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General information articles/campaigns/legislation April 2010

Anti-Deportation Campaigns

May Makwangwala (Removal Friday 30th April 2010)
Iraq: New report accuses authorities of failing to protect civilians
Yves Yitgna Njitchoua (Sixth attempt - has left the UK removed by charter flight)
Anselme Noumbiwa (seventh attempt - has left the UK removed by charter flight)
Jean Mathurin Tadjiokeng
(Fifth attempt -has left the UK removed by charter flight)
Nadia Arzane and Bashir Foris (Removal stayed)
'Freedom of movement is everybody's right!'
Charter flight to Cameroon Wednesday 21st April 2010 - Canceled due to air restrictions
European Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine

Anti-Deportation News

Articles by Nellie de jongh feature writer for 'Freemovement'

Borderline Politics: Arizona's ugly new immigration law is deeply un-American The Times 30/04/10

Election time: asylum seekers lose their last safety net By: Clare Sambrook

Back-door immigration amnesty has been in place for 20 years, Friday 23 April 2010
Sixth attempt to deport African prince who fled tribal torture Independent 21/04/10
Australia to reopen 'gulag' detention centre Telegraph, 19 Apr 2010
Australian asylum suspension is "inhumane", say aid workers Alert Net 16/04/10
Officers hurt removing Oakington immigration detainees BBC News Friday 16th April 2010
Police probe death at Oakington Immigration Removal Centre
Boy, 13, charged with asylum seeker murder in Newcastle BBC 13/04/10
Asylum seeker mum evicted from flat Shields Gaxzette 13/04/10
Persecuted Yemeni Jews to be given sanctuary in Britain Independent 14/04/10
DRC Asylum seeker to fight Home Office deportation order Bolton News 13/04/10
US State department report may help Iraqi LGBT asylum applicants
Upsurge in asylum seekers in industrialized world a myth
Children deported from UK alone with no safety checks Independent, Sunday, 11 April 2010
Could this woman's fight change the way Britain treats asylum seekers? Observer
Four in five asylum seekers 'wrongly refused legal representation'
Welcome ruling on detained Iraqi Kurds Frances Webber: © IRR 1 April 2010
Michigan Guidelines on the Right to Work of Refugees and Asylum Seekers
ECRi - publishes new report on United Kingdom
New policy document on children
New anti-slavery laws introduced

Liverpool City Council failed to follow long-established guidance when social workers who had no specific training assessed the age of an unaccompanied asylum-seeking girl

Continuing Conflicts that create refugees - April 2010 -

Jailed journalist dies in Cameroon prison Cameroon web news 23/04/10
DR Congo army 'killed 49 civilians' in Mbandaka BBC 21/04/10
Somallia: Harsh War, Harsh Peace Human Rights Watch, 19th April 2010
Sexual violence 'becoming normal' in Congo The Times, April 16, 2010
21 dead after Thai protesters clash with army Independent Monday, 12 April 2010
DRC: Half a million children at risk of malnutrition (IRIN) Kinshasa, 9 April 2010
DR Congo: A Stalled Democratic Agenda ICG 09/04/10
Street battles leave Kyrgyzstan on brink of revolution The Telegraph, 07 Apr 2010
Thailand declares state of emergency as Red Shirts storm Parliament The Times 08/04/10
Army recaptures airport after clash in north Congo Alert Net 06/04/10
DR Congo: 700 children a day die from hunger Africa Times Live 06/04/10
Pakistan's Army accused of extra-judicial killings Alert Net 06/04/10
Army recaptures airport after clash in north Congo Alert Net 06/04/10
Sudan fears return to violence as election plans lie in tatters Independent, 02/04/10|
Rigged Elections in Darfur and the Consequences of a Probable NCP Victory in Sudan
Iran executions send a chilling message AT 30/003/10

Two actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and one improved in March 2010

Legal - UK/European Parliament ~~

British citizenship can be lost Taffy Nyawanza - Bake & Co Solicitors
Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 179 Garden Court Chambers, Monday, 19 April, 2010
High Court rules Iraqis’ detention unlawful Pierce Glynn Solicitors
R on the application of ZA (Nigeria) v SSHD
R (on the application of Albertina Ferreira Malungu) v SSHD
Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 178
Garden Court Chambers, Tuesday, 13 April, 2010
Charahili /Keshmiri/Ranjbar/Tehrani/others V Turkey ETcHR 13/04/10
Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 177 Garden Court Chambers, Wednesday, 7 April, 2010
Sudan: Darfur - House of Lords / 7 Apr 2010 : Column WA443
Democratic Republic of Congo [5 Questions] House of Lords / 7 Apr 2010 : Column WA428
EDM 1224: Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre
EDM 1212 : Christians in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq 30.03.2010

Recommendation on measures to combat discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identityemember the dead - Justice for the Living

Media ~~

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