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General information May 2012

Anti-Deportation Campaigns  -  May 2012

Bernard Mbouyeu Removal Stayed - Released from Detention
Angeline, Natasha, David & Paula
Ediage Valerie Ekwedde
Felix Wamala
Demo in support of Ruhul Anam, 17th-18th May

Anti-Deportation News  -  May 2012

Tamil Asylum-Seekers to be Forcibly Deported
A call for routine asylum screening in UK Border Agency regions
The Human Spur to Action on Asylum
UN chooses Mugabe as a 'leader for tourism'
Psychiatrists Identify 'Asylum Seeker Syndrome'
Convention should not be a basis for demanding public inquiries
Child asylum seekers 'still being imprisoned' by immigration service
Cameroon couple win asylum seeker status after long fight
UK: Racism, bullying, threats ... daily life of migrant workers
UKBA 'Detaining Children in Degrading Conditions' at Heathrow
Deported from the UK, killed in Sri Lanka
Asylum seekers should not have to travel to Croydon
Protest at GEO group Shareholders Meeting
UK migration: a hierarchy of injustices
Theresa May rebuked over illegally deported asylum seeker
Cameroonian Barnard Mboueyeu facing deportation
Two-fifths of UK trafficking victims are male, survey reveals

Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees - May 2012

America's murderous drone campaign is fuelling terror

Mali faces its Worst Human Rights Situation in 50 years
DR Congo: Bosco Ntaganda Recruits Children by Force
US: Sexual Violence, Harassment of Immigrant Farm workers
South Africa shrinks from investigating Zimbabwe torture allegations
Nowhere to run: rebels trapped in Burma's escalating ethnic war

State of the World's Mothers 2012

India: Hold Police to Account for Sexual and Other Assaults
Portugal: Austerity Measures Pose a Serious Threat to Human Rights
Triple disaster threatens children in Northern Mali
The Roma of Central Europe "feel fear"
UN 'appalled' by ongoing violations in Israeli prisons
Gunmen fire on Nigeria cattle market, 56 dead
Kenyan Police and Military Abuses against Ethnic Somalis
Nigeria attack on church services Sunday 29th April kills around 20
Indonesia: Excessive Force - Impunity For Police Violence

May: 12 actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and 2 improved in May 2012, according to CrisisWatch - Download the full report: Crisis Watch 105

Legal - UK - Commons/Lords  - ECtHR/European Union - May 2012

Women's Asylum News: Issue No. 110 - Now online
Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI update volume 35
Garden Court Chambers, Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 277
DR Congo: Humanitarian Situation Deteriorates in the Kivus
EDM 143: Treatment Of Religious Minorities In Egypt
EDM 144: Treatment of Religious Minorities in Pakistan
Iran: Capital Punishment [against homosexual men]
Asylum: Young People [regional expert age assessment centres]
EDM 139: Possibility of War
Unmarried partner of a UK national who is married to someone else
Asylum Seekers: Children [Severe poverty] House of Lords / 23 May 2012 : Column 786
EDM 118: Situation in Yemen
EDM 117: Human Rights, Development and Arms Trade Treaty
European Convention on Human Rights (Immigration)
Sudan [Genocide against the people of South Kordofan]
Garden Court Chambers, Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 276
Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI update volume 34
Sudan and South Sudan
UNHCR: Sectarian and Religiously-Motivated Violence in Pakistan
Garden Court Chambers, Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 275
UKBA Expenditure on Deportation of Immigrants
EDM 57: Co-Operative Group's Israeli Boycott
EDM 38: Continuation of Violence Against the Nuba People
EDM 35: Statement of Changes in Immigration Rules
EDM 34: Administrative Detention in Palestine
EDM 16: Protection of Coptic Christians in Egypt
ARC Country of Origin Information Update volume 34
Garden Court Chambers, Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 274
ARC: Commentary on UKBA April 2012 Sri Lanka OGN
Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI update volume 33
UKBA Country of Origin Information Report - India
Garden Court Chambers, Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 273

Useful reports/current statistics

UKBA: Notifying Change of Addres, go here . . . .   -  Change of Legal Representative go here . . . .

Immigration Statistics Quarter 1 - January/February/March 2012

Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) reports for 2011, published March 2012

Human Rights of Migrants in Irregular Situation

Seeking Economic Asylum is what Moves the World to Move

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