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General information June 2010

Anti-Deportation Campaigns

Around the Campaigns Wednesday 30th June 2010

Charles Atangana Belongs to Glasgow  (Deportation stayed pending further legal action)
Saman Akbarirad  (Removal stayed)
Around the Campaigns Friday 25th June 2010
Home Secretary and Justice Secretary in High Court over refugee charity collapse Civil Society, 24 Jun 2010
Battle to save Refugee and Migrant Justice fails
Mr S, a 50 year-old Somali (Removal stayed)
Around the Campaigns Friday 18th June 2010
Mansour family are here to Stay
Around the Campaigns Friday 11th June 2010
Hundreds sign petition backing Blackburn asylum seeker     Lancashire Telegraph 10/06/10
Asylum battle girl loses battle against deportation to Malawi     Daily Record 10/06/10
Around the Campaigns Friday 4th June 2010
Jonathan Kazembe is Here to Stay
Save Refugee and Migrant Justice Campaign    /    Threatened closure spells disaster for refugees

Anti-Deportation News

Refugee & Migrant Justice/update from Legal Services Commission

Iraqi asylum seekers deported from UK still detained   BBC News 26/06/10

Failed States Index 2010

Government drops Bullingdon immigration centre plans      BBC News: Wednesday 23rd June
Immigration officials are failing victims of domestic violence, Monday 21 June 2010
These few who reached our shores for help face bureaucratic oblivion      The Guardian, Monday 21 June 2010
Anger as hundreds of children deported alone under EU rules     Children & Young People Now 22 June 2010
150 Barristers sign protest letter in support of RMJ
Destitution isn't an acceptable outcome of the asylum system
UN to investigate Iraqi asylum seekers claim they were beaten on flight to Baghdad,18 June 201
UK border officials 'beat deported Iraqis'      BBC News, Friday, 18 June 2010
Refugee and Migrant Justice goes into administration
Yarl's Wood staff criticised for poor investigation into child sex case  Guardian 14/06/10
Denying child asylum seekers a legal lifeline , Wednesday 16 June
UK breaking European convention against trafficking           Guardian, Wednesday 16 June 2010
Thousands of failed asylum seekers rely on charities for food, says Red Cross
Child refugees exposed to great danger and abuses in Europe, says UNHCR, Monday 14 June 2010
My cancer is arbitrary. Congo's atrocities are very deliberate      Guardian, Saturday 12 June 2010
Legal support for asylum seekers (Solidarity with RMJ)      The Guardian, Saturday 12 June 2010
Review into ending the detention of children for immigration purposes
Sweden deports Iraqis despite UN criticism (Sweden English newspaper 10/06/10
Raphael Lungu's third fight against deportation from UK
David Cameron defends deportation of failed Iraqi asylum seekers, Wednesday 9 June 2010
Women's Asylum News / May-June 2010 - Issue 92
Gay asylum seekers need sanctuary, not secrecy, Tuesday 8 June 2010
Don't delay deportation flight, government warns judges, Tuesday 8 June 2010
Gay asylum seekers need sanctuary, not secrecy, Tuesday 8 June 2010
Failed Iraq asylum seekers screened for forced deportation, Thursday 3 June
Afghan man on Taliban death list refused asylum Independent Tuesday, 1 June 2010
Length of stay for Dover detainees criticised    BBC News 02/06/10
Archbishop of Canterbury warning over charity collapse   BBC 02/06/10
Refugee and Migrant Justice charity faces closure as £1.8m payments backlog mounts
Monjeza and Chimbalanga, Sara Hashash - Gay Malawi couple freed    Sunday Times, May 30, 2010
Control Of Immigration: Quarterly Statistical Summary, United Kingdom, January/February/March 2010

Continuing Conflicts that create refugees - June 2010 -

France/Germany/United Kingdom: Wrong Message on Torture   Human Rights Watch 28/06/10

