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Urgent: End the Detention Threatened Deportation of Patricia Simeon

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Ending Restrictions on Family Reunification: Good for Refugees, Good for Host Societies

As Bad as it Gets': Thousands of Children Starving in DR Congo

Mexico’s Record Violence is a Crisis 20 Years in the Making

LGBT Rights Expert Warns of ‘Global Crisis’ as Homophobic Crackdowns Continue

Paulette Wilson Resident in UK Since 1968 Freed From Removal Centre

ECJ Upholds 6-Month Time Limit for Asylum Transfers

Government to Give Itself Power to Spy on People’s Details for ‘Immigration Control’

Pregnant/Ill Migrants Going Without Medical Care as Government Intensifies NHS Immigration Policy

Anti-Immigrant Forces Gain Ground in Europe

Asylum Seekers in Australia Must Seek Government Permission to Buy a Pet

Afghanistan’s Deepening Insecurity

Colombia’s Armed Groups Battle for the Spoils of Peace

Cameroon's Descent into Crisis: The Long History of Anglophone Discord

Pollution One of World’s Biggest Killers

Supreme Court Judgement on Diplomatic Immunity v Abuse of Domestic Servants

"Women and Children are Going to Die" Because of Refuge Budget Cuts

Foreign Criminal Wins JR of SSHD decision Over ‘Fresh Asylum Calim

Early Day Motion 369: Cuts to Legal Aid Since 2013

Grenfell Tower Fire – Non-British Survivors to be Granted Permanent Residence

Home Office Wrongly Imprisoned Torture Victims

Tribunal Criticises Government Lawyers for “Trench Warfare” Mentality and “Inappropriate” Conduct

Citizenship for Sale – At A Cost Stateless People Can Ill Afford 

Tribunal Criticises Government Lawyers for “Trench Warfare” Mentality and “Inappropriate” Conduct

Home Office Plans GPS Tracking for Immigrant Offenders

Poor Physical Conditions in Immigration Court Custody Across North and West London

Investigation Begins After Jamaican Detainee Dies in Morton Hall IRC

Britain Accused of Unlawfully Deporting Afghan Asylum Seekers

Human Rights Can’t be Conditional on a Work Permit

Spain’s Collective Expulsion of Foreign Nationals Breach of Article 4

Ranks of World's Refugees Swell as Asylum Space Shrinks

Diane Abbott Promises A ‘New Order’ For Refugees and Migrants Under Labour

Rise in Detention and Deportation of EU Citizens Under Scrutiny

Legal Articles - UK - Commons/Lords  - ECtHR/European Union

CPIN: Iran: Honour Crimes Against Women

CPIN: Ethiopia: Background Information, Including Actors of Protection and Internal Relocation

Early Day Motion 457: Indefinite Detention

Early Day Motion 369: Cuts to Legal Aid Since 2013

Early Day Motion 372: Re-Legalising Medicinal Cannabis

Early Day Motion 346: Rohingya Muslims

Early Day Motion 347: Civil Society In Pakistan

CPIN Ukraine: Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk

Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI Update Vol. 158

Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI Update Vol. 157

Asylum Research Consultancy (ARC) COI Update Vol. 156

Continuing Conflicts That Create Refugees - October 2017

Deteriorated Situations: Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Korean Peninsula, Myanmar, El Salvador, Iraq

Outlook for October 2017
Conflict Risk Alerts: Cameroon, Spain
Resolution Opportunities: Colombia
Improved Situations: Mali

In Asia, the continuing security crackdown in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine State prompted over half a million Rohingya civilians to flee, and North Korea conducted its largest nuclear test to date. At least 50 people were killed in Ethiopia in clashes between ethnic Somalis and Oromos, while Cameroon’s increasingly violent standoff between the government and minority Anglophones risks worsening. The main political players in Kenya locked horns over an upcoming rerun of the August presidential vote, and in both Iraq and Spain confrontation mounted over contested independence referendums. El Salvador saw a spike in murders blamed on criminal gangs. In positive news, secessionist rebels and pro-unity factions in Mali agreed to stop fighting, and Colombia’s second guerrilla group signed a ceasefire agreement with the government.

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Family Reunion in the United Kingdom (UK) - UNHCR Briefing Paper

*Detention Services Orders For Home Office Officials*

HRW World Report 2017: Demagogues Threaten Human Rights

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