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General information May 2013

Anti-Deportation Campaigns  -  June 2013

Conrad Aime Kwate

Abdul Ghafar Rajabali Released from Detention, but Not Out of the Woods Yet...

Ivo Kuka wins the right to remain!

Anti-Deportation News  - June 2013

Early Day Motion 301: £3,000 Visa Bond

Violence Against Women World Wide Epidemic
£3,000 Bond For Visitors From "High-Risk" Countries
Failed Afghan Asylum Seeker 'to Receive £85,000 In Damages'
Family Migration Rules
Successful Win For Children With Discretionary Leave
Harmondsworth: Detainees freed After Near-Fatal Hunger Strikes
10.5 Million Children Worldwide in Forced Domestic Labour
Freedom of Information Request - Longest Lengths of Detention Q1/2013
Detaining Pregnant Women Seriously Damages Their Health
Children Seeking Asylum Should 'Be Better Cared For' by the State
Asylum Support (Rates Adequate and Frozen for Current year)
Protection Interrupted: EU Rules Impede Asylum Protection
UN Committee Against Torture Say UK Not So Squeaky Clean on Human Rights
Adults/Children In and Out of Detention: Q1 2013
Removals and Voluntary Departures Q1/2013  / 
Total Applications for Asylum Q1/2013 - 5,625

Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees - June 2013

Worsening Violence Against Children In Afghanistan
Early Day Motion 287: Women's Rights In Saudi Arabia
51 Dead In Spate Of Attacks Across Iraq
North-West Pakistan - 1.1 Million People Internally Displaced
Kyrgyzstan: 3 Years After Violence, a Mockery of Justice
Human Rights Violations In Occupied Palestinian Must not be Distorted
NGOs Concerned About New DR Congo Intervention Brigade

6 actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated and 1 improved in May 2012, according to CrisisWatch -  Deteriorated Situations: Bahrain, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Syria  <> Crisis Watch 118

Legal - UK - Commons/Lords  - ECtHR/European Union -June 2013

Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002

Early Day Motion 294: Persecution of Christians in Sudan
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 330
Commentary on UKBA  Afghanistan Operational Guidance Note
Public Law Project's Exceptional Funding Project
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 329
UKBA: Country of Origin Information Report - Nigeria
Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI Update Volume 59
No Time Limit on Separation of Families in Detention
Fastrack: UKBA Refuse to Adopt UN guidelines
Rakhine and Kachin State (Human Rights)
UKBA: Country of Origin Information Report - Somalia
UKBA: Operational Guidance Note: Afghanistan
Egypt [Situation of Religious Minorities]
Asylum Seekers: Deportation [Reducing the Number of Appeals]
AZ (Asylum-'Legacy' Cases) Afghanistan v. SSHD
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 328
Early Day Motion 203: Disappearances In Mexico
EDM 202: Victims Of Rape In Situations Of Armed Conflict
Garden Court Chambers - Immigration Law Bulletin - Issue 327
Human Trafficking and Forced Labour
Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI Update Volume 58
Best Interests of the Child: A Right, A Principle & A Rule Of Procedure

Useful reports/current statistics

Early Day Motions Another Tool Against Deportations

Granted Asylum: Benefits Continue Until Status documents Received

Immigration Statistics Quarter 1 - January/February/March 2013

Essential Tools for Anti-Deportation Campaigners - Freedom House

Failed States Index 2012   and  Worst of the Worst 2012

State of the World's Mothers 2012

UKBA: Notifying Change of Address, go here . . . .   -  Change of Legal Representative go here . . . .

Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) reports for 2011, published March 2012

Human Rights of Migrants in Irregular Situation

Seeking Economic Asylum is what Moves the World to Move

663 Years of Immigration Controls

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