Cameroon: The Dangers of a Fracturing Regime    International Crisis Group 24/06/10
Halt Zimbabwe Diamond Trade - Despite Promises to Reform, New Abuses by Military      HRW 21/06/10
Voices of Afghan Children - A Study on Asylum-Seeking Children in Sweden    Refwpr;d 18/06/10
UN reports 400,000 displaced in Kyrgyzstan fighting  Telegraph 17/06/10
Female Genital Mutilation in Iraqi Kurdistan       HRW 16/06/10
DRC: Who's who among armed groups in the east              IRIN 15/06/10
UNHCR: 43.3 Million Displaced Worldwide In 2009
Pakistan: Four million in north denied rights        AI  15/06/10
Afghan girls aged 13 and 14 flogged for fleeing forced marriages
Democratic Republic of Congo: Open letter signed by 55 Congolese and international NGOs
Kyrgyzstan, death toll rises to 113, more than 1,400 wounded      Alert Net 13/06/10
49 killed in southern Kyrgyzstan ethnic riots Alert Net 11 Jun 2010
From protest to prison: Iran one year after the election      Amnesty International 09/06/10
Visit of the Special Representative for Children & Armed Conflict to Afghanistan
600 Dead: Darfur records its bloodiest month    The Guardian 08/06/10
Yemen: Ongoing violence in north hinders IDP returns      IRIN 07/06/10
DR Congo: Prominent Human Rights Defender Killed Human Rights Watch 03/06/10
Afghanistan police corruption is fuelling insurgency   The Times, 03/06/10
“Flawed” peace strategy in Afghanistan  IRIN  30/05/10
Pakistan: Ahmadi Worshippers slaughtered in deadly 'final warning'   The Indpendent, 29 May 2010

Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees, May 2010 - Four actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and none improved in May 2010, according to the International Crisis Group's monthly bulletin CrisisWatch 82

Legal - UK/European Parliament ~~

Asylum: Scotland  [Transit of children/adults to Yarl's Wood]    House of Commons / 28 Jun 2010 : Column 432W

Immigration: Refugee and Migrant Justice     [Lord McNally asperses RMJ's financial capabilities]

Country of Origin Information Report - Eritrea    United Kingdom

Iran: Human Rights      House of Commons / 24 Jun 2010 : Column 343W
Iraq: Christianity     House of Commons / 24 Jun 2010 : Column 343W
Refugee and Migrant Justice      House of Lords / 24 Jun 2010 : Column WA211
EDM 299: Detention Of Children In Turkey House of Commons 23/06/10
Courts do not now order deportation    Times Law Reports, June 23 2010
All detained persons are free to leave the UK     House of Lords / 22 Jun 2010 : Column WA169
Immigration: Expansion of Detention Centres     House of Lords / 22 Jun 2010 : Column WA169
Immigration: Deportation of Iraqis     House of Lords / 22 Jun 2010 : Column 1281
Foreign National Prisoners [ Deport them all forthwith ]     Westminster Hall / 22 Jun 2010 : Column 53WH
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 186
Alternatives to Child Detention House of Commons 17 Jun 2010 : Column 211WH
Pakistan: Religious Freedom       House of Commons / 16 Jun 2010 : Column 477W
Alleged War Crimes (Sri Lanka)       House of Commons / 16 Jun 2010 : Column 161WH
Pakistan: Religious Freedom      House of Commons 15 Jun 2010 : Column 357W
Asylum Seekers [ Violence against women and girls ] 15 Jun 2010 : Column WA97
S.H. v. United Kingdom (no. 19956/06)          European Court of Human Rights 15/06/10
Ahmadpour v. Turkey (no. 12717/08)             European Court of Human Rights 15/06/10
M.B. and Others v. Turkey (no. 36009/08)      European Court of Human Rights 15/06/10
Immigration: Deportation [ Sentenced prisoners early deportation ]      House of Lords / 14 Jun 2010 : Column WA73
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 185
Afghanistan: Child Asylum Seekers    House of Lords / 10 Jun 2010 : Column 745
Sudan: Human Rights      House of Lords / 10 Jun 2010 : Column 738
Zimbabwe  House of Lords     10 Jun 2010 : Column 771
Immigration [ English language requirement ] House of Lords / 9 Jun 2010: Column WS44
Colombia: Human Rights 8 Jun 2010 : Column 98W
Permanent residence acquired by 5 years' legal residence before or after implementation of Citizens' Directive
Immigration: Detention of Children   House of Lords / 2 Jun 2010 : Column 252
EDM 127: Israel And Gaza Flotilla   Tabled by Richard Burden, so far 67 MPs have signed
Determinations of the IAC - First-tier Tribunal/Upper Tribunal and the AIT, which may be of interest
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 184

Media ~~

Thanks, immigrants, but times have changed      Times Online, June 8, 2010
English test for immigrants who want to marry The Times 09/06/10
Scrutiny of the EU border agency [Frontex] can only be a good thing  The Guardian, Tuesday 1 June 2010

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