicates Iraqi refugees regret returning home
Somalia: Amnesty International's human rights concerns in southern and central Somalia
Development without Freedom How - Aid Underwrites Repression in Ethiopia    HRW 19/10/10
Criminal Force: Torture, Abuse, and Extrajudicial Killings by the Nigeria Police Force
Gunmen kill 29 in Pakistan's Karachi as election held      Alert Net 17/10/10
Congo army accused of rape and murder    Independent Saturday, 16 October 2010
Helping Roma to improve their own lives     Council of Europe
Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai - calls for civil disobedience      08/10/10
Eritrea: World Must Act to Prevent Another 'Failed State'       International Crisis Group  07/10/10
European Parliament strongly condemns mass rape in DR Congo, Friday, October 8th, 2010
43 million forcibly displaced people in the world today
400 Nigerian children used in gold mine poisoned      Telegraph 05 Oct 2010
Outsiders: The trouble with the Roma      Independent 04/10/10
U.N. report on Congo atrocities          Alert Net 01/10/10
Violence/Discrimination Against Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Students in U.S. Schools

Seven actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and none improved in September 2010, according to the International Crisis Group's monthly bulletin CrisisWatch 86

Annual Report on Human Rights 2009 - United Kingdom: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Countries of Concern
Afghanistan, Belarus, Burma, China, Colombia, Cuba, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria,Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Zimbabwe
Download the full report: <> 4caebaa72.pdf

Legal - UK/European Parliament ~~

Report of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group (PHRG) Fact Finding Mission to Pakistan

Parliamentary Human Rights Group (PHRG) Report, Chechnya Fact-Finding Mission

Refugee and Migrant Justice [breach of fixed fee margin ]
Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules (Cm 7944)  + HC 59 and HC 96
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 203
EDM 870: Statement Of Changes In Immigration Rules (CM 7944)
Immigration: Jimmy Mubenga      House of Lords / 20 Oct 2010 : Column 826
Ahmadiyya Community             House of Commons / 20 Oct 2010 : Column 284WH
RS and Others (Zimbabwe - AIDS) Zimbabwe v. Secretary of State for the Home Department
R v Mohammed and Others, CA, 19 October 2010 [advising illegal entrants]
EDM 864: United Nations Resolution On Defamation Of Religions
Victims of domestic violence without indefinite leave to remain
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 202
Returns to Zimbabwe     Written Ministerial Statement / 14 Oct 2010 : Column 34WS
Nigeria: Christianity      14 Oct 2010 : Column 388W
Asylum  [ in-country application, travel to Croydon ]     House of Commons / 13 Oct 2010 : Column 299W
Asylum: Children  [ child care when asylum seekers are being interviewed ]
Asylum: Females                House of Commons / 13 Oct 2010 : Column 299W
Human Trafficking             12 Oct 2010 : Column 25WH
Yousaf Family    12 Oct 2010 : Column 303
EDM 780: Deportation Of Roma
Immigration: Detention of Children                House of Lords / 11 Oct 2010 : Column 324
[ Human rights situation in Iran is deplorable ]          House of Lords / 11 Oct 2010 : Column WA48
Asylum: Deportation [ lost fees for failed removals ]     House of Commons / 11 Oct 2010 : Column 181W
Illegal Immigrants  [ convicted of unlawful entry & deported ]    House of Commons / 11 Oct 2010 : Column 198W
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 201
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 200   [ Unlawful detetnion ]
Statement of changes in Immigration Rules SSHD October 2010

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