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General information February 2011

Anti-Deportation Campaigns  -  February 2011

James Fallah Williams

Johnson Kalu Must Stay!
Peter Gichura and Patrice Ndjonssy   (Both still in the UK, Peter back in his community)
Abeer Awooda (Back in the Community, Removal stopped by European Court of Human Rights)
Olga Novoselova Must Stay! - Online Petition
BN released from Yarl's Wood IRC
Fanta Kongira -
Allen Sibanda

Anti-Deportation News - February 2011

Concerns over restraint techniques used by G4S staff ignored for years
Failed asylum seekers 'neglected' by system, Oxfam says       BBC News, 4 February 2011
Violent consequences of immigration clampdowns for migrant workers
ZH (Tanzania) -  Supreme Court unanimously allows mothers appeal
Barring foreign students coming to the UK to study, seriously damages the UK economy

Human Rights Watch - World Report 2011 - Events of 2010

Continuing Conflicts that create refugees - February 2011 -

Iraq: Open Immediate Inquiry Into Deaths of 8 protestors     Human Rights Watch, 25th February 2011

Afghanistan’s Elections Stalemate       International Crisis Grooup Asia Briefing N°117
Somalia: Transitional Government on Life Support    International Crisis Group, Africa Report N¡170 21 Feb 2011
Soldiers jailed for mass rape as Congo finally acts on abuse     Independent, Tuesday, 22 February 2011
Iraq: Vulnerable Citizens at Risk     Human Rights Watch, February 21, 2011
Pakistan: Fresh Violence Threatens to Make Karachi the New Mogadishu      Jamestown Foundation 04/02/11
Bangladeshi girl, 14, dies after receiving 100 lashes, Thursday 3 February 2011
Indonesia: Protect Ahmadiyah Community From Violence       Human Rights Watch: 2nd February 2011

Four actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and two improved in January 2011, according to the latest issue of the International Crisis Group's monthly bulletin CrisisWatch. Deteriorated Situations: Albania, Egypt, North Caucasus (non-Chechnya), Sudan

Legal - UK - Commons/Lords  - ETcHR/European Parliament - February 2011

Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Bulletin - Issue 218
BA (Demonstrators in Britain - risk on return) Iran CG [2011] UKUT 36 (IAC)
SA (Iranian Arabs-no general risk) Iran CG [2011] UKUT 41(IAC) 
Zimbabwe: Politics and Government        House of Commons / 9 Feb 2011 : Column 262W
Garden Court Chambers, Immigration Bulletin - Issue 216    Published Monday 7th February, 2011
DR Congo: International Crisis Group Report            House of Lords / 3 Feb 2011 : Column 1460
Iran: Baha'i Faith                House of Commons / 3 Feb 2011 : Column 887W
Early Day Motion 1385: Brenda Namigadde       House of Commons, Tuesday 1st February 2011
ZH (Tanzania) -  Supreme Court unanimously allows mothers appeal
Immigrants: Detainees     [ 2,893 person in detention @ 25th January 2011, 95.5 % of capacity

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