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General information August 2010

Anti-Deportation Campaigns 

Keep Patrick Masengo in the UK, removal Thursday 2nd September
Justice for Rabar Hamad - Say no to his deportation 01/09/10  (Removal has been 'Stayed')
Justina Grajeda, Jhoselin and Thais belong in London! 
Manchester Vahidi Family
UK to deport Swazi Activist Thobile Gwebu, Tuesday 17th
Bethlehem Huluka Kebede More information/model letters etc.
Detention of children ends but is the proposed alternative humane?
Sheffield asylum seeker fears death if deported    Shefield Star 31/07/10

Anti-Deportation News

Self-Harm in Immigration detention April/May/June 2010
Serco Australia: Riot continues at detention centre    Sydney Morning Herald: August 30, 2010
Control Of Immigration: Quarterly Statistical Summary, United Kingdom, April/May/June 2010
US: Immigration Detainees at Risk of Sexual Abuse  Human Rights Watch 25/08/10
Refugee children should have a genuine chance to seek asylum
A rising global tide of xenophobia    The Independent, Friday, 20 August 2010
UK 'to deport' Zimbabwe asylum seekers?    Zimbabwean Guardian,Posted: Tuesday, August 17, 2010
France Prepares to Deport Foreign Gypsies     Wall Street Journal, 18/08/10
Facebook friends helping runaway asylum seeker are warned they face jail   Manchester Evening News, 15/08/10
Frontex Charter Flights first 6 months 2010
Mass grave of refugees discovered in Evros, Greece
A Fresh Start: refugees from Bhutan arrive in the UK UNHCR 9 August 2010
Constant Moussavou Alive and Well
£18 million paid to commercial airlines for removal of persons from the UK
Campsfield House detainees go on hunger strike, Tuesday 3 August 2010
Protest over bid to deport Cameroonian journalist     BBC 02/08/10
More than 70 countries make being gay a crime      Independent, Sunday, 1 August 2010
Immigration must be a bigger part of the reform agenda, Monday 2 August 2010
Asylum seekers win new strength to fight after Yarl's Wood hunger strike, Monday 2 August 2010
Asylum seeker takes his own life after losing legal aid      The Independent, 01/08/10

Continuing Conflicts that create refugees - July 2010 -   

DR Congo killings 'may be genocide' - UN draft report      BBC News 27/08/10

France deports more Roma in defiance of international criticism     DW-WORLD.DE, Friday 27th August 2010 

Iraq admits minorities remain vulnerable           Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Iran: Baha'i leaders sentenced to 20 years in prison      Refworld 25/08/10
Somalia: Corpses litter streets amid Mogadishu fighting  IRIN 24/08/10
Poverty forces Roma to leave Bulgaria and Romania   (AFP) Saturday 21st August 2010
Corruption and Human Rights Abuses by the Nigeria Police Force   Human Rights Watch 18/08/10
CAR/DR Congo: LRA Conducts Massive Abduction Campaign HRW August 11th 2010
Separatist anger rages under curfew in Kashmir Alert Net 11/08/10
Corruption is a calamity for Cameroon's agriculture and food security Alert Net 09/08/10
Kashmir burns again as India responds to dissent with violence Independent Saturday, 7 August 2010
Sri Lanka: Amnesty says emergency rule must end IRIN 04/08/10  
Indonesia: End Policies Fueling Violence Against Religious Minority     HRW 02/08/10
Drums of War: Israel and the "Axis of Resistance"       International Crisis Group 02/08/10
Nine die in Kashmir protest clashes    BBC News 02/08/10          
Iraq civilian death toll almost doubles in July Alert Net 01/08/10
UNHCR concerned about deportations to Mogadishu as fighting continues    UNHCR 30/07/10
Thousands flee Congo clashes, security worsens IRIN 30/07/10

Two actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and one improved in July 2010, read report here . . . .

Legal - UK/European Parliament ~~

Implementation of the Supreme Court judgment in ZO (Somalia)
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 194
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 193
Upper Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber (UTIAC) - latest reported determinations and their précis
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 192
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 191
5-year separation of unsuccessful asylum-seeker couple, pending their deportation, contrary to the convention
Investigation into the allegations made by Louise Perrett about her experiences working for the UK Border Agency

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