General information - March 2020

Anti-Deportation News  - March 2020

Upper Tribunal Says No Duty of Candour on Home Office in Statutory Appeals

You Can Now Raise New Matters Before the Upper Tribunal

Another Cutback in the Rights of Migrant Victims Of Domestic Abuse

US: Coronavirus Economic Relief Package Excludes Undocumented Workers

High Court Orders Home Secretary to House Asylum Seeker Due to Covid-19

Home Office Put Hold on Evicting Asylum Seekers During Lockdown

European Commissioner Calls For Release of Immigration Detainees During Covid-19 Crisis

Portugal to Treat Migrants as Residents During Coronavirus Pandemic

UK Spouse/Partner Visas - Access to Benefits

High Court Rejects Call to Free 736 Detainees at Risk From Coronavirus

Woman Held at Yarl’s Wood IRC Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Home Office Release 300 From Detention Centres Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

UNHCR: Access to Territory For Persons In Need Of International Protection in the Context of Coronavirus

Million Undocumented Migrants Could Go Hungry

Coronavirus: Prisons/IRC's Other Prescribed Places of Detention Guidance

Asylum Seekers Endangered By Coronavirus Lockdown

Failed Asylum Seeker's Daughter 'at High Risk of FGM

Forced Marriage Protection Orders - the Approach to Take

Lesbian, Bisexual and Trans Women’s Health Inequalities

Morton Hall IRC - Still to Violent - High Levels of Self-Harm

Briefing: A Manufactured Refugee Crisis at the Greek-Turkish Border

 Freedom in the World 2020 - A Leaderless Struggle for Democracy

Neglect and Gross Failures Contributed to Death of Prince Fosu in Immigration Detention

Serco lock-Change Evictions Glasgow - Further Three-Month Suspension 

Many Asylum Seekers Arrive in Europe Legally, EU Agency Says

Importance of Public Interest Grounds in Long Residency Applications

Legal Articles - UK - Commons/Lords  - ECtHR/European Union - March 2020

Supreme Court Rules to Remove MS to Pakistan Would  Breach  Article 4

“Genuine chance of being engaged” test for retaining EU worker status found unlawful

Returning Residents: Have you lost your Indefinite Leave to Remain/Enter, and can you get it back?

Immigration Bail Policy Updated

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - March 2020

Burundi, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, India (non-Kashmir, )Bosnia And Herzegovina, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, El Salvador, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen.

Conflict Risk Alerts: Somalia, Yemen. - Resolution Opportunities none

Crisis Group’s monthly conflict tracker highlights deteriorations in February in fifteen countries, including an escalation of fighting in Syria’s Idlib between Russian-backed regime forces on one side and rebels and Turkish forces on the other. In DR Congo’s east, a brutal militia expanded its reach leaving over 60 civilians dead in Ituri province alone, and deadly Hindu-Muslim violence erupted in India’s capital New Delhi. Looking ahead to March, we warn that violence could intensify further in Yemen’s north as the Huthi's seek to sustain their counteroffensive against government forces as well as cross-border attacks into Saudi Arabia. We fear that fighting could also escalate in Somalia between federal government troops and forces loyal to the leadership of Jubaland state.

Read more: International Crisis Group,

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US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

The annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – the Human Rights Reports – cover internationally recognized individual, civil, political, and worker rights, as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international agreements.

See also US: International Religious Freedom ReportsTrafficking-in-Person ReportsU.S. Treaty ReportsUniversal Period Review; and the Advancing Freedom and Democracy Reports.

State of the World’s Human Rights - Amnesty International Report 2017/18

UNHCR Protection Manual- as of January 2018

HRW World Report 2018: Demagogues Threaten Human Right

34 Deaths Across the UK Detention Estate - Suicide/Murder/Undetermined