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General information January 2011

Anti-Deportation Campaigns -  January 2011

Noushin Babar  removal Stayed
Siva Rajah
Helen Bih is Here to Stay
Stateless People In The UK
Campaign to 'Stop Child Trafficking'

Anti-Deportation News - January 2011

Human Rights Watch - World Report 2011 - Events of 2010
Unannounced full follow-up inspection of Colnbrook IRC and Short Term Holding Facility
Protecting asylum seekers' legal rights to food and shelter              Asylum Support Appeals Project
Immigration policy: More smoke and mirrors             Rosalind English for Human Rights Blog, January 13th 2011
Yarl's Wood detainees 'paid 50p an hour'           , Sunday 2 January 2011
United Kingdom found to be in severe breach of Trade Union/workers rights

Continuing Conflicts that create refugees - January 2011 -

UN finds many more Congolese rape victims           By Stephanie Nebehay, Geneva, 25 Jan 2011 (Reuters)

Afghanistan: Fears over child recruitment, abuse by pro-government militias   IRIN 20/01/11
Iran has hanged 47 people in three weeks, say human rights groups, Monday 17 January 2011
Violent protests leave eight dead in Tunisia                Independent, Monday, 10 January 2011
9 Muslims killed in Nigeria attacks               Aljazeera, Sunday 9th January 2011
Algerian riots resume over food prices       , Friday 7 January 2011
Violence, tradition keep millions of Afghans from school                Alert Net Saturday 1st January 2011
Twenty-one dead in Egypt New Year's Mass bombing             Indpendent Saturday 1st January 2011

Five actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and two improved in December 2010, according to International Crisis Group

Legal - UK - Commons/Lords  - ETcHR/European Parliament - January 2011

EDM 1361: Security Operations Against Kurdish Community Leaders    Tabled by Hywel Williams ,27/01/11
EDM 1366: Agent Orange And Vietnam        Tabled by Jeremy Corbyn, 27/01/11
India's human rights defenders need better protection, says UN expert           UN News Service 21 January 2011
Sri Lanka: Human Rights                        House of Commons / 25 Jan 2011 : Column 158W
Immigrants: Detainees       longest lengh of detention            House of Commons / 25 Jan 2011 : Column 134W
Deportation: Offenders                     House of Commons / 25 Jan 2011 : Column 132W
Detainees: Sexuality                    House of Commons / 24 Jan 2011 : Column 56W
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration bulletin 214
UNHCR concerned at planned forced return from Sweden to Iraq             Refworld 18 January 2011
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration bulletin 213
EDM 1259: Women's Rights In Sudan                 Tabled by Katy Clark, Tuesday 11th January 2011
Lord's Resistance Army                                      House of Lords / 10 Jan 2011 : Column WA404
DR Congo [ recruitment of child soldiers ]          House of Lords / 10 Jan 2011 : Column WA376
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration bulletin 212
Immigration Law Practitioners' Association - Immigration Update 34
Immigration directorate instructions, Chapter 31, section 1 (version 'DEC 10')  has been updated
Enforcement instructions and guidance, Chapter 55 (version 11)     has been updated

Last updated 10 November, 2011