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Anti-Deportation Campaigns  - September 2018

Free Immigration Seminar – Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Anti-Deportation News  - September 2018

UK Asylum Seekers Refused Housing Over 'Social Cohesion Issues'

Children as Young as 10 Denied UK Citizenship For Failing ‘Good Character’ Test

Mental Health of Children on the Move

Children as Young as 10 Denied UK Citizenship For Failing ‘Good Character’ Test

Mental Health of Children on the Move

Habitual Residence of a Child, Within the Meaning of Article 8(1) of Council Regulation (EC) No 2201/2003

UK Border Detainees Could be Denied Access to Lawyer For an Hour

Are You Eligible For NHS Treatment?

Home Office 'Breaking Law' to Expel Highly Skilled Migrants

Home Office Launches Pilot of Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme

UK Offers 'Calais Leave' to Children Denied Asylum

Alarming Level of Reprisals Against Activists, Human Rights Defenders, Victims

Deportation Order Quashed - Did Not Meet ‘High Threshold’ For Removal of EU National

Judicial Review Proceedings Challenging £1 Per Hour Wages Within Immigration Detention Centres.

UK’s Asylum Dispersal System Close to 'Catastrophic Failure'

University Leaders Calling for Changes to UK Visa System

End Borders Between Health Workers and Patients in the UK

EU Settlement Scheme

Home Office Backed 'Slave Labour' Pay For Immigration Detainees

Surge in Applications for British Citizenship From EU Nationals Ahead of Brexit

Home Office Loses 75% of its Appeals Against Immigration Rulings

JR Launched to Remove Immigration Exemption in UK Data Protection Act

Unlawful Detention: Failure to Apply Rule 34 in KG

Legal Articles - UK - Commons/Lords  - ECtHR/European Union - September 2018

Home Secretary in Making a Decision - Must Not Cherry Pick the Adverse Factors

Revocation of British Citizenship

Number of Pregnant Women Deported after Detention in an IRC

Asylum: Evictions: Written Question - 169516

CPIN Iran: Women Fearing Domestic Abuse

CPIN Republic of Congo (DRC): Gender Based Violence

CPIN Yemen: Security and Humanitarian Situation

CPIN Pakistan: Christians and Christian Converts

CPIN Vietnam: Victims of Trafficking

CPIN: Turkey: Kurds

CPIN: Afghanistan: Hazaras

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - September 2018

Deteriorated Situations: Chad, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Russia/North Caucasus, Venezuela, Syria, Libya

Conflict Risk Alerts for September: Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Yemen, Libya

In August, the Syrian regime and its allies upped attacks in the north west, pointing to an imminent offensive on rebel-held Idlib province, home to nearly three million people. Fierce militia fighting erupted in Libya’s capital and could escalate in the coming weeks. The UN’s consultations with Yemen’s belligerents in September could re-energise peace talks; but failure could trigger more violence. In DR Congo, the government’s determination to bar the main opposition contenders from December’s presidential poll could provoke more protests, while Zimbabwe’s elections left the country even more divided. Uganda’s detention of a popular challenger sparked protests, which the authorities put down with force. Mob violence rose in eastern Ethiopia, and Chad responded with force to a rebel attack. In Chechnya, boys reportedly carried out attacks on police after pledging allegiance to Islamic State. The exodus of Venezuelans to neighbouring countries presented a growing regional threat, with the government’s new economic reform package making things worse. A forthcoming referendum in Macedonia could bring the country another step closer to resolution of its longstanding name dispute with Greece.

Source: International Crisis Group,

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US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

The annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices – the Human Rights Reports – cover internationally recognized individual, civil, political, and worker rights, as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international agreements.

See also US: International Religious Freedom ReportsTrafficking-in-Person ReportsU.S. Treaty ReportsUniversal Period Review; and the Advancing Freedom and Democracy Reports.

State of the World’s Human Rights - Amnesty International Report 2017/18

UNHCR Protection Manual- as of January 2018

HRW World Report 2018: Demagogues Threaten Human Right

34 Deaths Across the UK Detention Estate - Suicide/Murder/Undetermined