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General information December 2010

Anti-Deportation Campaigns 

Vahidi Family                                  
Siva Rajah                                          (Bristol Refugee Rights alert)
Andre Ouffoue                                    (NCADC alert)
Delina Mutyambizi                              (NCADC alert)
Moises Chipema
Asylum for Shrouk El-Attar
Lydia and Bernard
Augustine Olisa                                 
(NCADC alert)
Noushin Must Stay                             
(NCADC alert)
Belal Amleh         
                               (NCADC alert)

Anti-Deportation News

United Kingdom found to be in severe breach of Trade Union/workers rights
"Asylum seeker death driver" case was misunderstood           Human Rights Blog, 22/12/10 by Suzanne Lambert
'Arbitrary' spouses ban overruled      Helen Pidd,, Tuesday 21 December 2010
New compassionate approach to family returns            Home Office press release, Thursday, 16 Dec 2010
Robert Mugabe 'ready to bury the opposition' as opposition warns of beatings and intimidation  Telegraph, 19/12/10
Firms claimed millions from Home Office - 'to house asylum seekers who had gone missing'
Fortress Europe and the EU-Ukraine migrant pact         Human Rights Watch, December 17th 2010
A disaster that shows the true face of a demonised people      Leading article, Independent, Friday, 17 December 2010
UK scheme to police sham marriages slammed by Human Rights court    UK Human Rights Blog
Czech response to criticism of bizarre test of gay asylum seekers "not good enough"    LGBT Asylum News 15/12/10
Couple get payout after law violated their right to wed                Belfast Telegraph, Wednesday 15th December 2010
UNHCR urges EU and FRONTEX to ensure access to asylum procedures        UNHCR December 2010
Germany Requested to Stop Forced Returns to Kosovo     Commissioner for Human Rights Strasbourg, 09/12/2010
Raped by the enemy, shunned by friends              Independent, Thursday, 9 December 2010
Gang treated migrant workers 'like slaves'             PA/Independent, Tuesday, 7 December 2010           
Last minute hope for asylum seeker                          , 06/12/11
Review of the Children's Commissioner for England           Department for Education, Press notice 6th December 2010
Cuts will hit refugees in Hammersmith and Fulham like a 'tsunami'      Hammersmith and Fulham News Online
Clegg promises Christmas deadline for timetable to end child detention  Children & Young People Now, 03/12/10
'Satanic Verses' family forced to return to Iran                       , Wednesday 1 December 2010
Nick Clegg to announce timetable for ending child detentions, Wednesday 1 December 2010

Continuing Conflicts that create refugees - December 2010 -

UN charts escalation of violence in Afghanistan                 By Rob Crilly, The Telegraph, 27 Dec 2010
Riot police out on streets in Nigerian city                                 By Aislinn Laing, The Telegraph, 27 Dec 2010
Thousands flee Ivory Coast poll violence                Independent, Monday, 27 December 2010
Armed Christians and Muslims clash after Nigeria killings   , Sunday 26 December 2010
Christmas Eve attacks kill at least 38 in Nigeria  Independent, Saturday, 25 December 2010            
Death squads attacking Ivory Coast opposition, Tuesday 21 December 2010 19.20 GMT
Northern Nigeria: Background to Conflict       International Crisis Group (ICG)
After the Coup - Ongoing Violence, Intimidation, and Impunity in Honduras      Human Rights Watch 20/12/10
More than 50 killed during Ivory Coast violence           Telegraph, 19th December 2010
UNHCR reports increase in flight of Iraqi Christians; reiterates advice on protection needs   UNHCR 17/12/10
The Triangle of Death: Central Africa's New Hub of Regional Instability   UNHCs, 16 December 2010
Nigeria: Corruption-fed unrest in Delta keeps communities in turmoil       (IRIN) 17 December 2010
Afghanistan civilian deaths up 31% / Coalition Military deaths up 33%    Death of the Afghan surge
Ukraine: Migrants and Asylum Seekers Tortured, Mistreated             Human Rights Watch, 16/12/10
World must prevent LRA Christmas slaughter in Congo        Alert Net: 15 Dec 2010
20 killed in Ivory Coast clashes                   Telegraph, 16/12/10
The true cost of your new Christmas laptop? Ask the eastern Congolese      Madeleine Bunting,
$52bn of American aid and still Afghans are dying of starvation       Patrick Cockburn , Independent 13/12/10
Sri Lanka: Army Unit Linked to Executions                   Human Rights Watch 10/12/10
Indian border guards accused of slaughter of the innocents             Indpendent, Friday, 10 December 2010
"Trigger Happy" Excessive Use of Force by Indian Troops at the Bangladesh Border   Human Rights Watch
U.S. House passes immigration Dream Act                                                Los Angeles times 09/12/10
UNHCR calls for increased aid for Somalia's suffering civilian population          UNHCR 03/12/10
Ivory Coast closes its borders as tensions rise after disputed poll           Guardian, Friday 3 December 2010
Red Cross: Afghanistan unlikely to improve in 2011                     Associated Press 02/12/10
International Convention for Protection From Enforced Disappearances comes Into Force on 23 December 2010
Security Council resolution 1952/2010 extension of measures against the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Nine actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and one improved in November 2010, according to International Crisis Group's CrisisWatc Deteriorated Situations: Burundi - Central African Republic - Côte d'Ivoire - Egypt - Guinea - Haiti - Madagascar - North Korea - Full report here . . . .

Legal - UK - Commons/Lords  - ETcHR/European Parliament - December

NA (Excluded decision; identifying judge) Afghanistan v. SSHD
MB (Inability to provide protection - JAM) Trinidad and Tobago v. SSHD
Deportation [ Family removals ]              House of Commons / 21 Dec 2010 : Column 1215W
EDM 1222: Human Trafficking and Operation Golf
Withdrawal of R(S) policy for dealing with failed asylum claims       UIKBA 20/12/10
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Bulletin - Issue 211
Changes to the certificate of approval scheme            UKBA, 17 December 2010
PACE committee demands investigations into organ-trafficking and disappearances in Kosovo and Albania
UNHCR Eligibility/Guidelines for Assessing International Protection Needs of Asylum-Seekers from Afghanistan
Foreign nationals caught with false documents to be deported immediately!
EDM 1208: European Parliament resolution on Western Sahara
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Bulletin - Issue 210
Legal aid                       Westminster Hall Tuesday 14 December 2010
EDM 1194: Justice For All Campaign
EDM 1195: Detention of Palestinian Children in Israel
EDM 1198: Sexual Orientation Reference In Un Resolution On Execution
585 Dawn Raids January to November 2010      House of Commons / 14 Dec 2010 : Column 662W
4,700 RDs cancelled for Asylum seekers April to 4th December 2010    Commons / 14 Dec 2010 : Column 665W
3,584 RDs cancelled for illegal migrants April to 4th December 2010    Commons / 14 Dec 2010 : Column 665W
Sri Lanka: Human Rights                        House of Commons / 14 Dec 2010 : Column 640W
UK immigration law to prevent sham marriages breached the right to marry and was discriminatory
Kashmir                                       House of Commons / 13 Dec 2010 : Column 476W
Iran: Human Rights                     House of Commons / 13 Dec 2010 : Column 475W
Iran: Prisoners                               House of Commons / 13 Dec 2010 : Column 475W
LP, TK and OK for Sri Lankan fresh claims                Free Movement the Blog not
EDM 1172: Protection Of Minorities In Iraq
EDM 1171: Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army
EDM 1166: Human Rights Situation of Sabian Mandaeans and other Minority Religious Groups in Iraq
Detention Centres: Females                                 House of Commons / 9 Dec 2010 : Column 377W
EDM 1151: Death Sentence Of Asiya Bibi               Tabled by Marsha Singh, Tuesday 7th December 2010
Detention of Palestinian Children (West Bank)           House of Commons / 7 Dec 2010 : Column 23WH
Government sets out proposals for major reform of the student visa system                 UKBA 07/12/10
EDM 1140: Human Rights in the Gambia                    Tabled by Anas Sarwar, Monday 6th December 2010
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Bulletin - Issue 209
Immigration: Refugees [Accepted under Gateway protection programme]
    Lords 3 Dec 2010 : Column WA503
EDM 1121: Shahla Jahed [Executed by Iran]         Tabled by Valerie Vaz, Thursday 2nd December 2010
Sham Marriages                                                     House of Lords / 2 Dec 2010 : Column 1571
EDM 1118: Killing Of Christians In Mosul                House of Commons, Wednesday 1st December
EDM 1117: Treatment Of Christians In Iraq              Houes of Commons, Wednesday 1st December
EDM 1105: Child Marriage in Ethiopia                     House of Commons 30/11/10
Iran [Human Rights et al]                                       House of Lords / 30 Nov 2010 : Column GC117
Christians in Iraq                                                    House of Common / 30 Nov 2010 : Column 252WH
Iraq: Christianity (Killing of 43 people)                   House of Commons / 30 Nov 2010 : Column 659W
Execution of ECtHR judgments concerning Roma    Council of Europe, Strasbourg 30th November 2010

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